Bigg Boss 12 25th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Srishty Eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 25th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman sings Sultan with a singer Hemant from Rising Star. Salman says I promoted this show like my child. Hemant says I will keep trying to sing in your picture. Salman says I am trying to get a song too, all laugh. Salman asks him to sing Dil diyan galan. Hemant sings it in his style. Salman praises him. Hemant goes to sit. Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Sristy, Jasleen, Megha and Rohit are nominated. Salman says see celebrities of Colors in house.

In house, Colors actors will enact housemates in house. Jai will play Deepak, Preeto will play Megha, Bela will play Dipika, Mahir will Sreesanth, Aditya will play Karanvir, Vishaka will play Somi. They all dance in house.
Bela as Dipika is working in kitchen and says bhai will eat dhosa. She brings it for Sree, Mahir as Sree says that its not round, I dont need it anymore, he says in camera that I want to leave now. Fake Dipika tries to calm him. Fake Sreesanth have a fight wit fake Karanvir. Fake KV says he is cursing. Fake Dipika says no he didnt curse. Fake Deepak trying to serenade fake Somi but in vain as fake Somi calls him brother and asks him to not irritate her. Fake Megha then erupts in anger as she misinterprets a statement made by fake Deepak to Somi and takes it as an insult towards her. She then takes off her slipper and runs behind Deepak trying to hit him with it. Fake KV then mediates between the two. Fake Deepak says she is doing wrong. She hit me with a slipper.
Salman connects call to house, all fake inmates are sitting there. Salman greets them and says you are all nominated. Fake Deepak says Sree is going, fake Sreesanth immediately yells that no way will he get evicted, it will be the others who will lose instead. Salman gives them a reprieve from their fake personalities and urges them to go to the garden area where they will get to meet the actual contestants.

All celebrities meet real inmates. Celebrities start a show with inmates. It is time for Mr Bigg Boss pageant. The guys have to impress the three female judges with their talent in the first round. First up are desi boys Karanvir and Rohit. Both of them strip their shirts off and dance to impress the women judges (Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassanandani and Kamiya Punjabi). All enjoy their performance. All judges give them thumbs up.
Host calls Deepak Thakur to sing a song. He chooses Kailash Kher’s Teri Deewani, all enjoy his singing and clap for him. Anita asks for whom he sang for? Surbhi asks Somi how she liked it? She says it was beautiful. Judges give him thumbs up.
Host calls next contestant that is Sreesanth. Sree starts break dancing on Prabhudeva’s Muqabla. All enjoy his dancing and clap for him. Judges dance with him and follow his steps. Surbhi gives him thumbs up.
Time for Romil to impress with his stand up comedy skills. Romil does skit and says people lose control here and get questioned. Kamiya Punjabi says he played very safe. He defends himself. Romil says last time someone got hurt. Kamya asks to give one word to each inmate. Romil says Sree is angry man, Dipika is bahu, Jasleen is ma’am, Megha is egoistic, Rohit is a kid, Deepak is rude, Surbhi angry woman, Somi is bahu, he calls himself clever fox.

Host says now in second round, we will ask questions to all boys.
Surbhi asks Deepak: What would you do if you are stuck in a lift with Megha Dhade? Deepak jokes that I will get her shoes off from her first. All laugh. Deepak says she will do what she can, I wont do anything.
Judges ask Romil: Which contestant is the person your mom would probably warn you against and did warn in childhood? Romil says Surbhi but that’s because she doesn’t know how nice hearted she is but she is daring so my mom would say to sleep otherwise Surbhi would come. Kamya asks Surbhi. Surbhi says Sree is unpredictable. Kamya says but he always helped you. Surbhi says I cant play a game with him because we are similar.
Surbhi asks Sreesanth: Which rule of the house would you want to change? Sree says I want to MMA match fight with the other contestants.
Judges ask Rohit: Whom would you not choose if you are going to moon? Rohit answers Sreesanth as he threatened to break my ribs, I would give him points in Sultani fight too.
Judges choose winner. They choose Sreesanth. He gets a sash and a trophy, and he dedicates his trophy to his son. Celebrities wish inmates, they give them tips and leave.

On stage, Salman calls Hemant on stage. He connects call to house. Salman greets everyone and congrats Sreesanth. Sree asks him to wish birthday to his son, Salman wishes him. Hemant comes on screen, Salman says he wants to KV’s chest, KV shows it, Hemant looks away, all laugh. Salman asks inmates to dedicate song to each other. Dipika dedicates Khud ko kiya samajhta hai for his bad attitude, Hemant sings it. Jasleen dedicates bholi surat, dil ke khoty to Deepak as he compliments and then insult that person. Deepak dedicates Tu laga le jab lipstick to Somi, all laugh. Hemant sings it for Somi. Sree dedicates Phoolon ka taaron ka song to Dipika, all laugh. Hemant sings it with Salman. Salman asks Hemant to sing Aa Dekhen Zara, Hemant sings it. Inmates enjoy it.
Salman says Surbhi and Romil in Sultani ring but Surbhi have to choose a male contestant who will fight with Romil in physical round. Surbhi says I want to request Sree to fight for me, Sree says I am not feeling well. Surbhi then nominates KV, all laugh. Salman asks them to come to Sultani ring.

