Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 11th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu replying Abhi that Shivani is his wife. Lata smiles. Shivani wake up and hears everything. Shivani says oh,you are dreaming to be my husband and promises that the betrayal will be costly for him. She says she can’t forget anything….Raghu disconnects the call and gets tensed. Lata comes and gives the blanket. She tells him that she is very happy that he accepted Shivani as his wife. She says Malik saa accepted you as his son in law and that’s why gave you half of his property. Raghu tells her that Shivani is not his wife but his responsibility. He says he said in anger that babyji is my wife. Lata says but she is your wife. Raghu says she will always be my Maliksaa’s grand daughter for me.

Baburaam gets happy and prays to get more and more money. He asks Laxmi mata to shower on him. He wakes up and scolds Lata. He thinks his dream would be fulfilled. Raghu comes to the workshop and instructs the workers. His employer comes and praises him for his good work. Raghu thanks him. Shivani comes and shouts at Raghu. She feigns as if she is normal. And acts goody goody with him. Raghu asks her not to get angry on him. He tells her that his life stopped when she is upset with him. Shivani tells him that she can’t be angry on him. They eye lock smilingly….Do dil bandhe plays…..while they continue to gaze at each other as the dupatta falls on them. Raghu comes out of his sweet dream.

Shivani looks at her mangalsutra and says it is a lace with thorns. It is a symbol of a fake relation. She tries to remove it. Lata comes and asks, what are you doing? Shivani replies she is freeing herself from the fake marriage. Lata tells her that it matters as the marriage may be fake but the intentions were right. Shivani says she can’t bear it anymore. Lata requests her to wear it for herself citing family’s prestige and neighbour’s fears. She folds her hands and requests. Shivani is in dilemma and goes to her room. Baburaam hears their conversation and tells Lata that she has become clever now and says you did this for money. Lata says she is concerned about her family reputation. Baburaam tells her that they will get respect with money. He says it is a matter of three months and then we will get half of property and babyji will get half property. Shivani hears and gets tensed.

Jazz and Mahima donates the money to the orphanage and tells the lady to call Shivani as it is her money. He tells Aunty that he has been doing it to make Shivani happy. Aunty tells him to withdraw money from Shivani’s bank account now and says they will snatch property from her after 3 months.

Baburaam asks Lata, what she is cooking in lunch. Lata says she will be preparing dal and bhindi. Baburaam shouts at her and asks her to prepare something good to make Shivani happy. He asks her to prepare Pizza, Pasta or Manchurian. Bella asks, why we will do it for her? Baburaam says they will get property after 2 months and if Shivani is upset then they will not get anything. Vivek supports Baburaam’s words and says Shivani needs to be happy for our future. Maya says you are right. Bella tells them that Raghu bhaiyya won’t take the property. Baburaam tells Bella that if Raghu declines then he will die. He asks them to prepare for the dawat/function. While the preparation for the function is going on, Nishi comes to Shivani and thanks her. She says she will get to eat tasty food because of her. Shivani is shocked to know the function. She gets angry and thinks they are partying to get the property and says she will show them how the party would be like..She calls someone on the phone.

Baburaam yells at the delivery boy and says he didn’t order food amounting to 3000 Rs. Shivani tells him that she ordered the food for herself and asks Raghu to pay being her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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