She was lost as she removed the ornaments she wore. Sanskar who walked out of washroom looked at her. Walking near to the dressing table he bent placing his chin over her shoulder. Ragini who was in deep thoughts jerked initially. Then when she saw his face in the mirror in front of her the smile played on her lips.

She sighed nodding her head. “What’s bothering you wifey” her heat skipped a beat hearing that word from his voice and her body shivered as his hot breath teased her skin.

“N- Nothing” she thought for a fraction of a second before replying. “Really?” he whispered in her ear making her close her eyes. She smiled before flapping those eye lashes open. “Really” she turned to face him.

He inhaled her breath closing his eyes and she blushed when she realized her closeness effects him. He moved to her forehead kissing it lovingly. She felt content by the feeling that she was safe when he was around her. She did not needed any other comforts.

She placed her hands on his chest and inhaled his perfume. “I will wait till you speak” he looked into her eyes. “Why is that you never trust my mind?” asked she. “Because I can feel your heart” he kissed her hand. Removing the bangles he kissed her wrist and she smiled looking at him.

He took her leg in his hands and removed the heavy anklets and kissed her ankles. He picked her and walked to the bed. Gently placing her on the bed he kissed her forehead. He covered her with the quilt and she looked at him surprised.

She held his wrist while he turned stopping him. Feeling her soft hands on his wrist he turned to look at her confused eyes.

“The day had been long and I know you need rest more than anything” he patted her hand and she was dazed to find out how he understands her better than herself.

He lied on the bed beside her and she moved to place her head over his chest while he covered her in his warm and caring embrace. She smiled feeling his tightening hold over her shoulders.

She cuddled feeling utmost comfortable and complete. The feel of having him around and being in his life was something she could not define with words but just could appreciate it feeling it to its fullest.

The moon over the sky smiled looking at them and moved. Tonight it did not wanted to stop admiring these two. He wanted to just spread his light over them and feel blessed to witness them together. Stars sparkled more feeling happy looking at them together.


Anjali looked at the moon outside and a tear tripped her eye. For a strange reason Kishan felt uneasy. He has felt this uneasiness whenever Anjali had tears in her eyes. And he could feel her sadness though she was facing her back to him and he could not see her face.

She moved a bit and wiped her tears. She turned and looked at Kishan. He had closed his eyes pretending to sleep. But there was this tear drop at the edge of his eye which did not drop. But she could see it in that darkness also.


She smiled as she descended the stairs. Parinita assisted her. The Rawat mansion was decorated like a new bride. She looked at Kishan who was lost looking at her. Adarsh poked his elbow into Kishan’s stomach making him wince with pain at the same time land to the real world.

After the marriage was over they walked to their elders to take blessings. Kishan winked at her while both bent touching Annapurna’s legs who blessed them.

It was the time for reception. All were happy. Kishan and Anjali were all smiles receiving the gifts and blessings from everyone.

Adarsh who received the landline phone dropped the receiver. Everything went silent when he said what he heard from the other side of the phone.

The happiness just vaporized in the heat of the moment. Annapurna was about to fall when Kishan ran to her and prevented her from touching the ground. “Maa” he patted her cheek. Adarsh brought the water to sprinkle on her face.

Among all the kids of Annapurna Kishan had loved her the most. She was not just his mother but his life. He couldn’t even think of a moment without her. Seeing her in this state made him vulnerable and Anjali saw him broken for the first time.

Annapurna gained her consciousness back and cried a bitter cry hugging Kishan. They immediately moved to the hospital. Kishan’s watch tangled with some cloth. As he turned back he saw a girl whose face was covered with blood.

“I think she was driving on the no entry road which caused the accident” he heard the doctors talking. He looked at the doctor. It was his childhood best friend. “Karan” he walked to him releasing the cloth.

“Hey Kishan” Dr. Karan greeted him with a hug. “What are you doing here? Everything alright?” Dr. Karan was worried looking at Kishan’s state.