In Sultani ring, Salmen says first round is verbal in which you have to tell why you are better than other one.
In the first round, Surbhi says there is a line between arrogance and confidence, Romil is arrogant and hurts others. Romil says she said she made me, that is real arrogance. Surbhi says I accepted my mistake and said sorry but he never realizes his mistakes and keeps highlighting others mistakes. Romil says whole world saw her aggression, she says she learns from her mistakes but she keeps repeating that. Surbhi says he looks emotionless, he is always thinking about himself, winner has logic and emotions both. Romil says I dont want to hurt emotions, she keeps saying stuff that targets character of others. Only Megha and KV votes for Surbhi. Romil wins first round.
In the second round, KV and Romil get into a wrestling match. Surbhi wishes him luck, Salman says you have to throw down. Romil throws KV out in first round. KV tries to give a fight but falls down and Romil wins very easily. Salman says KV is injured otherwise he would be throwing Romil. All laugh. Salman gives him gift and medal.

On stage, Salman welcomes Colors celebrities. Salman says you people went in house, where are two others? Kamya says they are getting ready. Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) and Vishaka (Anita Hassanandani) comes there with garlands wishing to drape the garland on Salman, the host announces that they have to have a duel. Salman says I have two nagins behind me, all laugh. Salma says in the verbal duel round, they compete over their age and their slithering skills. Surbhi says I crawl nicely, Anita says I have poison. Surbhi says I am 1000 years old, Anita says I am 780 years old.
In the second round, the two are blindfolded as they try to garland Salman. Other celebrities guide them. Both of them win so now both get a chance to make him wear garland. Song Jagg ghoomiya plays, Salman dances with both of them. Salman thanks them. Salman takes selfie with them. He hugs everyone, all laugh.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says its time for eviction. Sreesanth thinks Rohit will get evicted, Dipika feels Srishty will have to go as her involvement is less, Romil thinks it is Jasleen, Deepak also chooses Jasleen, Somi also chooses Jasleen. Salman says Jasleen is safe. Salman says SRISTY IS EVICTED. He ends call. Sristy hugs everyone.
Sree says to Jasleen that next week is Rohit. Sristy says love you all, she leaves.

Romil says to Deepak that give pickle. Surbhi says you said words in sultani ring which you shouldnt. Romil says you cant digest your defeat. Surbhi says you were defeated against Sree too. Romil says you said that you made me. Surbhi says you said that I wouldnt stay here for few weeks if you were not with me? Romil says no you feel bad? I wanted to teach you a lesson, dont worry.

Surbhi says to KV that I shouldnt have talked to Romil. She says Rohit, Megha and Jasleen are of no one, Romil will try to make people against me, KV says you can make these two on your side. Surbhi says I will not approach them. Surbhi says Deepak is trustworthy for himself only.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Sree tells Dipika that I was blamed for match fixing of 10lacs, they said that they have proof but I didnt do it, I wanted to do suicide at that time.. he cries and says if my kids play cricket, I cant even go to ground to watch.
Surbhi have trigger of everyone in line of control task. Surbhi says Dipika’s game doesnt have stability. Romil says you are my sister. Surbhi says you play a double game, dont talk about relations, just game only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Didn’t feel bad for srishty being eliminated and I’m not surprise either ever since she brought Dipikas husband in the game and dipika stop talking to her she has being less seen this would not have happen if she didn’t start running behind Rohit

  2. today i felt everything goes according through Deepika(#SIMAR)… or she goes through BiggBoss or she is given special script in which everything is written about what will be done, what are the decision biggboss is taking… or biggboss want to portray SIMAR like this… I mean no one ever thought of shrishty eviction in the house but she pointed n shristy went… earlier also one thing happened that was not thought by anyone else deepika that took place… biggboss wants to show DEEPIKA as perfect lady who thinks everything right… m not #simar hater or any ones fan but just feel that how every guess guess of #SIMAR prove to be right… i liked the choice of song dedicated except DEEPAK i mean come on yaar do something new… either you will irritate the HMs or you will flirt with SOMI in both cases he gets over n then threatening from others…
    for the first time in the show we saw shree physical work(He must be tired needs to get recovery…) but dancing was good…
    donno did i missed some part or not but in rohit’s/kv’s dancing stripping was the rule??? becoz i didnt like that… else everyone was ok…
    RCKCB(Romil Chaudhary Ki Chatpati Baatein) was well written n also the tag given to others(i laughed when he pointed deepak confusing… means confusing about what somi and the game… lolllzzz) today he didnt say anything to deepika just said Tv ki Bahu …
    appreciate to colors family who acted as the HMs they were quite nice… n mahir was superb(actually i like pearl…) thank you for them for coming n making our wkw more interesting…
    eviction of shristy was fair enough but still m feeling bad for her she could have done better than this like the happy soul we have found in starting of biggboss was missing….(sad) but the eviction is ok at least others are trying to give content…

