His Silent love – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Bonfire and kisses

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Twinkle (POV)


“IT’S THE NIGHT OF THE BONFIRE!” Chloe cheered along with Jenna. I look outside from my window which faced the beach side.

“Stop eye raping my brother” Mahi smacked the back of my head and I groaned rubbing the area. “Annoying brat”

“I’m not eyeing your lanky brother” I grumbled still staring ahead. “Lanky? I wouldn’t call that lanky” Jenna smirked pointing at a shirtless Kunj who was, in his swimming shorts, setting the lights for the bonfire tonight.

“He’s hot. Smoking hot” she wolf whistled from behind me and I smirked, “Couldn’t agree more. But sweetheart, are you actually looking at Kunj or the guy beside him?”

Jenna’s eyes widened instantly and she turned bright red, “Wh-what d-o you mean?” She hesitated fidgeting in her spot and my smirk widened.

“I mean Nat. My best friend. Aka Nathanial.” I nodded smugly and she pinched my shoulder, “Stop smirking. When’s it getting official?” I shrugged at her question frowning.

“Seriously, I have no idea” I sighed.

“But” I grinned, “You and my best friend aka Nate. You both totally have the hots for each other” I pointed at Nat laughing alongside Kunj and Yuvi.

“No” she turned a deep shade of pink chuckling nervously, “he’s cute. Not my type”

“Whatever you say” I smirked at her and she flipped me off before turning around to do her makeup. “The ship is gonna sail soonnn” I sang and she passed me a long glare smiling, “it’s not. okay”

But she was still smiling.


“I’m done with my makeup and you are still in your night clothes” I targeted my mascara at Maira’s head and it her nose making me laugh.

After half an hour of Maira fussing and throwing tantrums, we were out of the hotel room and making our way to the bonfire.

“Maira” Jenna stopped turning to glare at her, “There is a bonfire. That doesn’t mean we’ll play stupid games. Alright?”

Maira gave her best innocent smile nodding but I knew. That evil piece of shit won’t stop forcing people to play childish games.

“TWINKLEEE” Theo waved grinning at me and I smiled giving him a hug. “Hello hello”

“Hey sister. Missed me?” Yuvi wrapped an arm around me and Dhruv too making me laugh. “Okayy. So, what’s with the sudden brotherly love you both displaying?”

“Smileee” Chloe suddenly appeared with her camera clicking pictures of the three of us. “Thanks Chloe. We all know you are just stuffing your camera with my ugly of a brother”

She glared at me playfully before going towards the snack side along with Dhruv. “Theo” I smiled lacing my arm around his, “how’s it going with Ben?”

“You won’t believe” he turned to face me taking my hand in his, grinning widely, “We kissed”

I gave him a huge smile squealing silently, “That’s like a lot of progress. I’m really happy finally Ben is trying to come out of the closet” I gave him a hug and he patted my head.

“And” he smirked at me, “Did you actually have a steamy bath with Kunj in the jacuzzi yesterday?” He nudged me in the shoulder and my eyes widened making him laugh out loud.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t spy on you both. Kunj was showing off to me in the morning because he actually thinks I like you” He chuckled and I shook my head sighing.

“If you both are done displaying your undying love for each other” we both turned to look at a pissed off Kunj and I couldn’t help but let the grin take over, “Help us out”

“What crawled up his ass and died?” Theo leaned in to whisper before a placing a kiss on my cheek and wandering off the other side. Kunj still glared at the back of his head and I bit the inside of my cheeks trying to laugh at his face.

“Hi” I muttered smiling when he glanced back at me. He took a few steps towards me towering over me now. His fingers touched the place on my cheek where Theo placed a kiss and rubbed it gently.

“That piece of shit” he grumbled still rubbing the place with me smiling like an idiot at him, “Told him a thousand times don’t kiss her”

“Wouldn’t get it”

“Piece of shit. Why did he have to kiss my girl”

“I’ll kick his non existent dick…. a*sh*le…ugh”

And Kunj’s grumbling went on and on. I held his hand when he wouldn’t stop rubbing my cheek and chuckled.


Placing a hand on the back of his, I grabbed his face with other quickly giving him a kiss on the lips and pulled back.

“Hope you feel better now” I mumbled placing a kiss on his cheek and he gulped nodding. “I do”

Smiling at the blush that covered his cheek, I laced my fingers with his.

Everything feels a bit better.



I gave Maira a horrified look and Nat groaned beside me. “Maira” I glared at his hissing, “We already discussed. No more of those stupid games”

“But” she pouted leaning against Jacob, “It’s gonna be fun. There’s a huge bonfire. And then so many hot people around us. It’s gonna be fun”

“I’m out” Dhruv tried to get up but Theo and Kunj pulled him back. “Nah. If we have to suffer, you will too” Kunj patted his head and I nodded.

