Naagin Season 3 27th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tamsee kills Bela and Mahir

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Naagin Season 3 27th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tamsee asking Bela not to provoke her, and says you know what onTamsee wants and asks her to give naagmani and says she will leave Mahir alive. Mahir asks Bela not to hear Tamsee. Tamsee makes her eyes blacken and is about to make Mahir fall in the fire. Bela shouts and asks her to stop. Tamsee asks her to bring Naagmani fast and attacks Vish and Vikrant, and makes them fallen down. Bela says I can’t let anything happen to you, Mahir ji and runs. Tamsee flies in air. Rohini says this is the right moment to kill them. Just then Vish and Vikrant bite them. Alek and Rohini fall down unconscious. Sumitra asks Tamsee to see Vish and Vikrant and says they will save Mahir. Tamsee pours fire on Vish and Vikrant and hurt them.

Bela comes to Bholenath’s temple and tells that she needs his Naagmani to save Mahir’s life. She asks him to give the naagmani and says she will return it after saving Mahir ji. She asks him to accept her prayers and give naagmani. She rings the temple bells and then dances. A heavy storm comes. Bela stops dancing and cries. Bholenath accepts her prayers. Naagmani gets sparkles on Bholenath’s forehead, flies in air and comes in bela’s hand. Bela thanks Bholenath and asks him to give some vardaan that evil Tamsee couldn’t use this Naagmani. She says she will return it once Mahir is saved, and says I will not let anything happen to him. Bum bum bole. Tamsee hurts Vish and Vishaka with fire balls. They faint. Tamsee asks Sumitra to kill Mahir. Just then Bela brings Naagmani and asks Tamsee to stop. She handovers Naagmani to her. Mahir shouts no Bela. Tamsee asks her to save her husband if she can and makes her eyes black. She frees Mahir. Mahir and Bela are running in the jungle. Tamsee is happy that she got Naagmani. Sumitra asks why did you leave them. Tamsee asks her to see them.

Vikrant and Vish are in the jungle. Vish asks him to keep her down else she will press his neck. He keeps her down. She hugs him and says sorry. She says they have to search Mahir and Bela. Bela tells Mahir that she couldn’t save Naagmani, Bholenath will not forgive her. Mahir asks her not to worry. They walk and come near the cliff. They look down in the valley. Tamsee is flying high in the air holding the Naagmani in her hand and laughs. She comes down and says until when you will run, you will get a wonderful death. Mahir asks bela not to leave his hand. Bela says never. They jump from the cliff in the river. Tamsee smiles and attacks them with fire while they are falling down. Vish and Vikrant are searching Mahir and Bela. Vikrant becomes snake and tries to go out, and finds that Tamsee has locked them in the same place. Vish says we have to call Juhi with Naagtarangs. Vikrant says nothing will happen and tells that Tamsee sent her men to Juhi. Vish says Tamsee will kill everyone and our Naaglok, we have to do something. Bela and Mahir fall in the river.

Bela sees blood on his forehead and asks if she is fine. Tamsee falls down the cliff and flies in air. She asks Bela if he died or not? Bela asks her to face her and says I will fight with you as a child. Tamsee asks her to stop calling her child else…..She says I know why you are calling me near you and says you will get death. She says I will kill both my Maasa and Maasi. She shoots Mahir and bela with gun. Mahir asks Bela to hold the wood log and says you need to be alive, go with this log. Bela says no and says I will get angry if you do this. Mahir asks her to listen to him this time. Bela asks him to go holding the log and says I will not go from here. I can’t stay without you and says you have to be alive for me. Mahir says my kid will become our memory of love. Bela says no. Mahir says you didn’t change. Bela says you didn’t change and says Sumitra said right only once. She says I cursed you a lot when I was taking rounds. Mahir says when I held you while doing temple rituals, you were heavy. Bela says I had fallen in your love when you lifted me. Mahir says I fell in love when I give my hand in your hand.

Bela says this hand will never leave your hand and support. Mahir asks if I will lose you. Bela says I will be your Bela in every births and says nobody will separate us. Mahir closes his eyes. Bela asks him to open his eyes and says she will name their babies as chintu and mintu. She says this thing shall not happen, and says our love story can’t be incomplete. She says I don’t accept this, and says you have to come to me, we have to meet and become of each other. She says I will meet you again and says your Bela will never leave you.

