Pyaar Ke Papad 27th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika apologizes to Omkar

Pyaar Ke Papad 27th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alankar stopping Shivika and lying that he fed the food to rats. She says you could have fed it to cow. He asks how can I feed leftover food to cow. She says you are strange and goes. He says I know, I find myself strange. He comes to Omkar’s house. Bhajan Kirtan goes on. Shivika greets everyone. She apologizes to Jagat and Jaya, Mangal and Maya. Jagat says the time isn’t right now. GST signs her about Omkar.

She goes upstairs. Jaya signs Triloki. GST asks Omkar to find out about Alankar, he was acting ill yesterday and now he is dancing. Omkar says I will meet Shivika and come. Jaya stops Omkar and asks him to get garlands for puja. He says I will meet Shivika and come. She insists and sends him. Omkar goes out. Shivika sees him and goes to talk to him. She says mum was hurt, so I didn’t come. He says you didn’t tell me. She says you didn’t listen to me, she is fine now, nothing is imp than you for me, if you feel this, think it has some big reason behind this, we will convince everyone. They take some garlands. Flowers fall on them. Na kuch pucha…..plays….. They smile.

The ladies get gossiping and ask Triloki about the heir of the house. GST says this house has a story, the family doesn’t tolerate anything such. Triloki says Omkar has everything on his name, he took loan to make all this. Mangal asks what is she saying. Triloki says we should end her doubt, start the bhajan now.

Jagat says ask them to start the kirtan. Triloki says you start the kirtan. The ladies refuse. Mangal scolds them and asks them to leave. Triloki says you are insulting my guests. Omkar comes. Mangal says your guests are insulting us. Omkar asks them to sit, he is sorry. Mangal asks am I no one here, will you decide now. He asks ladies to leave. Alankar praises Triloki. Triloki asks him to leave.

Jaya says I have kept puja for the house peace, you couldn’t get the flowers. Omkar says I got the flowers, I also want the peace, this house is mine too. Jaya says this is your house. He asks what are you saying. Mangal says everyone is saying the same, you repay the loan, so this house is yours. Jagat says Mangal is saying, what those ladies told us, you are raising us with your money, we are not upset, we are upset that you should have not told this to your inlaws. Omkar asks did I say them, I can’t do this. Triloki says end this matter here, it doesn’t matter. Mangal says I know this well, we should clear this, your heart has changed, if you want this, let dad come, we will decide and divide the house. Omkar gets shocked. Triloki smiles. Omkar cries. Everyone goes. GST hugs Omkar to console.

Alankar says Shivika you would be upset, you went to apologize today, but they didn’t give you any importance. She says I was upset to apologize them in bhajan sound. He says if I was Omkar, I would have asked them to hear you first. She praises Omkar. He thinks she got blind and deaf in love. He gives her a flower. She says Omkar and my relation is strong. She returns the flower and goes. He says I will end the relation from the root, I won’t let you become of someone else.

Omkar says I will take lawyer home. Jaya asks Triloki what is he doing, she will tell everyone about his truth. Omkar gets papers. GST says I will call Gupta and tell everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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