My heart belongs to you (Introduction)

My Heart Belongs To You???


Trisha Taneja (Jasmin Bhasin) – 22 years old. She is caring,loyal.honest and beauty with brain. A bit conservative but trust people easily. Madly in love with a person from the day she understood the meaning of love.

Aarman Aggarwal (Aashim Gulati) – 22 years old. He is a greak god. Love training, extrovert and have many friends. Don’t believe in love but fell head over heel for a girl.

Tamana Singh: 22 years old. She is cute but bold.she doesn’t fear from anything. Best friend of Trisha from School.

Life is rolacoster ride of these three, whenever they think life will get stable it gives a new package of surprises of them. They have ups and downs in there life.
More characters will be shown as the story continues.
What will happen when there will be test of friendship and love. Who will sacrifice the love and friendship for the happiness of other one?
Join me in this rolacoster ride.

         First meeting

Trisha pov:
“Mom, hurry up; my school bus is going to come.”
“Yes baby, I know” said my mom. I am so excited to go to school after a long 2months holiday.
My bus pulled up, and I gave a good bye kiss to my mom and Sister.
I reached my school to see that my friends are waiting for me. As soon as they saw me they  run up to me.
“Guys leave me; I can’t even breathe.” I told them.
“Oh sorry Trisha!” Said my bestie Anaya.
Girls let’s go to class otherwise we will be get late” . Exclaimed Tara, The topper of our batch and one among my friends.
We reached our class. and soon Miss. Stella comes in. She started dividing the students in two sections and as usual we five were not in same Division.
Tara, Niti and I were in Div.A. Anaya and Pari were in Div.B. we exchanged byes and produced to our class.
As soon as we reached our class. We see our class teacher Miss. Gaytri waiting for us. She made us sit in a row. Luckily Niti was just behind me.
Now it was turn for boys to be seated as our partners and a guy Kshitij was my partner.
He seemed very arrogant. I saw Niti partner Armaan: a very cute guy. He was so sweet.
Then the class got started but I was getting very bored as my partner was my talking.
Soon the day was over and I reached home. Mom was so excited to see me, and to know who all is my class. I was not all interested in talking. I was completely irritated.
“I’ll see you later”, I told her, and went to my room. I come back to dinning room for dinner, and told my mom everything that happened in school.
She said, “Baby don’t get irritated. Even you will enjoy their company. Just try to gell up with them”.
I finished my dinner, and told my parents good night. Giving them both a peck on the check before heading to my room. After praying that everything should be good in this one year. I fall asleep.
Armaan pov:
“Armaan, come fast we are going to be late for school!” Shouted my elder sister Ridhima.
“Yes di, Ian coming!” I yelled back from the stairs. As soon as I went to the dining room. I saw my both Sister’s who are ready to leave.
I ate my breakfast as soon as I could, and joined them in my dad’s car.
My friends Himanshu and Kshitij were already in class, so I just went and stood behind them.
“Armaan you are late again.” Stated Kshitij.
“Chill bro. I’m on time as still the class has not been started.” The teacher was making us to seat with our partner, and now it’s my turn.
Thankfully I got the seat just behind Kshitij. My partner was a cute girl Niti. We instantly became friends.
I enjoyed my day at school with Niti and Kshitij but I felt Trisha was getting bored by our continuous talks. I wanted her to mingle up with us but I think she was in no mood.
After school when I went home I was exhausted, si I slept after changing.
After a good 2hour nap I freshened up and went to play with my friends. We enjoyed playing cricket. It was getting late, so we bid goodbye and return to our respective homes.
My family was already present at dinning for me to start the dinner. I freshened up and joined them for dinner, and soon we returned to our beds.
I think my sleep had some other plans because as soon as I closed my eyes, the face of Trisha lit up my mind. She had captivating eyes with so much to talk about.
I wanted to talk to that girl and her my friend, slowly I went to sleep.


Guys; this is my first chapter of my new story. So I hope you liked it.please give it views about my chapter.and please don’t use bad comments and language for any character.
Happy friendship day

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