Qubool Hai 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Dharamshala
While sanam prays with her dupatta on her head, ahil too comes by the same monastery and begins to pray right by her side, oblivious of her presence. While sanam prays, ahil too prays alongside, and then turns to go. He then stops instinctively feeling something, and is boggled and disturbed, and turns around to see the lady praying, and is shocked. Overwhelming emotions surge through his body, as he recognises her as sanam. he is unable to believe what fate has landed him, as sweet and sour memories of their past flash before his eyes. He turns around yet again in bewilderment, still unable to believe this, as emotions ovberwhelm him, as he thanks the lord, in humble gratitude, for having brought his sanam back to him. He wipes his tears and composing himself, he once again turns around. Sanam finally opens her eyes, and turns towards him. Sanam and ahil finally confront each othwer, while she is oblivious of what ahil means to her, who in his world, just got his life back, as her. She too has a smile on her face, as she progresses towardshim, and then to his horror and shock, passes by him, and to shaad, who welcomes her with open arms, and then caresses her face lovingly, while ahil is in a state of shock. he wonders how is this possible, as his heart says that its his sanam, then how can she be someone else’s jannat. She asks shaad about him and Mr. Qureshi there. Shaad says that he is right there. Ahil immediately controls the well of tears storming in his eyes, and then comes to her, as she asks if he is okay. He says that he was just reminded of someone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride desperately awaits for food, as she is hungry. sthe doorbell rings and she rushes to go and see. the pizza delivery guy first asks for money, while she is enraged, and asks if he knows who she is. The guy says that the whole Bhopal knows that she is reduced to the status of a beggar, and thta ahil has left her, and she doesnt have anything. Sher asks him to give the pizza. He says that he wont give till he gets the money. She hands him the earrings, and then takes the pizza. She hungrily eats it, when she starts getting severe and insistent hiccups. She is handed water and she gulps it down immediately. She then turns to find that its her own mother, who she had insulted and thrown out of the house. the mother says that she must have insulted her, but she cant turn away from her child, when she is in trouble. the new bride hugs her and apologises for what she did, and that she is being punished for it, as she is devoid of all happiness, relations and money, as ahil didnt even think of her. the mother remembers that she had given ahil this advise, and tells this to the new bride. The new bride asks how could as he not think of her daughter and her happiness. She says that ahil wonbt get what he wants, as his love is very far away. she asks her dfaughter to understand the true power of love. The new bride says that she wont let it happen, as ahil is just hers, and she wont let him be someone else’s. Her mother tells her to stop screaming, as she knows her magic is useless till the next No Moon night, and she can only use it to destroy others’ life. She asks her mother why she made her learn this magic then. She said that she did it for her good, not to destroy others’ life, and just wants to explain to her, to understand what path she should tread on. She begins to leave. The new bride gets on her feet, saying that she needs money, as she doesnt have anything to eat even. She hands the new bride a packet, and she thinks that its wad of notes, and thanks her profusely. She says that being a mother, she can only give this to a child like her, and asks her not to expect anything else from her. she leaves. The new bride hurriedly opens thinking that its money, wbut is shocked to see that its a pair of footwear.

Scene 3:
Location: Dhramshala
Ahil identifies snama’s hand those are clenching, and asks if they are married, then why no ring. shaad says that they dont believe in such rituals. He says that there’s a ring mark which looks pretty old. She tells that she lost her memory in a tragic accident, and she doesnt remember anything before that, nor the ring or her marriage. he asks if she got married before or after. She says before. He asks how does she remember this. she says that shaad told her. Shaad teases that ahil is interrogating like an army officer. She asks ahil if she can ask something from him. he says that she can ask anything. She says that she wants to know who is sanam, as he is always ranting her name. he is apalled at the irony of the question from her. He wonders how to tell her that its her only. His reluctance makes her leave the matter. shaad asks them to come out, and then they can chat. He whisks her away, while ahil is left dazed and speechless, and is sure that this is his sanam, and he wont let her go far away, and take her back to their world of love. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Sanam when she hears about ahil’s love, says that she too is just like he explains her. he eyes her overwhelmingly and then tells her that if she doesnt mind, then he would like to tell her, that not only character, but her face too matches with the person. She is boggled. Meanwhile, Some women strangulate the new bride, and then throw her out, and tell her that this is what she deserves. She is mortified.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Reshma Chinnu

    i m exited , qh rockzzzzzzzz……….