“Great. So, there’s no backing off. Unless you won’t answer a question or complete the dare. The punishment is to strip naked in front of everyone and dance”

I scoffed, “how mature”

“Shut up” Maira laughed, “Okay. The game is simple. Truth or dare. I’ll point out to a certain person and then it goes on”

“Jenna” Maira’s voice laced with evilness and I chuckled. “Do you like nate?”

Jenna smiled sweetly at Maira but I knew she’d strangle her later on. “The f**k is wrong with Maira?” Nat chuckled leaning in and I sighed, “Everything”

“Yeah, I do. He’s a good human being” Jenna gave Maira her trademark smirk and I clapped.

Maira rolled her eyes knowing she can’t battle with her.

“Okayy. My turn” Jenna rubbed her hands together looking around and turned to me.

Oh no.

“Theo” I sighed in relief when she called out his name, “Kiss someone sitting in this circle”

I gulped well aware of the fact that Ben was sitting right across from us. His eyes darting back and forth between Theo and I.

My eyes snapped towards Kunj who was sitting next to me and he looked at me sideways.

Cheered erupted when Theo stood up from his spot sighing.

“Don’t come closer to her else I’ll shove your ass up in this bonfire” Kunj chanted over and over under his breath and I couldn’t help but gawk crazily.

“He won’t kiss me” I mumbled placing a hand on his thigh. “Why? Are you blind? He’s coming-“

Kunj’s words dried in his mouth the moment I forced him to look ahead. Theo bent down to kiss Ben. On the lips.

“f**k. It’s finally happening” Nat squealed from beside me and I grinned trying to hold back my excitement.

But the look on Kunj’s face was surprising.

He wasn’t shocked. Like most of the others around us. He was angry.

He clenched his fists glaring at them and got up seething in anger. Nobody noticed since everyone was busy aweing over Theo and Ben. “I’ll go after him” I nodded to nat and he gave me a thumbs up.

“Kunj. Stop” I shouted after him trying to pass teenagers over teenagers. Kunj took long strides and I basically ran after him panting like a hyena.

We reached a point where I could hear the faint music from the bonfire and there was no one around. Kunj slumped against a huge rock staring ahead at the water.

I sat next to him in silence waiting for him to speak if he wanted.

Minutes passed and we both stared ahead at the water. Kunj didn’t say a single word except for clenching and unclenching his fists and running a hand through his hair.

“You knew”

I gulped mustering up the courage to speak. “I did” I nodded fidgeting under his hard gaze and he blew out a bitter laugh. “Wow. So, my family and friends tend to share your secrets with you now”

“You don’t have to be an a*sh*le” I glared at him, “You are the one who’d shut everyone out. And Theo didn’t tell me. I cared enough to notice it myself”

“Of course. Of course, I’m the bad guy here. Always the problem” he muttered and I rolled my eyes. “Don’t make it so dramatic. He’d would let you know about this eventually”

“Or maybe not”

“Ben is my best friend. He still hasn’t told anyone apart from Maira. People need time, Kunj. You can’t force them to come out of the closet”

“How much time do you need then?” He added bitterly. “How much more?”

“What are you on about?” I ask in disbelief. “You are the only who’s always pushing me away” my voice rose in anger and he scoffed.

“Yup. always the bad guy”

“No seriously” I held his collar making him face me, “What’s your problem. What are you on about?”

He took a deep breath sighing, “Nothing. I don’t care and you shouldn’t too” I raised an eyebrow at him pulled him closer by the collar, “How can you so easily say that I don’t care?”

“I don’t know” he muttered staring right into my eyes. His eyes twinkled in amusement.

“Now you don’t know, huh” I was mad. Extremely mad at him. My hands were trembling as I grabbed the back of his hair and kissed him.

I kissed him hard. Way too hard. And so did he. He leaned back against the rock and picking me up so I sit on his lap.

“I’m really mad at you” I grumbled pulling away and he hummed kissing my jawline. “You are an annoying piece of huge shit. An a*sh*le-f**k” I moaned when he kissed the center of my throat.

He chuckled deeply mumbling, “you were saying..”

“T-that yo-you” I whispered when he his hands crept inside my shirt cupping my waist. “Mhm go on. Say it” he mumbled capturing my lips again.

I took a deep breath smirking once his lips left mine. Leaning forward, I trailed kisses against his cheek and jawline and held his ear lobe in between my lips.

Moving down, I rest my lips against his collarbone sighing. “I love you”

I let the words slip out meaning it.

“I love you, Kunj” I murmur and his body stiffened under me. His hands froze stroking my hair and I could hear him gulp loudly. “And I mean it”

I gathered up the courage to level my eyes with his. His trembling hand stroked my cheek and I sighed happily, “Please, don’t push me away this time”

I couldn’t care less at how vulnerable I sounded. I just needed him to know that. To know how I felt.

“I love you more, Twinkle” he whispered, his lips kissing my forehead, “And I mean it. And I always will till the time you decide to stay. And I still will even after you’d leave me”

I smile. Then it turns into a huge grin before I’m chuckling looking up at the sky.

