Pyaar Ke Papad 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Alankar keeps Shivika engaged

Pyaar Ke Papad 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alankar acting and getting Shivika’s attention. Omkar sees them and gets shocked. He recalls her words. Shivika sees Omkar and comes to him. She says I was making Litti choka to get there. Omkar says you didn’t come, how could we talk to her, I don’t know what’s happening. She says sorry, I will talk to them. He says things are shattering. Alankar calls her out. She says Alankar is ill, I will drop him home and come to talk to you. Omkar says okay. She goes and takes Alankar with her. GST asks Omkar what happened to him, why is he driving so rashly. Omkar asks don’t you know what happened. GST says don’t take tension, Shivika was stuck in work. Omkar says I can understand, how will I explain to family, they will get more annoyed. GST says you are worrying for little things, we all are with you, except time, Shivika is coming at night, just sit and talk.

Shivika drops Alankar home. She asks him to ask Devki if she needs anything. Alankar says I have to find some excuse to stop you again, I don’t like you going to meet Omkar. Alankar asks Devki not to worry for her. He makes Devki hurt. Shivika rushes to care for her. Devki asks Shivika to go, she will apply the balm. Shivika says I won’t listen, come with me. He smiles. Jaya and Maya don’t talk for much time. Maya gets emotional and runs to hug Jaya. She says whatever happens, we both will never fight, promise me. Jaya says fine, I will do some arrangements. Maya does her work. Jaya comes to Triloki. Triloki and Jaya talk about separating Shivika and Omkar. Omkar comes home and sees them. Triloki asks Omkar can’t he see the happenings, the Vaastu dosh is responsible for this. Omkar says I know Jaya is still annoyed with me, but I m sure that everyone will forgive me. Jaya says you do what you want, you don’t care if this house breaks.

Omkar says no, this house will never break, I promised dad, I failed to convince family today but tomorrow I will convince them. Triloki says I m worried for Shivika. Omkar says your worry will end tomorrow. Jaya asks what will you do now. Triloki says we have to take small steps, so that their marriage breaks. Jaya says I m very scared. He says get some women, so that the women create a rift in this family. Shivika worries and messages Omkar. She calls him. He doesn’t answer. Alankar is with Gupta. He messages Omkar from Gupta’s phone. Omkar checks the message that Gupta reached safely. He doesn’t answer her call. She keeps calling him and gets sad. She thinks to meet him tomorrow and talk. Main tenu samjhawan….plays…. they think of each other. Alankar feeds the food to Gupta. Gupta refuses to eat food. Alankar scolds him and asks him to do what he tells him. Gupta gets restless. Alankar warns him against acting smart. He goes. Shivika comes that way and hears some sound. Alankar gets shocked seeing her. She asks what are you doing here at this time, that too with a food plate.

Omkar and Shivika have an eyelock. Flowers fall on them. Triloki tries to make Mangal and Jagat fight. Omkar asks the women to stay. Mangal shouts on Omkar. He asks for a house division.

Update Credit to: Amena

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