    Guys m not favouring anyone of the HMs like some of here blindly does… i see n feel what the show shows who was r8 today n who was wrong… so if anyone thinks that m replying to some people here becoz m someone’s hater or someone’s blind follower then he/she is wrong… i just write what i feel after watching the show or after reading one’s comment plz don’t take it in reverse… i don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments here…

    1. From Simar’s fame to Romil’s chatpati game, I agree to all of the points you have written and u’ve written everything in accord so nicely. I too found Romil’s words were so true today and calling Deepak confused was extremely funny ! ? just somewhere I feel, Romil has a soft corner (as a friend) for Jasleen but he didn’t show it calling her vamp. @Rajjo.

    2. Yes romil has somewhere a soft corner… As we can see on voot the vidoes of romil-jasleen where romil tickles jas or irritate in a funny way… Maybe due to in the starting anup jas n romil used to sit together…
      U know what most funny thing was somi gets irritated when romil pampers jasleen… Its the most laughing thing…

  3. Most unfair elimination ever. Of course Slamn Khan will support his favorite criminal like Sreesanth.

    1. AnuAnu

      @Abhishek what did sree do for you to call him Criminal?

  4. Happy that jasleen got saved…she definitely deserves to be in than srishty…I wish to see Rohit and Deepak gets eliminated before jasleen… though I don’t think it’s gonna happen…coz that irritating Deepak will poke every one and give the max content to BB…
    I loved the face of srishty, when Deepika said srishty will leave…she was so confident that she won’t go and Deepika was telling that just coz of her jealousy…

    1. i am happy for jasleen n megha too..

      and usse zyada happy sristy k evinction se hu.. after watching her interviews it looks like not dpka but she was responsible for their issues.. and i guess sristy was very jealous to see dpka and sree togather..and this is the main reason for sristy and sree’s frnds rlation got bitter.. and someone commented earlier that sristy is a girl who think of herself an angel ..and she is a person who poses lot of attitude..
      she made mistake by bhaiya saniya comment nd again she is doing the same in her interview.. again she is saying in a sarcastic way.. dpka and sree ek dusre k sath rehte h sara time and it is irritating.. and i guess they share bhai behen relation (and she said it in a very sarcastic way) ..

      bhai it was ur problem that u were not able to make frnds… aap kisi ek k liye constinuously stand nhi le paye.. har do din m side change kiya.

      she is saying all hm’s was talking about her and rohit’s fndship.. that was irritating .. but i think it was sristy and rohit themselves who talked about it the most..

      she said rohit showed interest n her and said he have crush on her.. so i think sristy needs to watch episodes first.. in one of the episode rohit said he is not at all interested as he has already a gf outside ..

  5. No comments yet?
    Btw, can anyone please elaborate the last paragraph of the update where in KV asked Surbhi to get 2 people on their side? About who 2 contestants was he talking about?

    1. Shree and Deepika are sitting near by the gate and kv eyeing towards them says…these two…

    2. Rohit&Deepak

    3. KV was suggesting surbhi to get sree and deepika on her side since she isn’t in good terms with romil and somi deepak won’t follow her without him, so if she’ll convince sree and deepika to be on her side she’ll get their group support automatically and thus the majority of HMS support(deepika,sree,Megha,jasleen,rohit ,kV)…it’s rather hypocritical of kV considering he’s always on the front line chiding sree for using relationships and I remember him asking srishty to be friends with jasleen & deepika for game sake