“It was your marriage right. I’m sorry I could not attend it as I had to come here. Believe me I was all ready then I witnessed this accident and I could not make it” Dr. Karan spoke apologetically. “That’s okay Karan. I know your professional commitments. Anyways I will meet you later in a hurry” Kishan walked from there leaving the stretcher behind. He failed to notice that small cloth piece stuck in his wrist watch. And neither the destiny let him to see it.

When he saw Sanskar on the ventilator system his heart was in his mouth. Everything seemed slipping out of his hands suddenly. She knelt in front of his mother who was broken. Placing his head on her knees he hugged her legs tightly. She did not respond. She was too numb to react.

Luckily Sanskar survived but Kumud did not. He could not even imagine what will be Sanskar’s state when he will wake up and realize that Kumud was no more.

Sanskar was back in the Rawat Mansion after getting discharge from the hospital. He always felt sad looking at his younger brother. Adarsh, Pari, Anjali, Annapurna, DP everyone tried to bring him back but failed. He was living but did not had life.

Annapurna used to believe a Pandit who was called by her as she felt some bad energy is playing with the happiness of her house.

“I had told you Annapurna. Your second daughter in law’s Guru is Bhari. She is ought to bring a bad news with her marriage. Feel lucky that none of your family member died. It could have been worst” the Pandit spoke. Adarsh rolled his eyes listening him.

“Thank you so much Pandit ji. But we believe all experience anything according their own karma not due to someone else’s bad fate” he said and the Pandit got furious. “I think you no more need my assistance to face your problems. Be happy” he walked out agitated.

“Adarsh. Is that the way to talk to Pandit Ji?” asked Annapurna annoyed. Anjali looked at her mother in law for once. From the same lady was she expecting to get back the mother’s love she lost in her childhood?

“He was speaking non sense about Anjali. And you want me to keep quite?” asked Adarsh raising his voice a bit. “Bhai” Kishan stood in front of Annapurna.

“Lower your voice” he paused looking into Adarsh’s eyes. “Please” he pressed the word making Adarsh fume.

They never had the normal sibling relationship. Adarsh always felt his mother was unusually loving Kishan more than anyone. Though Sanskar got used to it and stayed away from the family most of the time Adarsh could not help but witness it. And the pang reflected in her arguments.

Adarsh pounced holding Kishan by his collar. Today all the limits had crossed. Annapurna looked at her sons who were exchanging heated glares at each other.
“And you stay out when I’m talking to my mother” Adarsh dragged Kishan near to him. Kishan released himself out of Adarsh’s hold.

“And she is my mom too and I will not tolerate anything against her and anyone against her” he warned showing his index finger. “Adarsh Kishan” Annapurna stopped both of her sons standing in between them.

Kishan held his mother’s shoulders and walked to her room to make her rest.

He walked to his room and found Anjali removing her ornaments sitting in front of the mirror. She looked at Kishan who lied on the bed facing his back.

“I love you” she remembered his proposal four years ago. Life seemed happy whenever she thought of their life together. They had gone through a lot to make this marriage happen. But today suddenly she was feeling that it was a wrong decision.

She sat on her side of the bed and let out silent tears holding the edge of the bed. “Anji?” she heard Kishan’s voice and wiped her tears immediately. “Are you crying?” he asked raising his head a bit and looking at her back.

“No… No… Actually” she took a sharp breath inside. “Actually I am so happy” she said and looked at him. He looked at her face confused.

“I’m so happy that it all ended this way” she said wiped the skin under her chin. Kishan got up and walked to her. “Are you okay?” he asked placing his hand on her shoulder.

She moved his hand away. “I was never better” she looked into his eyes stopping those flooding emotions in her eyes.

“You don’t look like” he said looking worried. “You need not act like you care Mr. Kishan Rawat. We are in our room and nobody is watching you. Not even your mother who will get hurt looking at her son’s married life” she smiled sarcastically.

“Anjali” he spoke a bit loudly this time. “Listen I’m in no mood to argue right now. Please” he folded his hand. He walked to his side of the bed again.

