Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan packs his bag, tells Preet not to think about yesterday night as it was their mistake and leaves. While driving car, he reminisces Preet’s love and concern for him.. Ya rabba dede koi jaan bhi agar….song.. Preet is still in a shock and thinks why did Ishan reacted like that.

Sana calls Ishan and says she needs to disccus about Baba’s plan on the way to Delhi. He sits silently. She says Preet must be around and he must be traveling with him. He shouts why she drags Preet always and disconnects call. He sees something on bridge and diverts his car.

Bilal and Trisha call matrimonial candidates and asks them to exchange their profiles. Parents check profile and accept alliance. Bilal says it is good they accepted each other. Trisha says they should interrogate each other first and questions boy. Boy lies. She says she doubted him, so verified his details and found it fake. Bilal scolds boy and his parents for lying and thanks Trisha for interrogating candidate well.

Preet travels in car and sees Ishan’s car down the bridge met with an accident and police around it. She rushes down and tells inspector car is her husband Ishan’s. Inspector says she cannot go near. She pleads to let her go. Shergill comes and tries to console her. Constable says there is a deadbody. Preet runs and checks and does not find Ishan. She cries that she should not have fought with him and now wants to apologize him, badi maa says she is nothing without Ishan and it is true.

Bade papa and badi maa get worried for Ishan and Preet and try to call them, but their numbers are not reachable. Sid comes down wearing blazer and holding bag and greets them good morning. They both get happy seeing him changed and asks how come he got ready in early morning. Sid says he wants to change himself and learn business and help family. Bade papa asks what about his stand up comedy. He says he will later, but now will help family. Bade papa says Ishan will teach him business.

Lady comes running and tells inspector that her children’s bus met with an accident and she needs to see them. Ishan comes carrying children, injured. Preet gets happy seeing him, runs and hugs him.

Precap: Preet tells Ishan that they should solve their marital issues themselves and should not disturb family.

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  1. Phew the dead body is not of Ishan is of someone else . I m already starting to miss Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do. And I m happy to see that Shergill understood the true love of Ishpreet. I think he may be the one who may tell Ishan about his actual truth . I hope Sana n Shergill also becomes a couple like Ishpreet 😛 as Sana is actually good and concerned for Ishan. Whenever a show goes off-air my mom says yes nothing to show it’s good show is getting off air but when she got to know that Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do is going off air she said that this show should have run for few more weeks and is one of the best current show. Infact, my mom’s fav show is Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do an she never misses a single episode after she started watching it. Even Its one of my fav show.

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Very emotional episode….
    Ishan dont be so confuse, when you love preet, usse dur mat jaao….

  3. Preeto and Ishan are awesome couple and Ishan should have left with preet and this shergill should not come between them

  4. Y sony tv don’t give importance to gud concepts after balh pkhjd is d best in sony d story is entirely diff from others actually i am from tamilnadu i don’t hindi but i am a big fan of ishanpreet

  5. Shraddha Sharma

    Update 11 jan episode …..

  6. Where is 11th January 2015 written episode?

  7. 11th Jan Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do update:
    Episode begins with Preet telling Ishan that he’s okay and she won’t have lived without him. Ishan looks at Shergill and then angrily leaves from there injuired. Shergill tries to talk with Preet, but Preet scolds him by saying that he’s responsible for the rift between her and Ishan and tells him not to meet her anymore. On the other hand, Ishan is applying bandage by himself and thinks that he should control himself and not fall for Preet and stay far from her . On the other hand Preet comes to the room and Ishan acts mean to her and say that she no need to worry for him and whatever happened between them was wrong. Later when they reached back their home, Ishan tells Preet that the family members should not know about whatever happened between them yesterday , Preet says he thinks she will involve family members it’s their matter why family should be involved later they went into the house Badi Maa ask Ishan so ur back but how u got injuired? Ishan says nothing happened . And then Badi papa informs Ishan that sid is joining their business and then Trisha said she dropped te kids to school and kuku had to go as his mom is sick. After that Ishan says he will attend meeting . Badi Maa says no meeting as n Ishan n Preet must be tired and they should rest. Ishan denies. Later Badi Maa realizes Preet is Preet’s room Badi Maa asks Preet if everthing is alright? Preet tries to act normal and say everything is ok

    Sid, Badi papa and Ishan talks about the deal when Badi papa says the the date is 26 Jan, Ishan gets shocked and he reminisces Baba telling him about 26 jan where they will carry their mission and Ishan’s reality will be revealed. Ishan thinks he should make sure the family doesn’t suffer after he’s gone when he will get to know about his an agent from neighbouring countries. Sana calls Ishan and tells him to meet as Rizwan not Ishan putting aside all his family problems. Ishan says they took care and say he face lot of problems and talks about his concern for Preet. Sana understands n apologizes to him n say she just wanted to say to meet her. Ishan says he was angry about what happened between him and Preet there. Preet overhears him and says she needs to talk to him.
    Preet closes the door n says family shouldn’t know about what we r talking n say yesterday whatever happened is a small thing for u? And she continues. And Ishan breathes a sign of relief and says that luckily Preet didn’t get to know about the truth and says he have to finish all this so that Preet doesn’t get attached to him.

    Ishan and Preet continues and say why u r doing like that? Ishan says he loves Megha even though she died and he loves her a lot and can’t live without her and is the mother of his child. He says they were friends n whatever happened yesterday we r not friends anymore and just Kavya’s parent and leaves from there angrily. Both Ishan and Preet cries and Layi Ve ne Gaye from movie Chalte Chalte plays and Preet sees a locket Ishan gave her and remembers their moments and fight with Ishan and both continues to cry in seperate places
    Precap:(missed te precap sorry )

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