  6. Now this show has become a medium to clear image of one’s past deeds just like all the shitty biopics Bollywood is coming up with , for example Sanju ! My god ! Shree has almost told everything on his behalf, his side of the story through this Bigg Boss. Even if he doesn’t win, he at least got his fans back like this. Starting from his struggling days to Harbhajan’s incident to Match fixing – he made it a point to tell everything on this show. Does he cry everyday at home like this thinking of such issues ? And Dipika……… I initially liked her , but with every passing day , she provides me with another reason to hate her.
    First of all, on that day, when all were asked to fill the pots with water whoever they think has had done a mistake – Dipika was going to take Romil’s name just because Romil’s Saiyan-Bhaiya comment was for her. Even today, she knew Rohit deserved to get out, but she told it was Srishti just because she has personal issues with her. I was always by Dipika’s side in the Saba-Srishti fight but now, Dipika has made it a point to go personal on everything .
    Everyone in this world has his/her share of struggles , why is Dipika only listening to Shree and not going to Jasleen or Megha whenever they feel lonely ?
    Shrishti’s eviction did hurt me. Number 1, I will miss her dances, smile and that happy-go-lucky attitude… and KV-Srishti’s friendship won’t be seen anymore.
    Somi, Rohit – these two should have gotten evicted by now.
    Loved Romil today. He was superb in the akhada. Deepak is irritating but yeah, his one-liners are funny.
    And @Cutiepie, heyaaaa ❀ welcome back and I missed u too.

    1. i must say dear that some people know there are many ways to prove their point or innocence and clear their image like doing press conference , social media, public platform… but now trending is BOLLYWOOD and TELEVISION… one who is more popular takes bollywood and the one who is less takes tv… i am 100% sure that shreesanth must have got written in his contract about clearing his image or prove his point… n show also used his controversy to gain TRP… that #BREAKING NEWS wala task was done only for #SHREE for sure… else how he can bring those topics… even i dont like surbhi but her saying that “shree wants to gain sympathy he uses sympathy card” is very true…he uses his sympathy card this much that another person feels like it is him going through that situation… like in that punishment where kv took names of shree n rohit to wash utensils… i mean if you can wash utensils perfectly why do you connect it to your gone through cases of before that time kv felt seriously very bad as he thought just becoz of him shree again had gone through those phases… that day shree used his sympathy card…

    2. AnuAnu

      @Rajjo Well did anybody listen to his side of story when he alleged of match – fixing and does anybody in the house have a past like his to share and cry?

    3. @AnuAnu M not saying that he should not share his problems or those phases of life he should he has the right to do that… what I am saying is that he seeks time to use those phases as a plus point to be in the game or somewhere to show others that he is the most proven culprit while he is not… 2 months have gone we all have seen shree n everyone knows how he behaves on one side he says he is strong n other he doesn’t want to do any task… and at the end he says all is my strategy… that is what i am saying is very calculative person… he uses everything in a statistical way… n this emotional gone through is his part of strategy which he uses while he needs to…
      Also m not a shree hater m a cricket fan i will be happy to see him playing cricket… also emotionally connected to him like he hasn’t done anything but had to suffer this much problems…

    4. AnuAnu

      @Hope like someone isn’t ????

    5. @AnuAnu, I am actually with Rajjo. I don’t need to to write anything . It’s just my opinion that all these symapathetic stories bring a pluspoint for him. That’s it. No further explanations to be entertained.

    6. @Aarohi again same POV for bhai bahen. I agree to most things

    7. Aarohi i think u need to watch the first episode shree clearly tells salman he came to speak about everything that happened to him in the past to put forward his side of story but off certain ppl like u only want to see b*t*hing n fighting so u cn comment like a loser n b happy in life

    8. AnuAnu

      @ALFY exactly. Agreed to your point.

    9. please don’t fight here… evryone is just putting his/her point here there is nothing to conclude someone as loser or someone great… if you didn’t like that comment either you don’t reply or clear your point of view… no profit will be done fighting here… m requesting plzzzz

    10. @Aarohi..
      “Now this show has become a medium to clear image of one’s past deeds”

      This is not happening for the first time… salman have already said many times…. is show m controversial log sabse zyada atey h ..

      Aman verma , Asmit patel , Shilpa shinde and many more came in bb with the agenda to clearify their deeds or the controversies related to them..

    11. @Aarohi

      “Everyone in this world has his/her share of struggles , why is Dipika only listening to Shree and not going to Jasleen or Megha whenever they feel lonely ?”
      I am saying this thing from the starting dpka and sree dono ko ek dusre ki need h and dpka starting se sree ko use kar rahi h
      dpka megha n jas k sath kabhi itni acchi nhi hoti jitna sree ki daant khane k baad bhi acchi rehti h..

      sree ko save karna chair task m was illogical and she could be save megha if she was so confident that she is not getting eliminate and can form a group..

    12. True. @XYZ We two even argued for Dipika. But I didn’t know that time her priority will always be Shree even after Shree misbehaves with her. That looks really fake or Dipika tries to manipulate Shree as she knows he will go long way ! That is disgusting to watch.

  7. Rajjo n Aarohi agreed wid you..feel d same way u said ..sree n dipika may be in top 5 dey don’t deserve to win.. I’m not liking dipika’s attitude nowadays as if she S behaving like she S very strong person she said sristy’s participation S less Wat else dipika proved dis week..

