Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 18)

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# dance academic .

Om was about to enter the hall room ….when he heard lovely asking ishana something .

Lovely – ishana can I ask u something ??

Ishana – aree y r u taking permission …..bol.

Lovely – do u love anyone ??

#Ishana was stumped at her questions#

Ishana – Lovely y r u asking so ?

Lovely -just like that …… bolo Na angel.??

Ishana – no angel .

Other side om was feeling happy that ishana don’t love anyone .

Lovely – angel u know what …….???

Ishana – what ?

Lovely – I am in love .

Ishana – what….. seriously Lovely .

Lovely – ya .

Ishana – kon hai.

Lovely – u know him angel very well .

Ishana – do I ?

Lovely – hmmmmmmmm ……he is omkara .

Ishana – who was reading the documents ….. suddenly slipped from her hands .

Lovely – aree ishana …….kya kiya ….wait I will pick it up .

Unknowingly ishana tear was flowing …..she was feeling lot of pain in her heart……and dis all reaction was noticed by om.

Om entered .
Om – Lovely stop pulling leg .
Lovely who was shocked to see omkara there .

Lovely – u here !!….who .???

Om – I followed u .

Ishana -with a casual tone hello omkara … hws u ??

Om – who was little angry on ishana as she left him without even saying bye .. and acting like a stranger.

Lovely-( to herself ) chal Lovely ab Tera koi kaam nahi .

Lovely left .
Now it’s just om and ishana ( ishkara)

Om walked towards ishana .

Om – ishana y u left that day ??

Ishana – which day om …..and what r u saying…….she was acting like she don’t know anything.
Om -which day!!!!!? Really ishana …… not act smart with me ………and just ans my question.

Ishana – om vo vo vo …
Om ,- kya vo?
Ishana – I have some urgent work that’s y.

Om – urgent work oh really ….. chalo maan kiya ……but u can visit me next day …or u can call me …..but no calls and no visit .?????

Ishana was now totally frustrated so she shouted .

Ishana -y should I visit u or call u ….
..who r u to me ….????

Om – that I don’t know ishana ….that what u feel for me ….but for me u r my life now .

Ishana – who was looking down…. lifted her face to look om .

Om – yes ishana I love u ……
I don’t know how ,when,where it happened but the truth is I love u .

Ishana was looking om with full of tear in her eyes .

Om – Ishana bolo kuch kya hua .

Ishana was standing no response no emotion just standing.

Ishana – Mr omkara oberoi ….what r u saying I can’t understand ….. and plzzz I just helped u for humanity …… don’t give it the name of love .

Om – ishana I really love u ….the day I first saw u ……..I felt something connected to u……and even u lies my heart was not accepting that u r at fault .

Ishana – but I do t love u .

To be continued….

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  1. Akshaya

    Wow awesome episode dear

  2. Yashu


  3. MahiraKhan

    Ishaana rejected omkara???

    Dont worry om …. i will accept you??

  4. Shivika


  5. Jaya

    I think…Om should have waited a bit before speaking heart out. That was not right time.


    Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really liked om’s confession and yeah please do read the 5 th part of my FF and yeah post the next part soon.

  7. Superb episode…

  8. Kavya347

    Hey Ruhi, again an awesome epic by you. Lovely being a cupid in Ishkara love-story, that was cute. And Om confessed so soon, wow yaar. Loved his way to confess love. ???And hawahawai Miss Ishana rejected him!!!!???That’s a great twist. Waiting to see how Om will convince his ladylove. It’s superb. Loved it a lot

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