Pyaar Ke Papad 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika plan a surprise

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Pyaar Ke Papad 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a drunkard coming. Omkar asks him to help them, they are husband and wife. The man asks what’s the proof. Shivika says I m Omkar’s wife. The man asks how can I believe this. She shows her sindoor. The man says fine, you are his wife, its not proved that he is your husband. Omkar says see, I m so scared, I know there is a mole under her nose. Shivika shows her nose. Shivika says Omkar laughs when I tickle. Omkar says see her smile is so cute. Shivika says he is scared of dogs. Omkar says no, I m not scared. The man says its proved you are husband and wife. They ask him to free them. The man says no, no one should get between is a couple’s matter. He goes. Shivika feels cold. Omkar struggles. Gupta says Omkar and Shivika have gone to watch a movie, don’t worry. Jagat worries and says their phones aren’t connecting, its late now. Mangal worries and calls them. He says their phones are switched off, I will go and check. Gupta asks them to ask GST.

GST comes. They ask about Omkar and Shivika. He asks didn’t they come yet. Omkar and Shivika get free. Omkar makes her wear his jacket. Constable comes and says I got your stuff back, I will catch the thieves next time. Omkar says thanks. Constable says the thieves have stolen my purse. Omkar and Shivika smile. They leave. GST says I thought they have come. Jagat worries about the robbers gang. GST says we should go to police.

Jagat asks Gupta not to tell this to Jaya and Maya, they will worry. Mangal asks him to come fast. Omkar and Shivika come home. They ask where were they. Jagat asks why are your phones off. Omkar says our phones got stolen. He tells everything. They worry. GST laughs and jokes on them. Gupta says thank God, nothing bad happened. Omkar says its good actually. He sees Shivika and smiles.

Alankar dances wearing a saree. Omkar comes and threatens to expose his truth. He slaps Alankar. Alankar wakes up from this dream. Triloki asks Deenu what’s the matter. Deenu says Shalu wants a laptop. Shalu says yes, its imp. Triloki refuses and gets angry on Shivika. Shivika serves tea to everyone. She asks do you know what’s tomorrow. Mangal says it means its either her birthday or marriage anniversary. Jaya taunts and says I never celebrated marriage anniversary. Shivika says its fathers day tomorrow. Mangal and Jagat get happy and ask Omkar is there any good news. Omkar asks how can this happen now. Maya says father’s day is for father. Shivika says we will do something for Gupta. Jagat asks what to do. Jaya says its all nonsense. Omkar says dad will be happy if we give the party. Mangal and Jagat agree to keep the party. Shivika says Gupta shouldn’t know this. Gupta comes. He doesn’t hear them and asks for tea. He takes tea and goes. Shivika says I will start preparations now. Jaya gets angry.

GST talks of the bride. Dolly recalls Alankar and worries. He jokes. She says I have much work and goes. Omkar comes and asks what happened, Shivika wants to surprise dad, you have to manage decorations. GST says we may celebrate yours father’s day next year, you are getting shy. He asks did he find about that red saree woman. Omkar says we will find out, Alankar will be alert now. Alankar keeps the red saree. He gets Jaya’s call. He asks how did you remember me now. She taunts him. He says its an imp work now, Shivika prepared for everything, I thought to invite you. He says you mean you are inviting me to spoil the function, fine I will come with my gift. Jaya says you blamed me for theft, see what I do now.

Everyone is in the party. Jaya asks Shivika to go and dance. Alankar changes the drink glass. Shivika drinks and gets dizzy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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