Qayamat Ki Raat 25th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri asks Savitri to slap Uma

Qayamat Ki Raat 25th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Uma and Savitri were on the way. Uma and Savitri’s car drove fast. Storm raged on. Uma got out of the car. She says brother throw her down the cliff. Savitri said uma please don’t do this. Kalasur threw her off the cliff.
Uma says I became Raj’s maid and saved him. Then I married Prithvi and became Raj’s mother. I called your mother swahasni here. Your mother killed my brother and I had to live here for 25 years. Now what will I do since you know my reality. You will give me that shaligram. She grasps her hair. Gauri says or what? You will harm Raj? Uma says you are so clever.

Gauri says to Prithvi i couldn’t find that photo. I looked everywhere. Gauri tries to speak to Raj. She says why are you behaving like this? Tell me. He says why did you go home? You should have stayed here with chachi. What are you trying to hide? He says then don’t tell me. He leaves.

Gauri turns into Avni. She says I am like your sister. I am Kalasur’s friend. Uma says why did you become Gauri to scare me? She says just testing. And savitri is with me too.
Gauri asks Prithvi where is Uma? He says I had been calling her. She went to temple. Gauri wonders why is she taking so long in the temple.

Avni takes Uma to Savitri. Uma says why did you come back? Savitri says I lost my memory. I had been lost all these years but it came back one day. when I came here I saw that you have trapped my son and daughter in law in all this Kalasur’s game. I will not sit down now. I will save my kids. You could kill me so I wanted to talk to Gauri. Uma says you will never be able to tell her the truth. I married Prithvi and became Raj’s mother. I made everyone promise that no one will tell Raj. SO no one ever took your name in this house. Only this picture.. Uma burns the picture. Uma says you can’t ruin my game. Avni says lets kill her. Uma says yes kill her. Gauri comes home. SHe says mummy ji avni.. savitri shouts Gauri.. Gauri looks for Uma and Avni. Avni says what is she doing here. Uma says how would I know. Gauri calls Uma. It rings in the house. Gauri looks around to see where the tone is coming from Uma sneaks in the hall. Gauri says where were you? I had been trying to call you. Uma says I was really worried. I came here to see you. Gauri says I am fine. Gauri leaves.

Uma says to Savitri I will kill you today. You wanted to know how your son is.. He is Kalasur now. I will take the shaligram from Gauri and you wont be alive to see it. Avni shoves savitri and she falls down. Gauri holds her. She is dazed. Uma says Gauri she is Kalasur’s friend. She was here. Gauri says are you okay? How did you know I couldn’t find the photo? Because I only told Prithvi. I heard everything. You are the black hat woman. Kalasur’s helper who has six toes. You are that person. You are the enemy of this house. Avni shoves Gauri. Uma says stop. Uma says now you know everything? We will fight in front of each other. You can’t win from me. Gauri says I can’t believe you are behind all this. This is your family, Raj is your son. Savtir says no this family isn’t hers. I am Raj’s mother. This woman is a devil and she uses our family as a pawn.

Raj says to Vikram chachi is suffering here? Why is Gauri not here? Prithvi says she might be doin something. Raj says I have to go home and check. He goes home. Dharam goes after him.
Uma says she is right. I am devil. You will give me my shaligram. Savitri says don’t listen to her. Uma slaps her. Gauri picks Savitri. Uma says give me what I have been doing this drama for. Avni says give us shaligram or.. She burns Raj and Gauri’s photo.

Dharam says Raj what are you trying to do? Raj says stay out of our relationship? Raj shoves Dharam. Raj says you know there is a problem with me. I remember what happened with me that night. I became Kalasur. I don’t wanna harm Gauri. I can’t live with her as Kalasur. I dont’ wanna harm her. My life is ruined I can save her. I have decided to keep her away from me. Dharam says we will find another way out. Raj says there is no solution. I have to save gauri from myself. Dharam goes in to tell Prithvi.
Gauri says okay I will give you shaligram. Savitri says no Gauri. You can’t do this. Gauri says we have to do this to save raj. If this saves Raj then I will do this. Savitri says they will become super powerful and wont leave us anyway. Gauri says we don’t have another way. Avni shoves Savitir. Uma says give me shaligram first. Gauri says first prove that you wont harm us. Uma says you have my word. Gauri says no I need proof. Go and hold Savitri’s feet and apologize. Or I will destroy shaligram. Avni says we have to do what she says. Uma says are you out of your mind? Avni says we need that shaligram. If she does something I will kill them both. Gauri says I will destroy shaligram if she doesn’t apologize. Uma touches Savitri’s feet and says I am sorry. Gauri says ma slap this woman. Uma says what nonsense. Gauri says you will have all your answers.

Precap-Savitri slaps Uma. She says this is for taking my husband from me. She slaps again and says this is for keeping me away from my family. Raj comes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yes, that is what Uma deserves. Good episode, scary precap.

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