Pyaar Ke Papad 3rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya agrees for child adoption

Pyaar Ke Papad 3rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Jaya to come back home. Jaya says I miss you all. GST says you should have come here. Shivika says sorry for the trouble. Jaya says no, I don’t want to recall anything such. Jagat says I had sent the saree and bangles for Jaya. Everyone teases him. Gupta asks Jaya is everything fine. Jaya apologizes to Omkar. Mikki asks how long will you stay here. Jaya says your dad isn’t letting me come. Gupta scolds Jagat.

Mangal says yes, everyone is doing what they want. Everyone argues. Jagat says do what you want. Mangal says it means, Jagat has forgiven Jaya, she can come back soon. Gupta says get the cake and cut it. Shivika gets the cake. Mikki cuts the cake for Jaya and feeds Jagat. Kya kehna….plays…. Jagat and Jaya hold ears and apologize. They smile. Shivika irons the clothes. Maya comes and says I don’t know how to thank you. Shivika asks why, will you listen to me. Maya says yes. Shivika asks will you come with me. Maya says anywhere you say, I will get ready. Shivika smiles. Mangal and Shivika get Maya to the child orphanage. Maya says I don’t want to meet anyone, I don’t want to adopt any child. Mangal asks her to come and see the children once.

They see the little children and smile. A girl falls down. The lady calls her a problem. Maya consoles the girl. She asks the girl’s name. The girl says I m Mannu. Maya says we came to meet you all. Mannu says everyone come to meet but no one takes us, you take me. The lady says your meeting time is over, you come tomorrow. Maya says let me talk to kids, if I come tomorrow, I will take someone with me. Mangal cries happily. Shivika smiles.

Deenu comes to Shalu’s room and says once I find Shalu’s bag, I can know what is hidden. Shalu comes and asks him to go. She says I knew Deenu was finding my bag. She recalls Alankar asking her to hide the truth. She says sorry, I will tell all the truth when right time comes. Everyone gets toys to decorate Maya’s room. Maya smiles. Gupta says when she comes, I will play with her. Mikki asks won’t you play with me. Gupta says we will play together. Omkar asks about the toys. Mangal says Maya and I are thinking to do something new. Shivika says a new member is coming. Mikki says my sister is coming home. Omkar smiles and hugs Mangal. Mangal says Maya has agreed to adopt a child. Omkar asks Shivika how did she do this. Maya says she took me to orphanage, then I understood that kids are kids, they will appear own if we assume so. Omkar says good, you thought good, when are we going to get the new member. Mangal says we are going to complete formalities. Gupta says w will decorate the room. Omkar says we all will decorate. Shalu hides from Triloki. She goes to Alankar’s room. She says maybe she isn’t here.

She gets his sandal and lipstick. She says what’s all this. Triloki comes there. Shalu worries and hides behind the door. Alankar comes and says maybe I forgot to switch off the power. Triloki says you have to complete the Mundan event tomorrow. Alankar thinks who has come to my room. He comes in and sees Shalu. He says you here… if Triloki had seen you then… She says I came to take my bag. He says be careful, you will get caught and get me caught as well, don’t come in my room without permission from next time. She asks about the sandal and lipstick. He says I got this for you. She asks why didn’t you give it to me. He says I forgot it. She thanks him and asks for bag. He gives the bag. She goes. She says I will ruin Triloki’s pride by making Shalu run away from the house.

Shalu says I m going to Mumbai to become an actress. Shivika asks how dare you. Omkar says Triloki won’t be able to bear this. GST says Jyoti is missing, is that red saree woman Jyoti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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