Sumitra looks at the Naagmani. Tamsee laughs and claps. Sumitra says I did so much to get Naagmani. Tamsee says I did, and says when I get tired of playing with it, I will return it to you. She takes naagmani in her hand and it becomes black. Sumitra takes it and says this Naagmani is cursed. Tamsee asks if this Bela cursed Naagmani. Sumitra says this is the curse of old naagrani. They come to the haveli and look at Shivangi’s photo frame. Sumitra tells Tamsee about Shivangi. She says this is the Maha naagrani. Alek says she is the same. Sumitra says she is Shivani’s daughter Shivangi. Tamsee asks about the curse. Sumitra says Shivangi came to know about the conspiracy by her family and gave her life happily. She says when the real naagrani is not alive, then also the naagmani’s powers will be with Shivangi, until new naagrani is chosen. She tells that Shivangi made the naagmani cursed to save it from me. Tamsee says she might have got old. Sumitra says she will not get old. Tamsee says but you are old. Sumitra says old is your mum. She says only Bela could have get them rid of the curse, but Tamsee killed her. Tamsee hits her feet on the ground and shouts Bela…..Bela says I will be yours in all births and closes her eyes. Tere sang….song plays…They die.

Tamsee, Sumitra, Alek and Rohini are coming to the Sadhu baba. Sumitra says he knows about all births. Tamsee comes to the cave and asks him to get up. She puts oil on the Sadhu baba. Sadhu baba says you will be punished for this. Tamsee shows her evil bad eyes and I am Tamsee and real name is Andhka. She asks him to tell who is she? Sumitra shows Bela’s pic. Tamsee asks if they will return. Sadhu baba says she is Naagrani and tells that they both will meet and will take rebirth. He says Mahir will have birth mark on his forehead and Bela will have birth mark on her mark as she was shot on that place. He says they will take births after 2 years and few months, near the cave nearby. He asks them to go. Tamsee smirks. Sumitra tells Tamsee that they will get bela when she is born and thinks her two friends will not be here.

Vish and Vikrant come to meet some baba. Vish says we have important work with baba. They see the men crying and find baba’s dead body. Baba’s man tells Vish that two women, 1 man and 1 girl came and asked baba about naagrani. Vish asks what did she ask? Man says I could hear that naagrani will have rebirth. Vikrant says where and when? Man says he didn’t her. Vish says our Bela will return. After 2 years and some months, Vish tells that they have searched Bela everywhere and don’t know where is she? Vikrant says Tamsee is silent as if she knows. Vish says may be she knows when Bela will return. Tamsee, Sumitra, Rohini and Alek are in the car. Tamsee says she is coming. Sumitra counts the years and months. Tamsee asks her to drive fast. Sumitra says this place is rough. Tamsee asks her to stop and asks her to look at the moon. She says we have reached. A lady in labor pain is with her husband in the car. She says baby girl is about to born. Her husband gets down the car and takes some local ladies’ work. They tell that they will take her to nearby place. The locals take them to the nearby hut. The daai maa there asks the guy to go out and says she will do the delivery. Tamsee says this is pahadi. They tell where to go but, there are many ways. Sumitra asks them not to give problems. Tamsee shouts and says she don’t like shout. Sumitra says you have much evil powers and killed even your own father, but why did you kill Bela. Alek asks Sumitra to stop it and asks her to look at her eyes. Tamsee says she don’t want to miss Bela’s rebirth. Bela is reborn to the lady. The lady says she is a beautiful girl, a mole on her back is shown which is spotted by the lady.

Precap: A grown up Tamsee is shown. Mahir is shown with mark on his forehead. A man says human have to get burnt in the fire. Mahir is about to see Vish’s pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Such a sad and disappointing episode. Behir’s death ???. Behir’s fans are really very sad. Hope to see once again the love story of our Behir(Shravani and Mihir)

  2. Now no nagrani bela…she is now reborn as a human…even bela’s child was also not born…thus a panchmukhi naagin died…?

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    We were waiting for season 2 unspoken death and this was result, flashback…. How can ekta maam think this show run. This is the most stupid weekend show, which spoils weekend….

    1. Yeah. Couldn’t agree more

  4. disappointing episode

  5. Anindita Paul

    Previously Hukum said that Tamsi will be adult within 5 days, but after 2 years she has shown still as a kid. How is this possible??? Matlab, kuch v

    1. Thats Ekta Kapoor you know

  6. Shivangi was Nagrani??
    I might be wrong but I do not remember something like that.

    1. But she was the most powerful naagin of sheshnag vansh at that time…and maybe that’s why she must’ve got that title…

  7. Enoughshanti

    I thought shivangi was a powerful seshnag bongsi naagin. But mahanagrani? I mean, when did that happened?

  8. This show is over confusing, The plot has changed course drastically since it’s beginning.
    I thought I was the only person confused but from the comments, I realise that others are in the same boat as myself.
    UFFF…… I only watch this show for Rajat Tokas and Anita H but other than that, definitely NOT for the story or the annoying acting of the young girl. Her acting sends chills down my spine….

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