Pyaara Dushman-FF (Twinj, Rivanya, Kaira) ~ #2

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Hi guys awatif here, with the second part of my ff,thank u thank u thank u so so so much guys for appreciating my ff ,I know I am not a good writer but still I tried to make it a best level and priya di ???? this kisses for U my jaan and thank u so much again to others who commented. So let’s go with the episode
Location:St.xavier College
Three car comes and stop at the same place,from car one 3 people come out its Taneja’s siblings,then from second car Sarna’s siblings come out,then from third car Luthra’s come out
Shivanya hugs everyone except Luthra’s then sees rithik both have a small,painful eyelock but both show tashan to each other then twinkle sees kunj and gives him death glare and naira to kartik mahi looks at uv with love and shesha to ritik and gayu to kartik,just then shesha goes to ritik and tells him come let’s go we all r getting late all bid bye to each other
Twinkle and mahi r studing civil engineer so they go together, kunj and kartik r studying business managment so they r together,naira,gayu and uv r studying Chartered Accountants so they r together.they all go then Rivanyasha(ritik,shesha,shivanya)go for a buisness meeting, twinkle is running in corridor then she bumps into someone and both of them fall they see each other and get angry both getup and glare each other Tw:oye ollu ke patteh kunj akhe hai ya ande dekta nahi kya
(Hey kunj it’s eyes or an egg can’t u see)
K:oye dimag ki dahi tu apne app ku samajti Kay hai Han tu bhi tu dekh ke chal sakti hain na ,aur vese bhi mein appna time waste kyun kar raha hon mera waqt kimti hai
(Hey yogurt of brain , what do u think of your self and u can also see na, anyway why am I wasting my time cuz my time is precious)
Twinkle got angry and said: oye sare hoe kaddu appna Mu band kar, pata nahi kaha se Aja te hai log
(Hey u dirty pumpkin,shut your mouth,don’t know from where people come)
The people in college gave no heed to them cuz it’s like there daily routine,after sometime mahi and kartik came and sperated them and went home

Scene-2 Malhotra industries
Rithik,shivanya and shesha reach there and go for a meeting ,after sometime they come out
Mr.malhotra:so u guys have a sit and I will come after a while.and ha goes from there
Shivanya goes to canteen to have food and was about to go and sit but a stuff comes there and flirts with her but she ignores and was about to go but he forcefully tries to take here from there
Just then ritik comes there and beats him black and blue then shouts while beating that How dare u touch my shivanya? Ha don’t u dare touch her,Listening this shivanya smiles and a bit and shesha who was consoling shivu turned sad (guys no one knows about shesha’s feelings)
Then Mr Malhotra comes and asks forgiveness from shivu and fires the guy and tells him that the deal is finalized and they have to work together.then everyone goes home
Precap:rivanya romance, twinj moments
Hope u guys like it and if not plz comment why and comment +ve and -ve
And guys I want your suggestions
1)should I replace kaira with shivika aur tanshi?
2)should I remove kaira and gayu
3)Or else u guys suggest me a couple
Plz do comment and have a nice week
Love you guys ❣❣❣

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  1. SidMin23

    It was nice sorry to said but from those couple I only know SidMin if possible try to make it only on SidMin no new couple if it will be possiblefor u as u know I only know SidMin from them Overal love twinj moment.

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u and get it,but these actually for rivanya and twinj and kaira are just a supporting character here so hope u don’t mind and I will try my best to make at more as a twinj ff

  2. Fenil

    Nice work
    no,kaira is perfect….

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u and get it,but these actually for rivanya and twinj and kaira are just a supporting character here so hope u don’t mind and I will try my best to make at more as a twinj ff

      1. Fenil

        oky …no prob dear.

    2. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u. Don’t mind but kaira is just a supporting role

  3. Vinni05

    NYC one keep kaira

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u and ok I will keep kaira

  4. Awatif
    Nice one cute loved twinj tashan
    N u know even I’m also civil engineer means not completely I’m doing civil engineering
    Loved it
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u ramya di glad u liked it and I hope u r successful in ur studies and job?

  5. RUTU.....

    Nice episode dear you are really an amazing writer but I only love twinj so if possible please make it only twinj ff or show more twinj seen ?????keep smiling ?????

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u for the appreciation and I will try my level best to give more twinj scene?

  6. Presha

    Hey axbit late but tepisode is
    awesome loved it

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u❤️

  7. Awwwww, my lovely lill cuteiii baby ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ My cuteiii baby Thank u 4 ur delicious kises ????? Apto hamari baby si jaan ho na ??? isliye apko bhi bhtttt sare lovely lovely kissi kissi ??????? And apki writing bhtttt hi pyala pyala hai bilkul apki tarah,????????? I LOVE it very much,❤❤❤❤❤ And I love it the way u will write,?? So carry-on baby ???
    But but I LOVE ONLY MY TWINJ ?? and only love to read twinj story and no 1 else pair ?? but u can give only Twinj and Yuhi’s pair Coz i love yuhi also ??
    But if u want u can add kaira also coz I can see kaira’s fan here and they want to read it ?? so, decision is ur,??I won’t force u, fully freedom ??? coz mera baby jo likhe ga very gud likhega ??? but if u like my idea then u can use it, I’ll be glad ??
    OK sry 4 make u bore ??
    Plzzzzzzz Post soon, I will be waiting 4 ur next update ?????
    LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤
    My Cuteiiiii Babyiiiii ????

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Hi Priya di?? ur welcome and yes mein apko baby si Jaan ho and thnx for the kisses? And writing ?????I know u only love twinj and if u want u can skip other couples part do it will be a twinj ff for u and Yuhi ki tho love story shuru hi nahi hui abhi time hai ?? and yes even I can see many kaira fans here and I don’t want to break there heart so kaira is there.i always wait for your comment and love u too ???

  8. SidMin

    Awesome….. Loved it the episode was ful full of Tashan…. I really enjoyed it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Love you post soon ?

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u sidmin glad u liked it ?? and I will post soon ❣❣❣❣

  9. Sohi

    The episode was good
    Remove Kaira and add shivika
    Do continue

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u sohi i have decided that I will not remove kaira cuz there r many readers who want who want kaira so sorry

  10. nice epi awatif…yrr it was fab and u should remove kaira plzzz don’t mind and add mehbeer(mehar and abeer) or shivika….

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u abeeda and ok ur wish will be fullfilled

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey awathif,
    good going… cute Twinj movements. and I only love twinj, I like shivanya too but kaira, I don’t watch that serial so I don’t want kaira… but decision depends on u and instead of kaira u can shivika because I like them too… so…

    with love,

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Hey tamanna, thank u same here even I don’t watch yrkkh but I liked there pairing and chemistry so I added them ur wish wish will also be fufilled?

  12. It was nice…….. don’t remove kaira or gayu but u can add tanshi…..??

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank u riya k I will not remove kaira and gayu and add tanshi

  13. I want kaira not to be replaced but also want tanshi to come
    can this happen plzzzz

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Such a lovely update dear!!! Just fabulous

    1. Awatif_Rahman

      Thank you dear glad u liked it

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