Qubool Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 11th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
nazma and nikhat are shocked, while razia is amused, at haseena’s talks. They try to comfort their own mothers. In front of everyone in the family, haseena says that the entire city is talking, how at mamu’s house, a left woman is staying with the second wife, of her husband. she says that how it caused problems for one sister’s brother, as the other’s sister ruined the first’s sister’s family’s peace. she says that a left woman is staying with her own counterpart, in her husband’s life. she says that dilshad should have thought about her son, if not herself atleast. While she continues talking, she is put to a stop, when asad’s voice calls out from behind asking her to stop. she is scared as she faces asad. He reprimands

her as to how dare she talk like this about his mother. She is shit scared as she faces him. She tries to clarify, but he says that his mother is so pure, that people’s words cant taint her, and that shh eshould respect the relation that they

Razia comes to her rescue, saying that asad thinks that he feels he is the owner, and that he should have been prepared to face the consequences, after their sameless act of coming to stay in this house. Asad says that he would go to any lengths to save dilshad from problems. Shirin asks him that now can he understand what she is going through, and if he is feeling so bad, they should go, and noone shall stop them. She asks asad how can he tolerate that shirin be insulted but not his mother. Nikhat tries to stop her, but shirin goes on saying that they took over her home, and that would have taken guts, and now they should be a little more courageous, and face the taunts. asad tells her to stop, or he would forget that she is ayan’s mother. She asks if he still remembers that she’s ayahn’s mother, as they didnt spare ayan, what would they bother for her, as ayan left when dilshad came, and asks if he wants her to leave too now. Nikhat and others are shocked while dilshad is distraught. Asad goes to dilshad to prove his point that he had said so, and takes dilshad’s hand and asks her to come along. dilshad doesnt say anything but starts walking ooutside the house, along with asad and zoya. razia asks them to go, as noone has stopped them. Razia doesnt spare any taunt, and tarnishes dilshad’s image. asad finds that dilshad has stopped. Razuia says that they should have stopped before, taking advantage razia says that the mistake that rashid

She says that dilshad tainted rashid’s image. Dilshad remembers rashid’s request to her, and stops. she lets go of Asad’s hand to tell him that she wont go anywhere. all are shocked, while asad is stunned. Dilshad reminds asad of the promise that rashid made to her. asad says that he doesnt even know and god knows when he would wake up. Razia pretends to be scandalised and asks how does she call this her house. Dilshad says that rashid is her husband too, and shirin is the other woman, not her. Shirin is shocked. She goes to shirin saying that shirin stole her right, and not the other way around, and she is the other woman, as she and rashid arent divorced yet. She says that she isnt responsible for ayan’s going, as she too had almost lost asad. She says that this is the difference between upbringing, that ayan left her, but asad still stands by his mother. she says that asad, who vowed never to step foot in this house, is still with her. razia tries to stop her, but she scarems her to shut up. She goes on to recount what she went through when she had been stranded with two kids, and that she never needed anyone then, and doesnt need anyone now. Dilshad tells her that she shouldnt talk about mannerisms, as she is a break free prisoner and guilty of crime. razia screams out at her. Razia tells dilshad that this isnt some lane of bhopal, but Siddique’s haveli. Dilshad retaliates back saying that this is rashid’s house too. she says that she is rashid’s wife, and hence this house is hers too. all are shocked to see such ferocity. she says that she isnt begging, but is demanding her right and has her head held high. She says that if mamu represents the scociety, then he would know the rights of a wife. she says that she would rightfully stay here. All are stunned.

Scene 2:
Location: College garden
Humaira is out in the college garden, when her friend comes looking for her and gives her a book, that she wanted. Humaira takes the book and gets emotional, HUNDRED WAYS TO SAY, I LOVE YOU…she remembers ayan’s promise to marry her and how he left without her. She returns back saying that she doesnt need it anymore. as her friend asks her to come along, she asks her to go as she would come later. Humaira, in her solace is crying deeply. She is scared to find herself surrounded by hooligan boys, leeringly coming forward at her, causing taunts, that now they can help her, since ayan isnt here anymore. she says that she doesnt need anyone else for self defence. They taunt her on her ferocity, lustily progressing towards her. She continuously tries to say that she would hit them with stones, if they dont run but they are unperturbed but get scared when they find haider behind her with a pistol. they run away from there. humaira is confused and turns around to find haider, who has hidden the pistol. haider again begins to tease her on her name. As she walks past, he too joins her. she says that she would pelt him with stones too. She says with ego that she could handle all hooligans and didnt need his help. he teases her that she has to be with him, so that he isnt targeted by the goons. she irritatingly runs away from there, asking him not to follow her. He wonders how egoist this girl can be.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Dilshad stops asad, by saying that she has decided that she would stay here, and he wont convince her otherwise, making him swear on that. Asad is silenced. All begin to leave, when dilshad asks to start the ceremony. she is unperturbed and says that whoever cares for rashid shall join and others she doesnt care for. Nikhat, nazma and zoya join, while shirin is confused. Razia motions her not to join them. The reading of the Quran begins, while razia, haseena and chandbi watch in angst. The screen freezes on the praying ladies.

Precap: Nikhat, while washing her face in the bathroom, again hears anklets approaching towards her, and is scared. she is shocked as she finds the silhouette of a person moving past. she is terrified. Dilshad asks zoya what does she feel, if she did the right thing. Zoya says that this frustration had to be vented out some day. she says tghat she had to stand up for what she felt right and its good. Shirin is instigated by razia that they would have to break Dilshad’s strength and the weakest link, zoya. shirin is tensed.

Update Credit to: RIMJHIM

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