Pyaar (Ragsan) Pt 13 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Sanskar was made to sit with other guests

Avi and Raj reach with Ragini’s siblings Riya and Raunak

Riya:avni didi,would the guest like my dance? Would i get the prize?
Avni:why not? This Cinderella will definitely will definitely get!

Raj:come on come on.. Its already late

They all goes in…

And soon the programmes starts

Ragini’s siblings performs
Ragini and avni were standing in the back stage
Ragini failed to notice sanskar who was sitting straight opposite to her

And during the results

Ragini gets call

She moves out by excusing herself

While laksh to avni:do you know who is the guest?
Avni:there was some minister right
Laksh:yes, but the other one is Sanskar Maheshwari
Avni looks shocked
Laksh smiles:see you also shocked, this top businessman how did he managed to come to the school function that too to Bangalore!! That’s what surprising me

Avni looks at the place where guests sat
She was shocked to see Sanskar
Laksh pats her:where are you lost?
Raj:what’s going on between you two?
Laksh:she is surprisingly shocked to find Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari here
Raj:haan, it’s a surprise only!

Avni:excuse me!!
She goes

Raj found her behaviour weird

Avni goes in search of Ragini

When she sees Sanskar talking with someone

She immediately turns and sees Ragini

Avni:Ragoo, let’s go, i am not feeling well!
Ragini:what you were all fine few minutes back, now what happened?

At the time Raj and laksh comes

Raj:what happened girls?
Ragini :woh bhaai, avni is not well
Raj worried:what happened avni, come let’s go to doctor, what are we waiting for, let us go to hospital?
Raglak were controlling their laughter!

Avni was worried behind there’s sanskar
Ragini:yes bhai, i think you should take her to the hospital
Avni:no Ragini you come
Laksh:no avni… I and Ragini having work
Avni :but
Raj:no buts and ifs ani come…

He drags her
Avi turns and sees and sanskar wasn’t there

While Raglak hifies
Laksh :partner, what do you think?
Ragini :i think something may proceed, partner?

Here avni herself:damn, what will i do now?if Ragini sees him she would be hurt!
Raj:avni, are you ok?
Raj:what happened? Avni, is there anything that you are hiding from….
Avni interrupt :no

Raj:wait, i will bring water for you

He goes

Avni:what to do now?

She turns and sees sanskar!

Sanskar smiles :avni, after 8 long years, how are you?
Avni:oh excuse me who are you? (sanskar looks at her) oh haan you are Sanskar The backstabber, and yes till now i was good but now i can’t say!
Sanskar:avni, i am really sorry

Avni:sorry? Do you think everything will be fixed by your this one sorry!
Sanskar:i know, but please give me a chance to rectify it!
Avni:if you have did it without knowing, may be i would have forgiven you but you knew everything, you plotted against Ragini, and i still regret to support you thinking as a friend! (she sees Raj coming) and please i request you don’t cross Ragini’s path!!

Sanskar:avni, please try…

Raj comes :avni
He looks at sanskar and passes a smile
Raj:any problem?
Avni plasters a smile :no Raj, he was asking the route to dean’s office!
Raj:oh!! Let’s go..

They goes

Avni’s each and every words rings in his ears!!
In these 8 years there was no single moment that he found happiness, but remembered those times when he was with Avni and….. Ragini, his love!

Here Ragini’s siblings were celebrating their victory as they won the competition!

Ragini:laksh, i have to go to meet the clients to mangalore!
Laksh:should i accompany you?
Ragini:no but take them home and i will go from here!

And laksh nods and takes her siblings
He drops her to bus stand and he leaves

When she sits in bus..
Soon there clash occurs

Everybody ask them, later got to know due to some salary issues driver’s are strike!

She goes :oh no this day!
She remember Sanskar’s call

Ragini herself:no, no i should nit think about him

She was waiting for some taxi

But she isn’t getting the one!
And it starts to rain

When a car stops infront of her
And the person gets down the car

Ragini was shocked to find sanskar!


She starts to move

Sanskar:Ragini listen.. I know you are waiting for taxi, i will drop you

Ragini was shocked :how you knew all this?

Sanskar :let’s talk it later! Come

Ragini was feeling cold and also it was raining heavily

Sanskar:Ragini you are getting wet.
She doesn’t listen to him

He held her wrist and drags her to the car

While she struggles in his hold

Sanskar:think me as a stranger, you yourself know it’s hard to get a taxi, and a road broke in a way so!
Ragini sits in the car

Later he too sits and drives

There was a pin drop silence in the car!

Sanskar:where are you going?

Ragini sees rikshaw stop:stop here, i will go by myself

Sanskar:i am asking you where you are going?
Ragini:that’s none of your business..

Sanskar stops the car
Ragini gets down the car

Ragini asks about any vehicle to mangalore

Sanskar:i am moving to Mangalore
Ragini ignores him

A man:no sister, here there isn’t any vehicle to mangalore and here people are stuck, due to the rain road broke

Ragini:there is no other vehicle

Man:we should ask lift then only we can…

Sanskar smiles listening it

Ragini looks at him, sanskar was looking all around but not her

Ragini annoyed :total filmy!

Sanskar:i am going to mangalore, you can join me if you wish!

Ragini in stern tone:no thanks i will manage!

She moves from there!

Sanskar smiles:even after these years, you have not changed, you are the same Ragini!

To be continued…

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