“Thank you” I whisper back kissing his forehead. “You mean a lot to let go”

He grinned, “I see. You have a way with words” I shrugged at him smiling, “Learnt from the best”



“You will do this. Trust me and yourself” Twinkle gave me an encouraging smile and I nodded slightly. “Thank you. I’ll update you after I sort out things with him”

She nods taking my hand giving it a tight squeeze, “Theo is really understanding. Don’t worry, you’d do great”

How I loved this girl to death.

“I know,” I mumbled capturing her lips in a quick kiss which always comes as a surprise to her and I smile, “Sleep well, love”

“You too” she breathes out flustered and I chuckle. “I mean.. have a good conversation. f**k. Whatever, goodnight”

She hurriedly goes inside her hotel room and I grin shaking my head.

Going inside the room, I found Theo curled up against the balcony door outside and silently joined him.

“Hey buddy”


“Okayy. Let’s cut the sappy crap. I over reacted. Hell, I really over reacted I know” I started and he was about to say something but I stopped him.

“Just hear me out, okay?”

He nodded and I licked my lips breathing in, “I didn’t knew what over took me that moment. The truth that you are into boys or the truth that I, despite being your best friend, didn’t know about it”

He closed his eyes shut.

“Yes, it’s hard for you and Ben. And I won’t say I’m not hurt that you hid this from me. But just that I was always there for you,buddy. And I always will be”

“And it’s okay. I’m sorry, Theo”

“Dude, Twinkle’s done sappy magic over you. Relax” he chuckled opening his eyes and patted my head. “We are good. Don’t worry”

I grinned hugging me and he laughed.

“So, how good is the s*x?” I wiggled my eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes laughing. “Hot”

“Jokes apart. How did he reacted to you kissing him suddenly?” And then a small smile formed on his lips. “He’s…happy. He’s my… boyfriend now”

I grinned, “Awesome. Now everyone is taken besides poor Nat”

He laughed along but then abruptly stopped, “Wait what? Since when did you…”

“Me and Twinkle” I said in a duh tone.

“Did you ask her to be your girlfriend?” He raised an eyebrow at him and I frowned immediately. “No…”

“Mhmm sure”

“I forgot” I smacked a hand against my forehead grinning.

“It’s okay. There’s always a next time unless I start liking her back” he smiles mischievously at me and I hit him hard. “And yes. We both have a lot to talk about you making me jealous with Twinkle”


“Good morning, beautiful” I levelled down to sit on the round next to Twinkle’s bed and she stirred around groaning under her breath. “Maira, I swear I’ll skin you alive if you try waking me up..”

She opened her eyes and screamed abruptly suddenly moving around. She tangled herself in the sheets and landed on top of me.

“Hello to you too, sunshine” I grumbled smiling and she hurriedly stood away. “What a good way to say good morning to your only boyfriend”

“You just.. boyfriend?” She looked at me quizzically and I nodded pointing to myself, “Yup, boyfriend. Kunj Sarna. Me”

“Woah Woah” she held her hands up, “When did you ask me out?” She crosses her arms over her chest and my eyes immediately snapped towards her cleavage.

“Eyes up here” she snapped and I shook my head ignoring the fastening of my heart beat.

And stupid stupid stupid hormones.

I regained my composure giving her a loopsided grin, “You’d be mine anyway. Wether I ask you out or not” I held her hand pulling her slightly close and she blinked.

“You can’t force me” She says in a firm tone and I shrugged, “No one’s forcing you, sweetheart”

I leaned in to whisper in her ear, “We all know this heart here,” I placed a hand against her chest near her heart which was beating unbelievably fast, “is at this rate. Only for me”

I pulled back smiling at the blush creeping down her neck and cheeks. Turning around, I gave Maira a cocky smile who rolled her eyes.

“Oh. And the buss leaves in 5 minutes for the camp” I called out and shuffling could be heard behind me.



Stupid stupid stupid Kunj.

Hurriedly, I wore my denims and a black top over it putting over my denim jacket. “Hurry up” Maira called and I quickly grabbed my small bag pack which had the essentials for the camp we were about to go tonight.

Grabbing some snacks from the vending machine, since we all were clearly late we rushed towards the buses.

“Oh! The princesses are here” Yuvi mocked just as we entered the bus and Jenna threw a banana at his head and I laughed shaking my head. I was about to look around for Kunj when a hand suddenly pulled me down and I landed on the seat.

“Morning, sunshine” Kunj whispered near my ear and I caught my breath sighing, “You scared me. Again”

He snickered quietly and I turned to face him, “Sleepy?” He questions and I shook my head. But at that moment, a yawn escaped my mouth and we both chuckled at the same time.

“My shoulder is always ready to bear the burden of your huge head, sweetheart” he gave me a dazzling smile and I shook my head giving him a grin, “Why, thank you, Sir. Your polite words surely take my breath away”

He shrugged taking my head and lacing our fingers towards. Bringing my hand to his lips, he left a kiss there and leaned back on the seat. “Go to sleep. It’s a long way to the camp

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