“I was a fool to believe that you loved me” he stopped and turned to look at her. She was having those tears in her eyes which were battling a war. He walked to one end of the bed where they stood facing each other.

“I was a fool who believed that you loved me. But that fact is Kishan you only love your mother and you are a spineless man who could not stand by his wife but blindly follow his hypocrite mother….” before she could complete she felt a sharp pang on her cheek.

Kishan looked at her with rage. She looked up at him holding her cheek. “Thank God I realized the true face of your so called love finally” she smiled at him with tears dropping down her red eyes.

He folded his fist forming a ball. He walked to the side of his bed and lied on it facing his back. Anjali collapsed on the floor crying silently. She did not knew when she fell asleep while crying but when she woke up she was on the bed covered with the warm quilt.

They applied for divorce when the coldness between them only grew over the time. But Pari convinced her to stay in Rawat Mansion reminding of her of their old father who will be broken to see his daughter whose life was destroyed. Anjali had no courage to face her father against whose wish she had convinced him for this marriage. It was her mistake so she could not punish her father for it.

They brought a notice board to communicate with each other as they did not wanted to talk. Everyone in Raawat mansion was aware of this coldness but nobody could go ahead and mend the things between Anjali and Kishan. It just remained as the valley of broken bridge. Instead of joining the two ends everyone just crossed without realizing that the distance between them only grew.

Kishan spent more time out of the house. He used to reach home late. After reading the note which Anjali stuck informing about anything important he used to sleep on the bed beside her facing his back to her. He knew she wont sleep unless she finds him safe beside him. He knew she still loved him though it had been years that they spoke. Sanskar’s accident brought the storm in Raheja Mansion and it did not leave Rawat Mansion also.


The sun tickled her eyes peeping inside the room from the window and she welcomed the new day with her bright smile. “Good morning Sunshine” she heard his voice and her smile widened. She looked up at him. He was all smiles looking at her.

“From what time are you awake?” asked she narrowing her eye brows. “Um. Not much just 10 to 15 minutes earlier you opened your eyes” he nuzzled his nose against her making her smile.

“And you did not wake me up? Why?” she pouted and he smiled looking at her cute face. “I was lost admiring you sleep” he tucked a hair strand which dangled blocking her view. She looked at his fingers and felt his touch which made her go numb.

“Now let me go. I don’t want to take the wrath of my mother in law on my first day in my Sasural” she pushed him a bit while getting up. He tightened his grip over her shoulder.

She collapsed on his chest with a thud. “Sanki” she whined. “That’s weird name” he looked at her confused. “That’s what you are now onward Sanki” she twirled her forefinger at the side of her head signing him mad. “Oh really” he dragged her more close to himself.

She stared at his lips which had a teasing smile. She grinned at him and moved her hands over his chest and reached his weak point and started tickling him running her fingers over his stomach.

His grip loosened and he tried getting saved from her but she playfully smiled and continued tickling him until he moved away from her.

She got up from the bed and ran to washroom before he could grab her. “That’s not fair Bandariya” he screamed. She stuck her tongue out putting her head out of the door while it covered her body behind it. “Everything is fair in love and war Mr. Rawat” she closed the door when he pounced towards her.

“I will take revenge Mrs. Rawat” he leaned to the closed door. “Will see” she turned the shower on. He leaned back and looked up. How his life has changed over in few days.

He had never even imagined his life will be this easy before a month ago. He was happy that at least he could see Ragini through the videos Sahil sent and today she was his wife who was his life.

Life was really strange. The girl who made his life hell in other terms made it more beautiful than the heaven and he couldn’t have asked for more.

Finally he could spread his wings of happiness without worrying that someone will snatch them.


Parinita watched while Ragini was preparing the Kheer. She could not define her happiness finally finding Sanskar getting the love he always deserved. Ragini placed all the dishes on the dining table and looked at the table with a wide grin.

“Don’t worry nobody will eat it” Anjali stood beside Ragini. Ragini turned and looked at Anjali confused. “Here only rule applies that is Mrs Annapurna’s rule. And once she hates someone she will never change. And I’m sure she will order us to prepare something else” Anjali just arranged the food she and Parinita made.