    1. AnuAnu

      @xyz that she won’t just stand there and hear all the stuff deepak & surbhi says about her. I mean how much surbhi can put words in her mouth?

  8. Sree has come to put his side of story of the incident that proved to be fatal for his career and reputation and he is doing it without hurting anyone or blocking anyone else out look or chance to share their life tragedies so why people have problem with that I don’t understand? He’s a celeb he came to a show for celebs that people watch to know these celebs life stories then where is he going out of the game rules?it’s not his fault other housemates don’t want to share their life stories or when/if they do producers don’t focus on it besides it’ll be nice and decent if no one question his emotional breakdown while telling these stories as he’s still not out of that nightmare he’s still in middle of the fight, he’s a spoil sport joke about that he cries funnily in bathroom joke about that he behaves like a brat(sometimes) joke about that but don’t joke about this particular subject… Deepak should stop embarrassing somi honestly teasing is one thing and zabardasti ka chipakna har time is other I don’t like romil but he was on point while describing surbhi today BTW why she keep saying ”sree mein koi sudhar nai hai jail ke baad’? abe tu jailer hai ya psychiatrist hai hai kaun tu? Ya ye real penitentiary ya mental hospital mein aya hai kya Jo sudhar dikhae ga behavior mein?that’s actually a degrading statement she and every other housemate keep saying “sudhar nai aya” Bhai none of you are dodh ke dhole so it’ll be better if you stop minding others stubbornness of not letting go of habits that aren’t even considered bad outside the house, KV & rohit were looking so damn obnoxious with their x rated dance and kV made it even more uncomfortable to watch with his over the top expressions..rohit still being in game when srishty is already out is not right there’s something fishy here jasleen and Megha this week got sree’s fans support so I understand why they weren’t the least votes holder but srishty shouldn’t have been that either her fans are pretty active on twitter if anyone that should’ve gone today if it was all fair then it was rohit…

    1. @jagganath problem is not with anyone sharing their tragedy. But pehle kuch week m mere saath galat hua bus utna share kiya and now towards end month sharing details every other day looks like a calculated move. If it is emotional outburst to har din nai hoga na. Kishi ka bhi emotional weak day once in 20 days aa sakta hai not every other day. Insaan ko ek yahi takat mili hai bura ho ya acha hai everyone overcomes that eventually.
      Even if one doesn’t share actual details about past agar insaan acha hai to wo dikhega effortlessly and people will look brighter side of personality. Aise koi Suni baat par yakin kar bhi le but agar hamein samne dikhea koi acha hai to wo insaan acha prove ho jata hai. Itne effort ki jarurat nai hoti.

    2. It’s coz u r staying in a house where mobile, TV entertainment things are not there…
      If u r tensed or angry, u generally try to divert ur mind using any of these…
      At the start of the season, u r coming with a fresh mind plus u r getting to know 14 different people of different nature which itself is an mind engaging thing…
      Few weeks down the line, u know everyone pretty well and there is nothing left to do other than households…
      When u feel low, u don’t have an option of let it go by diverting mind…no entertainment things…so u r left with sharing that to ur family and feel better…
      U don’t have a family here so you share it with the closer friend of u which here is Deepika…I don’t find anything wrong in that…
      I am not saying this only for Shree… it’s the same for any contestants in this house… they are going through a lot…

      Honestly BB has selected Sree coz he has a lot of stories of his life to share… BB and endemol are doing a business and they would select people who has a potential to gain trp…
      Why do you think Shilpa and Vikas were selected in the same season? They just selected them randomly?, of course BB knew that they have a lot of juicy stories to share which will gain trp….

    3. As jisha explained when you’re in a house without any other distraction to engage in you start to over think your downfall in life to the point that any person you form a bond with you blurt it all out to tjem as for him not sharing them in start he did minor points on random occasions where he was comfortable enough with his environment and was alone besides why do you think he cry on smallest of stuff?cause he never got chance outside the house to think about his tragedies that deeply while here it seems all he has left to think is that part of his life cause it has the biggest impact and he channel his frustration about it through crying like he does for his anger

    4. @Hope, Exxxxxxxxxxactly I had this view. That is so true I feel.

    5. @Jagannath
      well said..
      @jisha… nice explanation…..

