Hello Pratibha 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahen asks what you are doing Pratibha. The teacher watches him. Mahen comes inside and asks what is she doing here? Pratibha says nothing, she herself came to do this all. She asks Mahen to go home, she will come home. Mahen was angry and asks what this woman is doing to her, why have they filled the fees. He must question her. The teacher asks her receptionist to go and ask, Pratibha tries to calm him but Mahen drags Pratibha out of the class. He tells Pratibha it was his mistake he forced her for admission. At home, Mahen says to Pratibha that they pay her the fees, why she makes her do this. Pratibha tells him to sit down, she says she know what is her reason behind this all. She didn’t want to discuss it with him, she considers music as a prayer. She wants all her students to respect music. She tells Mahen that her music sheet was ruined, she punished her for this. Mahen wasn’t ready. Pratibha says it is the same for all her students, she is strict to everyone. Mahen says it doesn’t matter to him what she does to others, but he couldn’t see what she was doing there. He says he cares a lot for her, he has a lot to say to her but he can’t. He wants to see her happy, her dreams come true. Pratibha nods and says she understand how much he cares for her. He must understand that she is a teacher, she wants her students to take up all the hardships. Mahen says he came to know that it is the best music academy of city, but it was a big mistake and she won’t go there from tomorrow. Pratibha tries to argue, but Mahen says no one can treat her like this.
The receptionist comes to the teacher and says Mahen Agarwal was really angry and he might take action against their academy. The teacher says she only cares about music, she had been looking for a voice like Pratibha for years. She wanted to teach her, but now for her to come back, she must show how crazy is she about music. She says they will now see if music brings her back here or not. The teacher says if she is ambitious about music, she will come for class tomorrow. At home, Kaashi was in her room when Sunidhi comes to her. She says it is great, Kaashi has been praying and there their respect has been ruined, does she care about their respect. Kaashi asks her to shut up, she speaks a lot these days and asks her to be clear. Sunidhi says she knows Pratibha isn’t going to institute to learn music, she has been doing cleanings in institute. They have also come to know that Pratibha is perfect in cleaning. Kaashi says if she appears doing the same of tv, the family’s respect will be ruined. Sunidhi asks Kaashi to go and talk to Mahen to think before sending Pratibha to contest. Both the ladies turn to see Sanjeev standing there. Sanjeev tells Sunidhi to think before speaking, Mahen stopped Pratibha’s to go to institute because she has some lacking, but because her teacher is crazy. He tells Kaashi that many of his friends have heard Pratibha singing and are ready to vote for Pratibha to win.
Pratibha was practicing, she tries to focus and takes a sip of water. She thinks about Mahen, her teacher had told her that this is a temple of talent not a class. She is worried how to make Mahen understand that Shubda ji isn’t what he thinks her of. She sings again, Mahen comes to listen to her. She watches Mahen standing there and stops. Mahen says he didn’t mean to disturb her, she may continue and turns to leave. She stops him and says whatever Shubda ji did to her, she was doing it for her good. Mahen says he knows what Pratibha is trying to say, it is done she isn’t going there. He asks her to prepare at home, he will take care of children and ask Sunidhi for house-chore. Sunidhi comes and ask Sunidhi for her class, then says she knows she left the classes. She says Pratibha did good to leave the class, there is a lot of dust at home so she brought duster for her. Pratibha stares. Sunidhi says she knows there is different between class and home, but dust is dust. Pratibha thinks Mahen is taking Shubda as wrong, she watches the clock; it was 7 o clock.
In the next day class, the teacher comes to class and asks receptionists if all the students have arrived. The receptionist says yes, but… Shubda watches the time and says Pratibha hasn’t still arrived.
Pratibha is worried and thinks about talking to Mahen. She calls him in car, his phone keeps on vibrating unattended. She is worried about what to do. She thinks why he isn’t picking the phone, it is the time of class.
Shubda is angry that it seems she is a typical house-wife. She thought she waited for two hours, she thought she would come today. She says she wasted her time for a person who isn’t fond of music at all.
Mahen comes to shop and watches 10 missed calls of Pratibha. He wonders what such thing happened. It reads, she never went against him, she isn’t able to abide by him today, please forgive him today as she considers Mrs. Shubda as her teacher.
Pratibha comes to class at 8.15. The receptionist stops her saying Shubda doesn’t want her to come inside, she returned her fees as well. Pratibha asks why? The receptionist says she doesn’t think her worth her teaching. Pratibha asks why? The receptionist says she has failed her test and leaves. Pratibha was saddened.

PRECAP: Mahen says in his eyes a teacher is the one who teaches his students for his mistakes, It is upto her that she doesn’t want to participate in competition because a teacher neglected her talent or to participate for those who loves her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pratibha is so accustomed to emotional abuse that she do not realize this is what the teacher is doing.On the other hand I believe that Sunidhi may have informed the teacher about Pratibha’s cleaning ability.She could have set up Pratibha to fail because of jealousy and does not want to do the house work.Kiddos for Mahen by standing up for his wife andwhat is right.Good episode.

  2. Marie Raphael

    Why Sanjeev don’t divorce sunidhi. She is such a spoiler in this show. Pratiba rocks. I hope she win the contest.

  3. Pratiba is a beauty.

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