  2. Ahhhh, poor Aahil. Please Sanam get your memory back and reunite with Aahil.

    1. Hi Roman Its Molly, thank you soooo much for ur summary I wrote in yesterday post just saw now and replied thanks xxx

      1. Sorry dammit auto correct Roma I do apologise x

    2. Sorry dammit auto correct Roma I do apologise x

      1. Hi Molly, you’re most welcome, anytime. That was very brief summary of QH1 but as I mentioned before you can watch all the episodes from beginning on YouTube, if you have time. Let me know if you want to know about anything else for this show. Take care, Allah Hafiz.

      2. Thank you Roma and I will do xx

  3. Superb. I think story is on track now

  4. Bedard story writer ……. Do u love to c ur story character in tears? …… Now ahil though met sanam is devoid of her and crying ……. In future shaad too will b devoid of herand will b crying for her ……. Rehan sonaa ladka tha, he was killed, seher soni kudi became unmarried vidhava …….. :'(

  5. Maid problem in India….

    Govt banned maid under 15 yrs….

    Wives banned maid between 15 yrs & 40 yrs….

    husbands banned maids above 40 yrs

  6. good episode now it is just for sanam to regain her memory and remember being married to ahil long toe nail is pregnant for a man who does not want her anymore she is without money or property her ass is sooooooooooooooo poor now let me see how she will manage her witchipoo life now LOL

  7. o God…..qabool hai was superb show with zoya farooqi and asad ahmed khan characters…after that this serial became full of shit itna over story?villian is too powerfull and heroins jo pehle itni chalak hoti hain woh baad me bevakoof bn jati hain ……rehan ko maar daala seher ka bhi koi pta nahi zoya ki daughters to humshakal hain tanveer ki bhi hamshakal beti hai….uhhh disgusting ye to “kahin to ho ga “serial se bhi age hain shadian krane main

  8. This episode has so many good examples to learn from’–Witchcraft to get a man to love you is not or will not work.[2] Lies will always fall under the truth belt after awhile and will show it ‘s true colors. [3] Love conquers the world.I am speaking about true love.[3]Evil could never overpower good when God is in control.Sanam is a person who is protected under the wings of the Almighty therefore no weapon that formed against her could win’
    Ahil loves Saanam and Shaad loves Sanam ,what will happen when the truth is found out.This is such a beautiful and heart breaking episode which touched me for a little while.Now I do not care what happens to that money hungry witch.She received what she worked for.She thought she could have out smarted Ahil but her magic turned against her instead.A person must always watch where they are dipping their fingers into.Good episode.Fantastic

  9. Anybody from guyana who do u think is going to win the election

  10. Hi sorry just ine more thing so is haquua deaf and mute cos I swear she talks in some episodes I’m so confues. Thanks

    1. Hi Molly, Haya was born as deaf and mute. Her story is like this. Haya loved Rahat (an army officer) he loved her too, but his brother Faiz also loved Haya. Faiz told Rahat that he wants to marry Haya. Rahat went to ask haya about marriage, but she couldn’t lip read when he said Faiz name and she said yes thinking Rahat asking to marry himself. And she became Faiz’s wife, later she found out this and got heartbroken. After many obstacles she got divorced with faiz and when she was getting marry with Rahat then very high point drama showed, where haya is praying to Allah and asking why did she always get all these sorrows and why she can’t talk and hear. She get VERY much emotional and screams ALLAH. All of sudden her voice and hearing comes back and she talk and hear the first word from her mouth Allah. Then later she get married with Rahat. But faiz try to take revenge from them and create confusion between them. Later on faiz died when trying to murder haya and Rahat. Now haya and Rahat living somewhere together.

      1. Hi Roma, Thanks a ton you are brill! appreciate that alot ?? thanks XXX ?

  11. Awesomeeeeeeee thats all i Can say

  12. Thank God they finally meet again. Feeling so sorry for Awhile 🙁

  13. Can ne1 tl me how shaad suddenly made sanam hs wife…?i mean sanam lost her memory fine..shaad rescued her ok..bt he cud hav given shelter bt why in da name of his wife?? Is it dat shaad’s wife lookd lyk sanam?

  14. Kya yaar ahil kuch nhi bola woh kyun nhi bataaya ki woh sanam hain feel bad 4 ahil pls make sahil together

  15. OMG! After a long time something good happen. I think writers began to think like human. A small request dont show ur stupid ideas of cruelity again or if u can’t accept this plzzz end this stupid show. That will be better

    1. Yea i am tum xcited wow!!! at last something good happend!!!!! Love u #sahil #rocks love u sahil!! Plz unite them soon!!! (^_^)

      1. I mean i’m too xcited

  16. Now story is intersting

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