The house was being decorated, great hustle and bustle in its surroundings. The workers all busy with their given tasks to be completed.

Meera comes there and is checking if the work is being done properly or not,

Meera: Uff… These people… How will the work get finished if they work with this speed?

Vidhi: Maa, you don’t worry. Everything will be done on time.

Meera smiles seeing her,

Meera: Of course, when my daughter-in-law is here, I don’t have to worry. (She pats Vidhi’s cheek and Vidhi smiles)

Yash: Not done Maa, I have been working since morning and all credits to your daughter-in-law. This is unfair.

Vidhi: Oh hello, don’t be so jealous.

Meera: Acha ji, my daughter-in-law deserves all this.

Vidhi hugs Meera,

Vidhi: I know Maa loves me more than she loves you.

Yash: You both are…

Vikram: Yash, there is no point arguing with them. Always remember when your mother and wife are in one team, you can never win.

Yash: You are right Dad.

Meera: Waise pyaar se yaad aaya, where is you laadli?

Yash: Arre haa, I haven’t seen Ishu since morning.

Vidhi: Maa, she is not at home.

Vikram: Then, where is she?

Vidhi: Where she loves to be the most.




The sound echoed in the entire studio as Ishana practiced.

Her white anarkali swayed with the music, her jhumkas followed the musical beats, her curly brown hair danced with the breeze coming from the window, her black eyes portrayed all emotions, her hands and legs moved in assigned directions, she looked like an angel descended to the earth only to add on to its beauty.

The walls of the studio were all covered with mirrors. Her reflection is seen in all the mirrors.



Shivaay was coming down the staircase when he sees Om coming from the other direction. They both look at each other and wait for a few moments deciding whether to go ahead or wait for the other to pass.

Om is about to say something, when Shivaay’s phone rings and he leaves from there.

Om looks at Shivaay going away.

Omkara (thinking): Shivaay is right… He has all the reasons for behaving like this with me…

Om walks down to the living room.

Anika: Om, where were you? We all were waiting for you for breakfast.

Omkara: I had an urgent call to attend, so I got late.

Dadi: Acha… Now sit down all of you and have breakfast.

They were busy having breakfast when Gauri comes there.

Gauri: Good morning everybody.

Pinky: Gauri, you here, early morning only, what happened?

Rudra: Choti Maa, what are you asking? Gauri Bhabhi came here because she was missing O, right Bhabhi?

Om and Gauri look at each other.

(“Pad jaye naa dil par kahi

Gum ka nishan O Saathiya

Pad jaye naa dil par kahi

Gum ka nishan O Saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya…….” Plays in BG)

Gauri diverts her gaze and Om looks away.

Omkara: Shut up Rudra.

Rudra: O, you need to find something new to say. I have been hearing this for a long time now.

Omkara: Rudra…

Dadi: Chup karo tum dono. Gauri, come and have breakfast with us.

Gauri: No Dadi, not today. I came here to talk to Om.

Om looks at her surprised while others smile.

Rudra: I had already said that Bhabhi is here for O.

Janhvi: Rudra, bas karo.

Gauri: Om, can we talk. It’s important.

Omkara: Yes, come.

They both walk towards the lawn.

Anika (thinking): Why do I feel something is wrong? They both are behaving differently.



Omkara: What happened?

Gauri: What are we going to do?

Omkara: I don’t know.

Gauri: The wedding is in a month. We have to stop it.

Omkara: And I am trying my best. You need to stop pushing me into doing things.

Gauri: Oh really. I don’t see you doing anything. All I see is you living your life with peace. Do you even care about anything?

The talk was growing serious, both Om and Gauri looked at each other.

Omkara: I know what I have to do. You don’t tell me.

Gauri: Fine, do whatever you want.

Gauri starts walking towards her car, her leg gets twisted and she is about to fall but Om holds her, they look at each other.

(“Pad jaye naa dil par kahi

Gum ka nishan O Saathiya

Pad jaye naa dil par kahi

Gum ka nishan O Saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya…….” Plays in BG)

Om makes her stand properly, Gauri moves away from him.

Gauri: Don’t you ever touch me again.

Omkara: Gauri…

Before he could say anything, Gauri walks away from there.



A man is shown lying on the bed, medical equipment attached to him, his every moment was being looked after and taken care of.

Two doctors were doing his regular check-up,

Natasha: Karan, it’s been a year now and nothing has changed in his condition.

Karan: I know Natasha but there is nothing we can do.

Natasha: I hope we could do anything for him.

Karan: The only thing we can do is take care of him.

They both look at each other and then at the man lying there.



Karan and Natasha come out of the room. They see Ranveer sitting there.

Karan: Ranveer, when did you come?

Ranveer: I came ten minutes ago. How is he?

Natasha: Same as he was yesterday.

Karan: We are trying our best.

Ranveer: I know that. I should get going. Take care both of you.

Ranveer looks at the man from the glass and leaves.



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