Sumit Sambhal Lega 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home and seeing it all messy. Maya says kids disturbed in supermarket and complains about kids. He asks did she make cutlet today. She says nothing, she could not buy anything. He says you want someone to help you, not me, my hands are already tied. He checks cricket scores. She says I was thinking to keep a helper. He agrees. Maya hires the helper Chanda and is glad seeing her nice work. Chanda manages the kids very well. Maya gets glad.

Sumit comes home and asks who is she. Maya says she is Chanda, our new helper. Chanda takes the kids. Sumit asks how did she keep it. Maya says I told you yesterday, now we have no tension. He says mummy ji has allergy with helpers. She says I need Chanda, see how she kept home clean and managing kids. Sumit asks does she remember Dolly’s taunts. Maya says I will explain Dolly, its not a big deal. She says we have much time, we can go out, meet friends and spend time together. Sumit says yes, I agree, tell Dolly that Chanda is your relative, and she came here to learn stitching. Maya says no need, just relax.

Sumit asks shall we go out. Maya says no, Chanda will leave. Chanda says no, you guys go, I will stay. Sumit and Maya rush for dinner leaving kids with Chanda. Dolly opens the door and stops them. Maya says we were thinking to go and have food. Dolly says I made Rajma and kheer, so came to ask you. Sumit tells this is Maya’s relative. Maya says she is our helper Chanda. Dolly says I know work is more, but we don’t leave kids with strangers, kids should be with family, this is time to spend with kids, then kids don’t have time for us.

Sumit asks Chanda to leave, and gives her money. Chanda asks tomorrow? Sumit says no, take care, bye… Chanda leaves. Dolly says she looked nice girl. Maya says I get free time when Chanda was here. Dolly says I will take care of kids, you guys go. Maya says I don’t want to disturb you. Maya says you have a life too. Dolly thanks Maya and hugs her for thinking about her. She says you really understand me. Maya says I know your thinking is strict, but heart is very soft. Sumit asks can we keep Chanda. Rajneesh comes and tells about Rajma. Dolly and Rajneesh run to see stove.

Its morning, Chanda takes care of Aaliya and Avi. Maya asks who will hug her first. The kids don’t give attention to Maya. Aaliya says we don’t want mumma, we want Chanda. Maya gets upset. Its night, Sumit comes to romance Maya and sprays perfume. Maya sits sad. Sumit says kids have slept, Chanda makes the kids tired, she is perfect helper. He acts romantic with Maya. Maya says I m thinking to fire Chanda from work. He asks what, I did not see her, I promise. She says don’t joke, I feel kids should not be left with strangers, kids should be with family. He says you wanted a helper, now thank Lord, you got time to apply nail polish because of her, if you want us to live our old life, then.. She says this is age to enjoy with kids. He asks what about my age, when will I enjoy. She says we will leave kids with Dolly. Sumit says nice idea and flirts.

Its morning, Maya tells Dolly that she will come from shopping soon. Dolly says Chanda left soon. Maya thanks Dolly. Dolly says why thanks, I like to be with kids, no need to apologize. Maya says I m sorry. Dolly hugs her and says you felt bad, this is enough for me. Aaliya asks when will Chanda come. Maya says Dolly will take care. Dolly scares Aaliya. Aaliya hugs Maya and says I will come with you. Maya says I love you baby, take care of Dolly. She leaves. Its night, Dolly and Jasbir mess Sumit’s home. Maya asks Dolly what happened to her. Dolly says she was running with kids and fell. Maya says sorry, shall I help. Jasbir says teach her dieting, see her weight. Dolly asks him to see mirror.

Rajneesh says he has come, he got food, we will go and have food. Dolly argues with Jasbir and leaves. Rajneesh asks Sumit did he finish shopping, did he see this. Maya feels guilty. Maya cries. Sumit says its not your mistake, stop crying. She says she fired Chanda as kids were liking her and got Dolly. He says what, so what you look better than Dolly, great Komolika, you are very clever. She says mum got hurt. He says don’t worry, she is strong, she will be fine, but why are you competing with a helper, kids will love you, they call me useless. He says your job is full time job, its your right to get free time. She thanks and hugs him. She asks what about our free time, we don’t have Chanda. He says we will call her. She says I told Chanda to find a new job. He asks what, call her. Maya gets the number. He calls Chanda and says its busy tone. She asks what will we do now.

Sumit goes to Gupta’s house to meet Chanda. He gives her sweets and thanks her. He says Maya and kids are missing you, Avi is so sad. She says Maya told me.. He says Maya is mad, leave her, come back Chanda. Sumit says he will pay more salary, Gupta does not care for you, if he gets any cheaper helper, he will fire you. Gupta’s daughter calls Chanda. Sumit scolds her. He says Chanda you will get anything, free food, bonus. Gupta and his wife come there and ask Sumit what is he doing here, he should go home. Sumit asks why, its free country. Gupta says Chanda go inside the house and locks the door. He returns the sweets to Sumit and cancels Sumit’s parking. Sumit gets angry and throws sweets, giving one week holiday to Bangkok free to Chanda, asking her to come back. Dolly runs and plays with kids. She gets tired. Maya and Sumit come home and see them. They smile seeing Dolly managing kids well.

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    From today no repeat telecast of the show…. missing very much???
    New season jaldi dikhao…

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    From today (16 jan) show is back on public demand, purane episodes hi sahi, but 10 to 11 laughter threapy to hogi….
    Jb tk new show nhi aata hai tb tk aayega…. yappieeee……

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