“She is a mother Bhabhi. She cannot hate her kids” Ragini smiled. “She is the mother only to her kids Devrani Ji. We are Bahus. Correction. You are Bahus of this house not her kids” Anjali spoke with a sad smile. “Anji” Pari nodded her head. Ragini looked at her confused.

“We?” she asked confused.. “She is just trying to pull your leg Ragini don’t worry” Pari smiled at Ragini but Ragini understood that was a forced smile to hide something which was clearly visible on Anjali’s face.
Annapurna walked clearing her throat and sat in her place. Durgaprasad and all the members of the family walked to the table and sat in their respective places.

Ragini smiled at them but their expressions did not changed. She brushed her thoughts and served the food before Annapurna could resist. She rolled her eyes and looked at her plate.

Sanskar who descended the stairs holding his bag looked at Ragini who was waiting for Annapurna’s reaction. ‘I had told her to not do all this’ he nodded his head thinking in his mind.

“Are you intending to kill me on your first day itself” Annapurna screamed looking at Ragini. Ragini’s smile faded and worry covered her.

“You poured all the spices in the kitchen?” Annapurna glared Ragini and it felt like all her life was sucked out of her body with that glare.

Annapurna wiped her face with the napkin and drank the water in the glass. Ragini’s eyes had the tears which were ready to drop out.

“Um… Yummy. I haven’t eaten anything so tasty from ages. Pardon me Pari Bhabi and Anji Bhabi. But my wife makes awesome food. May be someone’s mouth ulcers are making it feel like extra spicy” all looked at the source of the sound. Sanskar smiled enjoying the food.

“What are you guys waiting for. Finish it before you regret of not tasting the best food” he signed everyone.

“I’m so full” Sanskar caressed his filled stomach. He had eaten more than he ever ate. “You don’t have desert?” he looked at Ragini while all ate the food and she was looking at him surprised. She nodded her head and served him the kheer.

“Wow this more yummy” he licked his lips wiping the extra kheer over there. He stood up and took out his purse. “Sanky. You should not give money as nek wait” said Adarsh stopping him. He walked to his room and brought a pair of Kangan and handed it to Ragini.

He caressed Ragini’s hair who took his blessing touching his feet. Adarsh stopped her and stood holding her shoulder. “In our home ladies don’t touch feet” he smiled at her blessing and she smiled at him through her tears.

Ragini smiled at Sanskar who showed her thumbs up. He side hugged her rubbing her shoulder. “When I’m there why to worry Mrs. Rawat?” he asked her kissing side of her head while she felt comfortable.

Anjali looked at them and wiped the tear at the edge of her eye. After all finished the food Anjali and Pari were placing the dishes back in the kitchen.

“Isn’t it great to look at Sanskar standing for Ragini?” Pari spoke breaking the silence. Anjali smiled weakly.

“At least someone in this house other than Papaji stands for his wife” she said lost while Kishan who was descending the stairs heard her.

Pari placed a consoling hand over her twin’s shoulder. Anjali gave her an assuring smile. “I don’t get affected anymore Jiji. I’m used to this stinging pain” Anjali looked at her sister while walking inside the kitchen.

Kishan looked at Pari who gave him a cold stare. “Bhabi” he called her and she stopped her steps. “You broke your promise to look after my sister Devar Ji and I don’t think anything is left for us to speak” she walked without turning.

Ragini who walked to that area of the house witnessed it. Kishan who turned looked at Ragini. “Welcome Sister In Law” he smiled at her and she gave him a weak smile.

He caressed her hair walking passing her. She felt it strange. His hand which touched her hair made her vision blank for a moment. Has she known him from before. She looked at his back while he walked out of the house.

She looked up to find Annapurna looking down the hall. She walked away without giving any expression. Everything looked very strange to Ragini for an unknown reason.

She stopped outside Annapurna’s room. “Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have asked for anything more” she spoke with a huge satisfactory grin.

“Take care Sahil” she disconnected the call and turned to find Ragini at the door.

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