  9. KV is bigger disappointment than surbhi's butt

    I just came to know that idea of provoking sree was given to rohit deepak by kV 😐 😐 he was seen telling them somewhere around the line that provoke him to hit you and he’ll be gone that way in an extra dose 😐 😐 please remove your mask puneesh we know it’s you with kvs face

    1. It wasn’t puneesh but all shilpa arshi akash AnD him that used to concoct plans to provoke others just so they raise their hand on them and bb throw them out for it, back to your point kV indeed proving to be biggest negative player this season he urged first sriahty now surbhi to get close to deepika and sree and then he has a nerve to berate sree for forming relationship for game smh he planned this provocation stuff also, he was behind that rohit betrayal as well then in past he was the one who advid shiv to kick deepak than later denied it he adviced srishty to be aggressive with saba he’s a wolf in sheep skin and people just wont accept it besides why dree is his target?in all his plan sree is a common factor i wonder why lol

    2. Now he’s telling surbhi to get in inner circle of sree & deepika WOW and I saw none of regular posters here commenting on that but if sree or deepika or Megha has done something like this there would’ve been world war 3 I keep seeing kV getting away with all the shady things he do he’s either irrelevant to people or too imp to magnify his mistakes

    3. KV said to both rohit and deepak and he calls himself a friend and sree does not respect him while he sits and gossips and spoils minds of other contestants against sree.

  10. Seeing kv dry humping the stage made me puke a little o_O it was a little just a tiny bit crude?? Rohit wasn’t doing all those moves but kV was going all out and looked too determined to make people blind…overall episode was decent I guess

    1. Ik I was embarrassed for him lol

  11. Srishty in her eviction interview told that Sree knew about skit script b4 that was inacted and had no problem with it but didn’t tell that to Dipika when she got angry.

    1. If sree knew then why didn’t she tell deepika right there and than? Or for that matter any other contestant about it it’s not like her & sree were on good terms besides this girl was deflecting blame on everybody and their mom when deepika came for explanation but spared sree how & why? Besides let me share another fact somi and romil told jasleen in an uncut video that srishty knew beforehand that that sketch will upset deepika she said so to people and she still carried on with it and add a little extra shady point in it which was the main reason why deepika exploded…or if he knew of the act he certainly didn’t know the extra bit she had added herself like the script writer romil and rest of the house didn’t…she still trying to deflect blame instead of accepting what she did maturely and letting go of it

  12. BB writers coming up with new remakes :# FLIPSANTH :THE ALL KNOWN STORY , TUBELIGHT 2 FOR JASLEEN IN LEAD ,SIMAR KA HALWA -jo khaye woh flip ho jaye aur jo na khaye woh BB ke content se ho jaye
    FLIPSANTH GOT UNWELL # after his break dance such a spoilsport sree is becoming he avoided the fight with TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL
    BB launching SIMARVANI :as her predictions are potrayed as ASTROLOGER as if she is female version of sanjay jhumai (the famous astrologer )
    next week BB will make SIMAR as PAUL THE OCTOPUS πŸ˜›
    DEEPAK and SOMI script is a forceful comedy on viewers just like unnecessary laughs of siddhu in kapil’s show sometimes more often
    JASLEEN was feeling like female version of neil armstrong after srishty rode is evicted
    MEGHA -jo garajta hai woh baraste nhi # high time for you better act normal or BB slipper SHOP OWNERS will make you their brand ambassador with tag line : megha dhade slippers : 2 in 1 :used for walking and self defence too but no spitting :))-
    nothing much is clearer here may they evict kvb as hiten was in last year :((

    1. @Airplanes..

      sree avoided the fight cz he dont wants to fight for surbhi.. as surbhi never gives credit to anyone if someone help her..
      so it is justified to not play for her…

    2. Plz yaar no need to tell everytime that KV may get evict like Hiten. KV is much better than Hiten atleast he takes stand for himself unlike hiten.

  13. SURBHI : personality disorder syndrome , even complicated than SIMAR KA HALWA RECIPE , u made TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # BIGGEST JOKE # get a life LOUDSPEAKER WITH NO DECIBEL RANGE -flipping like anything when FLIPSANTH saved u u became his bhakth and when TRUE SOUL ROMIL stands for u then u praissed him now u are claiming u made him lol lol lol # surbhi u have become FEMALE VERSION OF KAMAL R KHAN in the house
    BB WRITERS have dissolve happy club now as they are potraying selfishness among the other 3 (surbhi,deepak,somi)
    TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is going to finale for sure he just need to overcome his sleep more and his much love for rest 3 as they are becoming spoil kids peak time for GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL to maintain his calm and composure just like he did today with the names and doesn’t give that # AASU KI DUKAAN a chance to flip from simar to turn into komolika lol hahahah
    time has came for LEGEND ROMIL to play more than 100% in the game as makers have made SIMAR transition from # DUKHI AATMA to CATWOMAN # its looking like # KHISYANI BILLI KHAMBHA NOCHE

