Qubool Hai 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Warehouse
Tanveer identifies sanam as the same spirited girl like her mother zoya, which is enough to make her hate sanam. she places a cross against sanam, that her mother spoiled her life, and she too shall do the same, and thats her promise. She says that zoya stole her love from her, her asad started hating her, due to sanam, and that now she shall steal sanam’s love from her, and shall torture her terribly. she says that a person’s biggest loss is when she loses the hope of living, and she would create a situation, when sanam cant see even a glimmer of hope, and now that she can see, she would lure sanam’s life in darkness, and is amused thinking that when she couldnt see, she made sanam’s life a joke, and imagines what she can do now. She starts guffawing loudly.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat searches around for haya, when she places her hand on his shoulder from behind. He turns around and they both confront each other romantically, as he caresses the flicks splashed on her face. She hugs him in love, and he too loves back. They bask in the glory of their new found love. While rahat and haya are romancing, faiz observes them from a distance, with a vengeance and fury, as he remembers haya’s betrayal after having seducing him, as he feels the stab and the bunrs yet again.

Rahat loads their stuff in the car, while haya stands beside him and watches him. As haya and rahat move ahead to get inside the car, faiz stealthily follows them from a distance, and then gets right behind haya. She is suddenly aware of something, and turns around, but doesnt find anyone. She is still scared, but sits inside the car, oblivious that faiz is hidden behind the car. rahat asks haya if she is happy, and she says that she is, as this is that start of their new life. Faiz slides inside their dickey. They drive off.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer impatiently waits for the newspaper, and when it comes, she eyes the headlines about her splashed across the newspaper. Gazalla and razaak start praising her, and knowing that she is blind, they hide the lavish breakfast that she had ordered. She senses it, and amusingly asks them to take out what they hid. They wonder how she got to know. Razaak says that tanveer can see again, and mentions this to gazalla. tanveer is interested. They start to congratulate her, and say that they were checking if her sight has returned. latif comes and hears them talking. Tanveer sees her and gets surprised, and asks whats she doing here, addressing her as latif. she gets boggled, asking how did she know he was here. tanveer is tensed, but composes saying that she doesnt need eyes to sense her, and distracts her, by asking what she came here for. Latif says that ahil is looking for her. She says that she would just be down. latif leaves. After she leaves, tanveer grabs them both by the collar and hollers at them for being so careless, and tells them that till the right time, noone should know that she can see. They get scared and comply.

While she is putting flowers in the vases, Sanam finds tanveer avoiding the furniture, so that she doesnt get hurt, while walking in the hallway. She is shocked and wonders how is that possible, when she cant see. In that, she accidentally slips a vase down, and this alarms tanveer, who pretends to be blind again, and accidentally stumbles on the vases kept in the middle of the floor. But sanam is still alarmed, and wonders if there is more to it than it seems. Ahil tells tanveer that he hopes that she could see the frontpage picture, of herself, in the headlines today. She pretends to be modest and says that she would see her news and life through him. He excitedly starts reading the newspaper. She thinks that ahil feels bad for her being blind, but actually he is blind, that he cant see how she is writing the story of his ruins. He finds her lost and she starts coughing to make up for it. He rushes out to get the paper, while she smiles evilly, and starts reading the paper. Ahil walks back to the room, talking on the mobile, with the glass of water in his hand. He comes across sanam, and hands her the glass of water to be given to tanveer. She takes it, and is shocked to find tanveer reading the newspaper, as she remembers the morning incident. Before she can react, Ahil too comes, and asks sanam why she didnt give water to tanveer. tanveer is alarmed and instantly changes the paper the other way. He gives her the water. Ahil finds the paper upside down, and shows it to her. tanveer pretends to be blind, and says that she was just feeling, the love between the two brothers together for the first time. Sanam is shocked and apalled, at her shrewdness.

When sanam tells this to rehaan, he refuses to believe it, saying that if this was true, he would have found out, and noone pretends to be blind all their life. sanam tries to emphasise what she just saw. Seher says that there’s nothing wrong in finding out, and maybe she is able to see now, as it doesnt mean that she would be blind forever. Rehaan is still unconvinced. She says that it doesnt matter, as if sanam has seen something, then there’s no point in checking it. Rehaan says that they wouldnt gain anything. Seher says that this isnt a loss or profit situation, but something thats essential to be done. she says that they just want to know that tanveer can see or not. Rehaan stands tensed. She says that if tanveer can see, then all their plans would be ruined. Rehaan says that they can go ahead and satisfy their query, but he still feels that this isnt true. sanam says that razaak and gazalla have to be handled first to go ahead to check about tanveer. seher says that she knows what to do. The screen freezes on Seher’s face.

Precap: While seher narrtes out the plan, Rehaan asks whats her problem, and that he knows his mother, and that he is on their side, but this. He asks her how can she do this, to a blind woman. Seher is tensed. Seher thinks that she never thought, that between their love, anything could come, but due to tanveer, they have even begun to fight. She is sad.

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  1. isnt this play suppose to be coming to an end why did they spiced up tanveers sight again that means they still want to prolong it further. when the prophet prophesied that her end is near i taught tanveers reign was suppose to be coming to an end. and that its time for her to be exposed. writers please spare us all these long dramers and bring this play to an end.

  2. Wt crap??

  3. Stupid serial!!

  4. How tanveer could recognize lateef by seeing hr?? She lost her eye sight before meeting lateef!! wts happenin in dis serial??

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