Qayamat Ki Raat 18th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri says she will go with Kalasur

Qayamat Ki Raat 18th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri says leave me. The van of kidnappers meet an accident. Gauri runs. The thugs run after her. Gauri sees a cave. Dharam and raj see the van.
Gauri comes inside a cave. Everyone is looking for her. Menakshi says to Prithvi will you still want to marry Raj to Karuna? The son is a gambler. Raj’s mom says I wont let you ruin my son’s wedding. I will make Raj marry Karuna. Karuna isn’t responsible for Vikaas’s sin.
Gauri falls down in the cave. The thugs see her. Gauri says dont’ come near me. There is a baba there. He hits all thugs and they disappear. Gauri is dazed.

Raj and Dharam are in jungle looking for Gauri. Gauri runs out of the cave. Raj sees her and hugs her. He says thank God you are fine. Who are they? I will fin and kill them. Gauri says lets go home please. He says what if something happened to you. Dharam looks at them. THey all sit in the car and go home.
Gauri comes home. Menaakshi says thank God you are fine. Vikaas says I am sorry di. Prithvi slaps him. He says I would have killed you if something happened to her. Gauri says papa please forgive him. We all make mistakes. We all deserve a second chance. We often leave people alone when they need us the most.And that person feels so alone. Raj looks at Gauri.

The woman comes to kalasur. He says how did Gauri fight so many thugs.
Karuna comes to gauri with wedding dress. She says Kalasur wants you, and I know you love Raj. If you want to see him and your family alive go with kalasur. How selfish are you. Kalasur comes to gauri. He says Gauri you have to come to me. Karuna says you ave one night to decide. Go and spend this night with your family. After today Kalasur will be yours. Gauri cries. Se says I am ready to go with him.

Gauri recalls her moments with Raj. She falls. Raj holds her. He says what happened? She says I will convince myself. I am going. He says go who is stopping you. He locks the door. Gauri comes to her room and cries. She recalls she saw a diamond. She recalls baba said tell Kalasur you will go to his world. She said what are you saying baba. He said you have to go to come back and leave him there. Once you say yes, he will be so happy that his powers will be weak. You will make him weak and I will come to kill him. He gave her a diamond and said he can’t touch you till you have it and this will bring me where he will take you. Gauri took the diamond.

Karuna says to Kalasur will you kill me once Gauri goes with you. He says no you will have to marry Raj. A dead body will marry a human. Everyone will die.
Damini comes and says get ready. She says ananiya bring Gauri here. SHe will help Karuna in getting dressed. Karuna gives her the jewelry.

Gauri comes to Kalasr. He says don’t be scared Gauri.You are mine. No one will come between us. You are mine.
Roma says bring Karuna downstairs ananiya. Dharama says in heart where is gauri? Why didn’t she tell me where she is going. Raj comes downstairs too. Karuna comes too.

Kalasur says finally my Gauri came to me. Come close to me. I will live forever. Karuna sits next to Raj. Kalasur says you will live here with me,
Precap-Gauri says to Karuna your game will end. Baba attacks Kalsur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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