Pyaar Ke Papad 6th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar suspects Alankar

Pyaar Ke Papad 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika saying I m thinking to join again, don’t know if there is any vacancy. Omkar says its good, I was waiting to hear this, there will be vacancy for you, boss will be happy knowing this, you are very hardworking, I will also like my work at the bank now, are you worried for Triloki, he is angry as he is mistaken, even you were angry on me by that misunderstanding, you got convinced and even your dad will agree soon. She says sorry for that. He thinks I will convince Triloki. He says Alankar has done that with us, I will fix everything, don’t worry. She hugs him. Deenu thinks Shalu is falling in Alankar’s trap. He says I will save you. He goes and sees Shalu sleeping. He gets her phone and tries the password pattern. He says Shalu is hiding something, I will tell everything to Shivika, she can save Shalu.

Its morning, Alankar sees Triloki counting money. He lies that he is going in the puja event and says I will be back in few days. Triloki asks him to deposit the money in the bank. Alankar says sure. Deenu looks on and says I will deposit the money in the bank. Alankar says you are growing up and want to take responsibility, but this money is of temple trust, you get some ration, I will deposit the money. Deeny thinks to talk to Shivika.

Deenu comes to meet Shivika. She asks why didn’t you go to school. Omkar asks is there any problem which Shalu isn’t able to share with you. Deenu says no, she took money from dad and kept it hidden, she is coming late from classes. Shivika asks what, she took money from me also. Omkar says maybe she is in bad company, we should talk to her. Shivika asks Deenu did he say this to dad. He says no. Shivika says we will go to coaching classes and find out. Omkar says we will go today itself. Omkar and Shivika come to coaching classes. They call Shalu. Shivika says she isn’t answering. They ask the lady about Shalu Mishri and show her pic. The lady says she isn’t coming to class since many days and didn’t deposit the fees. Omkar says fine, thanks.

Shivika calls Shalu again. Shalu says I m at the coaching classes. Shivika says don’t lie to me, I m at the classes, tell me where are you, what’s the problem, you shared everything with mum, won’t you share it with me, don’t get afraid, I promise I won’t tell you anything. Shalu says the matter is…. Alankar takes the phone. He asks what are you doing, don’t tell her. Shalu says everything is fine. Shivika says don’t lie, tell me, what’s the problem, is there any BF problem, I m coming to meet you. Shalu says I m at home, don’t come today, come tomorrow. Shivika asks why. Shalu says dad is at home, I won’t be able to talk to you. Shivika says I m coming. Omkar says we are coming home to meet you. Shalu says I have to go for urgent work, I will meet you tomorrow.

He says don’t get scared. She says I have no problem. He asks Shivika not to worry, they will meet tomorrow and sort it. GST asks Omkar not to worry about Shalu, she is bunking classes. Omkar says problem is Shalu is spending the money. GST says she is growing up, she has no friends, Devki passed away and Shivika isn’t with her, what will she do. Omkar says Alankar is using this, Deenu told me that Shalu talks to Alankar a lot, she disliked Alankar a lot before. GST says Shalu is gone, Alankar will ruin her life. Omkar says we have to do something of Alankar. Triloki asks Shalu to take care of the house. She takes his blessings and says my results are coming too. She gets Alankar’s call. He tells some plan. He smiles.

Shivika asks why will Shalu keep her stuff in Alankar’s room. Shivika and Omkar check Alankar’s room. They get the red saree. Omkar recalls and says it means Alankar is the red saree woman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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