Beauty of Heart is Love (Rivanya) SS Part 2

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Jasmine.


Rishi’s house, afternoon.

Rishi got a video call from Ritik.

Rishi attend it with excitement. Yamuna and Bultu closed all the doors and windows.

Rishi: Ritik sir, are you reached safely to Delhi?

Ritik: haan Rishi, see this is Ajitabh, he saved us from big trouble.

Rishi: trouble? What happened Ritik sir?

Ritik: i will explain it later. Registrar is waiting.

He gave mobile to Aji and take a garland from his hand. Aji is showing everything to Rishi through the video call. Ritik and Shivanya exchanged garlands. Ritik tie mangalsutra and put sindoor in Shivanya’s hairline.

Shivanya got teary eyed.Rishi applaused. Then Rivanya asked Yamuna to bless them. Yamuna blessed them. Rishi and Bultu congrats them. Then Ritik made a voice call.

Rishi: congrats.

Ritik: thank you yaar. Whether there is everything alright?

Rishi: goons damaged everything. I don’t know what is going to happen?

Ritik: you all are safe na?

Rishi: haan Rishi sir, we all are safe. What happened to you?

Ritik explained everything.


Rivanya ran to next compartment. There they happens to meet Ajitabh, a trainee police officer. He beat all the goons blue and black and hand over them to Railway police.

Aji: who are they? Why they are chasing you?

Shivanya: my dad’s goons.

Aji: now i understand, you both are lovers and your dad wish to separate you.

Both nods.

Ritik: thank you sir.

Aji: no issues brother.

Ritik: if they identify you means, you will be in big trouble.

Aji: i won’t be in trouble, i will handle them. By the way my name is Ajitabh.

Rivanya introduced themselves.

Aji: which is your destination?

Ritik: Delhi.

Aji: me too.

Ritik: then you should attend our wedding today.

Aji: for sure.


Rishi: how they smell you that you were going in train?

Ritik: leave it, Rishi. I will call you again once we reached Australia.

Rishi: ok sir.

Ritik: be safe, ok.

Rishi: i will take care sir. Bye.

Night, someone knocked the door. Yamuna went to open the door. Rishi stopped her. He went and opened the door. He is shocked to see Shivanya in bridal look with one lady.

Rishi: shivanya madam? First get inside.

Rishi locked the door.

Yamuna too shocked to see Shivanya.

Rishi: Shivanya madam what are you doing here? Where is Ritik sir?

She didn’t look at him. She struggles  to speak.

Lady: beta, you are Rishi na.

Rishi nods.

Lady: i am Shivanya’s mother. She  is Shivanya’s sister, Lavanya.

Rishi and Yamuna shocked.

– to be continued.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    Surprising that ajitabh is here naagin3 I miss happy that u r keeping him alive in all ur ffs.glad that ajitab protected rivanya from goons n supported them during teir wedding too.liked them showing their wedding to rishi ho helped them n getting blessings from Yamuna on video call.surprising that shivanya has a twin sis named lavanya n her mom brought her to rishi’s house.waiting to see which actress plays her mother n y she brought lavanya there?perfect pics

  2. Very nice story …keep it up

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