RadhaKrishn 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Defends Radha

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RadhaKrishn 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells Radha that it is better if she returns from here and asks why did she come here after stepping into her life’s new phase. Radha says she would not have forgiven herself if she had not met him once, he is right she has stept into her life’s new phase and only her good wishes can be with him and not her. She leaves and Krishna stands smiling. Balram asks why he is smiling seeing Radha leaving for ever. Krishna says he realized human nature’s greatness and it taught even Narayan. Balam says he did not understand. Krishna says Radha and Krishna came on earth for the sake of love and he realized it is still incomplete, continues his explanation.

Ugrapath requests brahmins not to go and forgive Radha for her mistake. Brahmin curses that Ugrapath’s family lineage will end. Ugrapath and Vrishbhan plead not to say that. Virshbhan says he will bring Radha. Ugrapath says Radha is his family’s responsibility after marriage, so he will go and bring her while Vrishbhan’s family can leave. Brahmin blames Ayan for his leniance. Jatila yells that Radha is at mistake, not her son. Radha returns. Ugrapath asks Radha where she had gone ruining his family’s dignity. Krishna walks in and says Radha had come to meet him and greets Brahmins. Ugrapath yells at Krishna that he knew it is Krishna’s mistake. Ayan asks Radha if she is his wife now or still Krishna’s girlfriend. Jatila yells Radha should not have gone ruining their dignity for Krishna. Krishna calls parrot and says this is Radha’s new friend and Ugrapath’s new family member and it was injured, so Radha ran to check if it is fine, now they should decide if Radha did wrong. Brahmin says Radha did wrong by going midway, so she and Ayan will be cursed. Jatila shouts she will not let her son be cursed. Radha says they should curse her and not her husband. Brahmin says Radha is Ayan’s life partner, so they both will be cursed. He takes water in his hand when Krishna interferes and says he is at mistake, so only he should be punished. Brahmin says they all 3 will be punished and they should come to ashram tomorrow and serve them and if they fail, they will be cursed. Ugrapath drops brahmins away. Krishna apologizes Radha for the trouble she faced because of him.

Ugrapath stops Krishna and says he knows what he is up to, he should stop interfering between Radha and Ayan’s married life. Krishna says he already apologized and cleared his point. Ugrapath angrily yells. Radha thinks she cannot let Krishna insult her father-in-law and interfering between them requests Krishna to go away from her life and not trouble her husband or father-in-law. Krishna asks Ugrapath if he trusts Radha. Ugrapath says a lot. Krishna says then he should not be worried, thinks Radha and Krishna new chapter of love will start.

Precap: Krishna tells Balram that love is superior than any relationship in this world, Radha has to be careful as love’s biggest and toughest phase will start.

Update Credit to: MA

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