  14. TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL again nailed it in today’s episode he did his best at which he is good at # he is definite a #LEGEND WINNER the show will have # FLIPSANTH shown his JHALAK DIKHLAJA MOVES , JUST BOGGIE WOGGIE was left today in sultani akhada which was done by our TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # he boggie woogied KVB in sultani akhada
    two ppl voted for surbhi and rest voted for TRUE SOUL ROMIL despite making #KOHINOOR HEARTED ROMIL A WINNER IN AKHADA , i feel HMs were taking revenge on surbhi , last odd 40 days are coming up in the show # bante rishte tootenge aur bikhre rishte jodenge # tag line for next few weeks lol

    i know all ppl and fans across the globe are voting for TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL !!!!! KEEP VOTING GUYS ITS A HIGHTIME SHOW YOUR LOVE through votes and keep voting and voting and enjoy GEM HEARTED ROMILs pressence in the show stay tuned to see more # chatpatein battein with # LEGEND WINNER ROMIL !!!!!
    keep on voting guys and girls ,take the phones, lappys ,or any other devices download voot app and vote for TRUE HEARTED GEM ROMIL when ever you find him in nominations # LOVE TO OJA !!!!!to infinite times …..# keep on voting guys # TRUE SOUL HONEST AND PURE HEARTED ROMIL need your love and support via votes so vote vote vote !!!!! all girls vote from your system and your bfs system’s too coz as a gf you must be knowing the pass words #hahahaha just kidding keep on voting # love to all girls and to all boys # dhole shole bana:))-

  15. In Friday episode they showed a promo of ROMIL cut out and the HMs are asked about his captaincy People must put garland or spray the Black paint .According to the promo mostly everyone was against Romil including his friend (Rohit and Deepak) .But they did not show us on the wkw.I think this can be strategy of BB makers to make Romil Captain or there can be other reason

  16. I feel people are having issues with Shree sharing his life…and even this that he is talking about it at this stage of the game whereas he could have done it in the first few weeks…
    This is my opinion on that thought…
    It’s coz u r staying in a house where mobile, TV entertainment things are not there…
    If u r tensed or angry, u generally try to divert ur mind using any of these…
    At the start of the season, u r coming with a fresh mind plus u r getting to know 14 different people of different nature which itself is an mind engaging thing…
    Few weeks down the line, u know everyone pretty well and there is nothing left to do other than households…
    When u feel low, u don’t have an option of let it go by diverting mind…no entertainment things…so u r left with sharing that to ur family and feel better…
    U don’t have a family here so you share it with the closer friend of u which here is Deepika…I don’t find anything wrong in that…
    I am not saying this only for Shree… it’s the same for any contestants in this house… they are going through a lot…

    Honestly BB has selected Sree coz he has a lot of stories of his life to share… BB and endemol are doing a business and they would select people who has a potential to gain trp…
    Why do you think Shilpa and Vikas were selected in the same season? They just selected them randomly?, of course BB knew that they have a lot of juicy stories to share which will gain trp….

  17. Nivika

    I think jasleen will be evicted this week…
    As dipika deepak megha romil jasleen are nominated …
    And i think jasleen is weak in them….
    Again Somi bach gayi….somi should have nominated this time…alwaysshe is being protected

    1. @Nivika… it seems like sabne contract sign kiya h kon kitna masala dega aur kitne time tak rukega…

      surbhi starting weeks m itna sab galat kar rah thi bina wajah cheekhna chillana n all.. after some time sati savitri ki atma ghus gayi usme…
      trp k liye makers ladwate h aur fir jab ek bande ki image zyada hi negative ho jati h jo trp de raha h usey ek do week k liye accha dikha dete h…

      somi ka toh clear h jaan boojh k bachaya ja raha h… otherwise “badtameezi mat karo” ye line bolne ko chod aur kuch ho nhi raha usse.

      now romil is looking sensible but again usey point out kiya ja raha h so that he can behave like bfr and get some trp for makers

    2. Nivika

      It feels irritated when somi speaks. ….like ek hi sentence baar bolti hai ….
      Like chilao mat chilao mat chilao mat…it irritates the most..jaan bhujke usee nominations se save kiya jaa raha hai..nhi toh woh kab ki nikal chuki hoti…ek baar toh bacha bhi liya tha…elimination cancel karke…..

    3. @ Nivika… seriously somi irritates me she try to portray like she is the best but she is none… somewhere now-a-days i found jasleen much involved than somi… its true that somi is known through happy club only else she has no existence… when nomination come she comes to HC n be with them so that they can save her… and after getting saved she says HC uses her ” baat mat kro” arey yaar nhi krni baat to mat kro faltu ka chillao to mat plz… bheekh to tum hi mangne jaati ho nominations me save krne k liye… aur agar koi HC ka member kisi aur se baat kr le ya ghulmil le then she have a problem(ex. romil n jasleen)
      i liked when salmaan said the word “KHAIRAAT” that is charity me mili h aapko place… phir ro rhi thi itna hi bura lga to ho jao nominate n show that you are strong…

