Shakti 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kids’ parents protest against Soumya’s education in school

Shakti 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that his cycle ride is best. Sindhu looks at them and says sweet. Harman and Soumya are riding on the decorated cycle. Aaj se teri gali meri hogayi plays…He asks her if she is fine? She says yes. Harman asks her to hold him. People on the road see the cycle and says it is strange. The ladies on the road like to see their ride and praises Harman to be caring and romantic. Harman and Soumya return home. Preeto asks about her injury. Harak Singh if Harman made her slip. Soumya says it is a small injury. Harman asks what happened to him? Raavi says bau ji is separating Soumya’s room so that you don’t disturb her in her studies as he knows that you will not let her study. Harman says when he doesn’t like her, then separated them and now again. Harak Singh asks him to have patience. Raavi teases him. Preeto asks about her day. Soumya says she needs to learn tables. Harman says who learns tables. Raavi says mathematical tables. Preeto asks her to rest and then study.

Harak Singh asks someone to out ice on Harman’s head and says it is hot. Harman says he will take revenge. Preeto brings paratha for Soumya while she is studying and sits by her side. Soumya learns 14’s table. Preeto asks her not to worry. Harak Singh asks her to read fast and says I know tables till 17. He is in pain after fallen down. Harman massages his back and says have some shame, you have separated beta and bahu, I will never forgive you. Harak Singh says oh Maa..Preeto asks why you are calling your maa..Harman says I will handle him, don’t worry and massages hard, saying he will not leave him for separating him with his wife.

Soumya is reading the tables. Harman comes to her. Soumya asks him to go out, let her study. Harman tells her that he will teach her and asks her to close her eyes. He says 14*1=14. Soumya asks why are you wasting my time and says family members have hope with her studies. Harman says you think of everyone and not me. he says I have a good idea and asks her to keep onions in her underarms to skip school for a day. Soumya shouts calling Preeto and Raavi. Preeto asks what happened? Soumya says he is not letting me to study and giving ideas to bunk school. Harak Singh says so this is his idea of bunk school, now I came to know how he used to get fever often. He asks him to go out and let Soumya study.

Preeto asks Harman and everyone to go to their rooms. Soumya continues to study tables. Harman knocks on the door and calls her Gulabo. Soumya asks him to go and covers the window with curtains. Harman says I will not go without invitation to my room and thinks his family members are very bad. He sings song…..yeh raat aur yeh dori….Harak Singh and Preeto wake up from sleep. He says he is not stopping even in night and singing song aloud. Harman continues to sing. Soumya blushes and smiles.

Next day, Harman drops Soumya to school on a bicycle. He asks her to go till he parks the cycle. Some people comes out of the school and tells that she is not telling that kinnars shall not study, but she shall study in night school. Watchman closes the gate before Harman could go inside. Harman asks him to open the gate. The man tells that he came to drop his children and saw her husband lifting her and taking her to classroom. Harman says if anyone tells anything to her then I will beat them. Soumya tells that her mum didn’t send her to school fearing of her truth. Sindhu says if Soumya studies in the school then the kids will not hate kinnars like they do. One of the parents tell that they don’t hate her, but don’t want her to study in the school.

Sindhu asks the people to let her study. Harman asks Soumya not to worry. Sindhu asks him to calm down. The people or the kids’ parents tell that they can’t send their kids here. The principal tells that they can’t let her study here.

Precap: Soumya tells Sindhu that she don’t want kids’ education to suffer because of her. The kids hug her and says you will not go anywhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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