Qayamat Ki Raat 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidahi tends to Raghav’s wound

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Qayamat Ki Raat 12th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav sees witch Sanjana calling out to him.
Vaidahi hears noise in room and sees Raghav missing from room, she sees it locked and says he must have jumped from window. She sees Raghav on road and says where are you going? She goes behind him.

In jungle, Raghav is calling to Sanjana and stops her, he says I have been calling to you. Sanjana says I am going now. Raghav holds her hand, she says you dont want me to leave? He says no I have to talk to you. Sanjana says then you will come with me where I take you? He nods. She takes his hand. He gives it to her and leaves with her.
Vaidahi searches for Raghav in jungle and says where is this person? She sees him going with someone and says Raghav? Sanjana hears it and says someone was looking for you, she hides. Vaidahi comes there and asks Raghav where is he going at night? Sanjana says Vaidahi have to leave now. Vaidahi says to Raghav that you said you would work for me, this is not done, you have to work for me. Sanjana throws her powers and make tree fall on Vaidahi but Vaidahi pulls Raghav and they both roll arm in arm away from tree. Sanjana says I did a mistake. Vaidahi’s locket falls on Raghav’s forehead, they both look in each others and recalls their past. Vaidahi gets up. Raghav says did you see what I saw? faded.. dream. Vaidahi says you are going crazy, I am done. Raghav follows her. Sanjana goes behind them. She sees a priest coming there, priest says you are still here, I have been searching you, I will kill you today. Sanjana says I will kill you today, nobody can save you. She attacks him with her powers but he uses trishul to protect himself. Priest says you will die today. Sanjana runs away from there.

Vaidahi and Raghav comes to room. Raghav says listen to me. Vaidahi says cut this crap, you think this is all joke? you did drama today, why did you leave and you were ignoring me. Raghav holds her hand and says I am not lying, trust me, I saw you and me both in dream and you were asking for help in your havali.

Priest comes to havali and says I know you are here witch, come out. Sanjana comes there and says this havali is mine and everything moves with my orders, I have more power here. Priest says I dont spare you. Sanjana ties him using her powers and says why you want to die like this? you came here to die. Priest says God’s follower has more power, you have tried to challenge me, he breaks free and ties Sanjana with her magic rope only. Priest says you will die here, he keeps throwing sacred balls on her and says your end is confirmed today and you will die, we will see a new light. Sanjana gets dizzy and says no.. Raj and Gauri cant become one, my mission will be completed.

Vaidahi says to raghav that I dont trust you. Raghav says its serious, there is something that I want you to make understand, why would I know what you are thinking? Vaidahi says you are trying to fool me. Raghav says how to make you trust me? I didnt talk to any girl. Vaidahi says I saw you talking to that girl, you got this job because I saw your designs and I liked them but you are wrong. Raghav says trust me, I am not lying. Vaidahi says enough, you are fired. Raghav glares at her and leaves.

Scene 2
Priest asks Sanjana whose names did you take? I cant kill her before that, I have to know their names. Sanjana’s boyfriend comes there and sees it. Priest tries to find names from Sanjana and asks who are they? what do you want? Boyfriend comes behind priest and takes his trishul. Sanjana grabs priest and says I told you my powers are more here, they break his trishul. Boyfriend beats priest with hunter. Priest sees Gauri and Raj’s picture and hides it. He runs from there.

Karan asks Raghav what you are saying? Raghav says she was asking for help in dream, she is too much, I will find another job, I will not work for her, she is egoistic. Karan says calm down, I never came in your dream and she came?

Sanjana calls out to Raj. Her boyfriend asks if she is fine? Sanjana says I need Vaidahi to die, kill her, finish her. She says it should look like accident as Raghav shouldnt listen to villagers and try to find truth, he leaves. Sajana says I will get Raghav when this Vaidahi dies.

In jungle, Raghav and Karan finds injured priest, they hold him. Priest shows picture to Raghav and says its you.

Vaidahi is angry. Servant (Sanjana’s boyfriend) comes there and says I came to find out if you are fine, he says I brought food for you. He puts food on table.

Raghav sees wedding photo with Gauri and says where did you find it? Priest says I found it in havali, that girl is in danger. Karan stops a car and they put priest in car. Raghav asks Karan to take him to hospital, someone needs me.

Sanjana’s boyfriend throws Vaidahi from window. She hangs from plank and asks fr help. He acts like helping her and says I cant reach out to you.
Raghav is running to Vaidahi’s hotel recalling priest’s words.

Vaidahi is about to fall from window but Raghav runs there and grabs her, he pulls her back in, she falls on him. Sanjana’s boyfriend runs from there. Raghav and Vaidahi shares eyelock. He winces in pain, she asks what happened? She gets up and asks what happened? She sees wound on his hand. Sanjana’s boyfriend comes there and says I will bring doctor. Raghav says to Vaidahi that you feel others pain too? my duty is over saving your life, I am going. She holds his hand and says I dont believe in debt, I dont take favors, I return them back. She makes him sit down and starts treating his wound. Sanjana sees it and thinks they are becoming one again.

PRECAP- Sanjana brings Raghav to old places and shows him her and his pictures. He says this is you and me? She says it was you and Gauri, Gauri that is me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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