    4. Two people i think that are unsafe to me then they’re Deepika & Romil RN there was a rumour that bb team is trying to evict two celebs to cut on the expenses and she unfortunately like srishty gives least content among celebs however I don’t know if they did it then how they will justify it cause she has been a frontrunner on all polls and stuff, as for romil ik people think he’s the fixed winner and the way bb team was going it seemed like that exactly but narrative kinda feel like changing since this week it could be just a ruse to divert people opinion and he still can end up in finale but I can’t help but feel this sudden nomination of him is bad for him and an orchestrated plan to kick him out

  18. Itna to confirm h ki voting ki base pe kbhi koi nhi niklta. Wrna neha k baad deepika hi niklti. Ye sab eviction bb apni mrzi se krta h. Fan base pe nhi.
    ? Srishty k sath to shuru se bb ne ganda bhv kia pehle bina kisi reason k jiske sath violence hua use kbhi captain nhi bnne dia gya. Uska sanchslan humesha sahi rha us bare me kbhi wkw me bat nhi ki. Itne tym me kbhi b captain nhi bnne dia ab bhi. Or to or jb safe ki bat ayi is hfte tb b HC or Deepika ko dia.

    Bb is really too much. Celebrities apni insult krane jate h bb me.

  19. sare celebrity ek ek krke out ho chuke h as per deepikas plan. next no h kv h. fir shree bhai ka.par mkr use kese b bcha lenge.

    kamal deepika. lgta h bb ne puri script de di h ise. ya bb hi iske hisab se chlta h.

    1. There is no hand of Deepika in Srishty’s elimination. It was just her feeling that Srishty may get eliminated. KV is not going to get out so soon..

    2. @Appy..

      jas megha and rohit gave content this week plus megha is a strong contender as she performed and looked in episode more than sristy… even jas looked more than sristy and even performed and gave more content than her..

      so if someone asked me the same question , i will be defintely took sristy’s name.. accroding to her performance till now…
      even neha was much more deserving than sristy. atleast neha performed in tasks but sristy ne i guess baaki girls se jealous hone ko chod aur kuch nhi kiya..

      “sare celebrity ek ek krke out ho chuke h as per deepikas plan” true.. it is dpka’s plan.. but neha and sristy dono apni wajah se eliminate hue h..

      neha ne dpka ko blindly follow kiya kabhi kisi cheez pe stand nhi liya.. wo uski bewakoofi thi.. and sristy ne perform nhi kiya plus makers dont wants to pay her that’s y they eliminate her..

    3. perfect reply @XYZ… yes its true that shristy was jealous of other girls we could see though… s

    4. Nivika

      @Appy …there is no involment of dipkia in srishty’s elimation…
      It was on the basis of performance..
      Dekha jaye toh iss hafte megha sabse jyada dikh gayi thi…
      Aur jasleen and rohit bhi shrishty se jyada dikh gaye the game khelte waqt…
      Shristy toh dikh hi nahi rahi thi…she was only seen during luxury budget task…she was also not playing any game….
      So i think its fair decision of eliminating shristy ….
      And especially i Love her a lot…….
      Woh bb main epi mein kaam dikhti thi aur extra dose mein jyada….
      But atlast i only want to say that i miss her badly as she had so much positive vibes and mainly her morning dance❀❀❀
      Woh bolte hai na…kisi game ka ek end hota hai….waise hi shristy ke liye bb ka safar yahi tak tha

  20. Surbhi and kV got some hard nerves really how can you ask someone for ANOTHER favor who you’ve been b*t*hing about non stop and the b*t*hing isn’t about regular small stuff mind you, consider that someone worst of human race and kV is a b*t*h he was just calling everybody and their mother out for using bonds with other tf? I really want on a wkw salman shows these ugly hypocritical arses their real face with a collage video of their hypocrisy

  21. sad to see srishty out unfair eviction

  22. sristy’s interviews are most negative till now.. none of the evicted contestant said anything so negative in their interview .. but it was not expected from sristy that she will say only negative things….
    as she dont like dpka .. dpka dont like her too.. they both have issues with each other if u didn’t care for anyone.. then y will dpka do care for u????????

    1. Nivika

      Yes i must say that it was most negative interview…..
      She had talked so much negative about dipika….

    2. lgta h shristy ko bahr bhi deepika ke through hi TRP chahiye… news me bane rehne kliye kisika to use kregi hi … aisa kiya kya h deepika ne jo itni problem h use…

  23. @ Airplanes ,
    u seems to be right here by each and every word . you seemed to have different views with others here always which makes you a different viewer and analyst of the show, i m sorry for my bad words against you but i must tell you r awesome dude flowing against the river is good sometimes >..<

  24. @Anuanu I didn’t understand your comment. Like someone isn’t wala. Can you elaborate?

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