Pyar ki kasauti- ragsan- shot 4

Hi sissy’s. so here with next shot.


Ragsan were very happy as they r going to marry after 1 yr.

All was going gud. One day ragini dint reach company. Whole day sanskar was waiting for her. He called her many times. But her phone was switched off. He was feeling restless.  After few hours he got a call from unknown number.


San: hello.

Swa: hello sanskar. Ragini met with an accident. We admitted her in xyz hospital. Am calling from their only. Come fast.

Sanskar got shocked. He just ran from there without informing anyone. On way of hospital he was just praying to god.

San: god pls save ragini. Why r u doing like this with our lives.? Nothing shud happen to her.

He reached hospital and asked in reception. She said she is in OT. He left there.

Swalak were standing there crying.

San: swara, laksh wat happened to ragini? How it happened?

Swa: crying. Sanskar we were coming to company on scooty. In middle ragini told she has to buy something. we stopped near a shop. I was parking bike whereas ragini was crossing road. Suddenly don’t know from where a car hit her and went. Within a fraction of second she was in a pool of blood. Somehow with the help of people I got able to bring her here. And I called u, laksh. I informed her parents also. Till mrng they will reach Mumbai.


Sanskar fell at that place not getting anything. Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. Just ragini’s smiling face was coming infront of her. Just then doc came outside.


San: doc wat happened to my ragini? Is she safe? Tell doc.

Doc: pls have patience. Her condition is very critical. We r operating. Pls co-operate with us.

San: he was holding doc hands. Pls doc, save her, she is my llife. My everything..

Doc signs at laksh. Laksh tries to make  sanskar calm.

Lak: sanskar leav him. First let him operate ragini. Control urself sanskar.

Sanskar left his hand. Doc went inside.


Trio waiting outside waiting for doc. Laksh brings coffee for sanskar. But he was not in condition to talk also. Only ragini was in his mind. Swalak also sad and worried for both ragsan.  Doc comes outside.

Doc: where r her parents?

San: doc they live in kolkatta. Mrng they’ll b here. Pls tell us how is she?

Doc: main thing is she’s out of danger. Remaining we can tell when she’ll get conscious. And we don’t know when she’ll get conscious? Coz she got severe injured in head. So we cant say abt that. We need blood for her. Very much blood bleeded.

San: can I meet her.?

Doc: sry. U cant. Still her checkup is not done. U have to wait till she get conscious.

Swalaksan were waiting outside only. whole nite they dint move their place.

Mrng  shejan comes.

Jan: crying..sanskar, swara. Where is ragini? Wat happened to her? Take me to her.

She: control janki. Sanskar tell us where is ragini?

He tells everything to them. Janki started crying and praying to god.

After 1 hr.

Doc: she is not responding. We put her on ventilator. U can go and see.


All went inside. Ventilator was on. Many wires connected to her body. Janki faints seeing her in this condition. Sanskar’s pain cant explainable.

After 2 days she got conscious. She slowly opened eyes. saw  all r sleeping due to tiredness and crying. Only sanskar was awake. He got happy seeing her.

San: ragini. How r u? r u ok? Thank god u opened ur eyes.


She was looking at him confused. She dint said anything. Doc comes with nurse.

Doc: all of u pls go outside. We need to do some checkups .


All came out. They were happy that she got conscious.

After seeing reports doc calls all in his cabin and tells.

Doc: as she got main  injury at head.  She need time to get well. U have to take care of her. She shud not get stress on her mind. Don’t force on her anything.  Am giving u medicine details. Pls come for regular check up. After 2 days u can take her home. Keep in mind no stress for her. And she shud think much abt anything.

All nods sadly.

Jan and she to san: sankar, we will take her to kolkatta. She need some one to take care of her. So we wil b with her. Till marriage let her be with us. She’ll feel better. Tell abt her to ur parents. U can come and  meet her anytime.


They went taking ragini with them. Sanskar stood numb.

San in mind: not again god. Pls. u again separated us.

Screen splits in two. One, sanskar crying face. Other ragini seeing sanskar in half conscious.


Drop ur views frnds. Hope u liked it.

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