Tum Aise Hi Rehna 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria insists to see Aanchal’s face again and sees her eyes closed. Anchal soul comes out in the form of cockroach. She sits on Ria’s shoulders. Doctor asks is everything fine? Ria says she saw her opening eyes. They leave from the morgue. Ria feels pain in her neck. A cockroach is seen on Ria’s saree. Dean shows Aanchal’s things to Abhi. Abhi requests the dean that he will keep the showpiece with him and will give to her family. Ria says even Police can give them. Abhi says she wanted to tell me something. I will get my answers from them. Dean gives it to him. Abhi stares the show piece. He plays the music. Yeh Khusur Mera Hain plays…………….Ria looks at it.

Abhi asks Ria to take it home as he is going to office now. Ria closes the song. A cockroach is seen inside the show piece. Ria picks it and leaves unconsciously. She comes to her cabin and recalls yesterday night incident. She drinks water to relax herself. Nurse comes and tells Ria about the report. She asks her to inform the doctor. Abhi is tensed thinking about Aanchal and recalls the past happenings. He thinks he is unable to forget it, irrespective of trying. He thinks to come out of this guilt. He calls the restaurant and books the table for two.

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Ria hears Aanchal’s phone ring tone in the operation theatre and sees Aanchal too. She takes out the mask and the girl is someone else. Ria says sorry. Cockroach is seen there. Dean asks Ria to go home and rest. Ria refuses. Dean says I know you capability. Don’t bother yourself and take rest. Abhi calls Ria and informs her that they are going to dinner to her favourite restaurant. She agrees. Abhi says I will come home and then we will leave for the restaurant. Ria leaves from the hospital.

Abhi and Ria come to the restaurant and are greeted by the manager. Abhi gives her flower and says I love you. Ria takes it and says I love you too. Mere Haath Me song plays…………………Abhi and Ria look romantically at each other. They dance romantically while the song plays…………Ria feels someone’s presence around her as the wind blows. Abhi asks what happened. Aanchal’s spirit throws something, Ria is about to fall but Abhi holds her hand. The Manager informs that Abhi and Ria are very special to this restaurant as they spent most of the time here. He organizes the cake for them. Abhi and Ria smiles. Suddenly Ria falls on the cake. Abhi asks what happened. Ria goes to the washroom to clean it. She cleans her face as sees fog coming. She wipes the glass and sees Aanchal’s spirit. She gets shocked.

Aanchal tells Ria that she will separate her with Abhi and will prove her to be mad so that Maheshwari family throw her out of the house.

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