Pyaar Ke Papad 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shivika gets jealous of Suhana


Pyaar Ke Papad 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhana happily meeting everyone. Shivika comes. Omkar says meet my wife, Shivika, I got married to her. Suhana says you broke my heart, you loved me and married her. They laugh. Suhana says Omkar has fallen in love with you. Gupta says Omkar is lucky that he got Shivika. Jagat asks how did you come here, how is your family. GST asks them to get tea. Shivika asks what will you have. Suhana says I will make tea, sit, Omkar likes tea made by my hands. Shalu talks to someone. Alankar smiles and hears her. She prepares her lines to pass in the acting course. Alankar says I got what I wanted, I have an idea to become a Mahant.

Suhana gets tea for everyone. She says Omkar is Nonu. Omkar says you have changed a lot, but the tea is same. Suhana says I can still punch the same,

tell me whose tea you like the most, tea made by me or Shivika. GST says Suhana can ruin your romance. Shivika asks Omkar to say the truth. Omkar says I think I like tea made by Suhana more. Suhana says I knew it, none can take my place. Gupta says you have grown up but you are still naughty. Maya asks about the pic. Shivika sees Omkar and Suhana’s pic. Suhana says we danced in program and then Omkar proposed me on the stage. Shivika asks what. Suhana asks Omkar to tell her. She says we were such good friends in college. Omkar says our friends were dating, we are still friends, we dated on their saying, it was kiddishness. Suhana says I was serious, maybe you were meant for Shivika.

Maya says you look like heroine now, if you didn’t go to Delhi, Omkar would have married you. Shivika goes. Alankar comes to Shalu’s room. Shalu asks him why did he come without knocking the door. He says I can come to any dear person’s room without permission, talk to me with love. She says I can’t. He gives her acting hunt contest form. He tries to help and pretends. She refuses to take her help and throws the paper. He says this is ticket to Mumbai, think again, your work may get easy, tell me when you need my help, I m here to help this family. He goes.

She sees the form and smiles. Alankar looks on happily. Shivika is upset. Omkar comes and talks of Suhana. She gets jealous. He enjoys her jealousy and tells about Suhana and his relationship. He says I wasn’t in contact with her since 5 years. She says even then you are close. He says you are jealous. She says I m not jealous. They have a moment. Omkar says I did so much to marry you, I love you and will never let you go away. She smiles. They hug and sleep. Shalu sees the form. She gets ready and comes to Triloki. Alankar prays. Triloki asks what’s the matter. He says I don’t expect anything, you will get married after finishing the exams. She says I don’t want to marry, I want to do this. He gets angry on her. She says this is my dream. He scolds her and says your dream can never get fulfilled. Alankar asks him to calm down, Shalu is presenting her wish. Shalu cries. Triloki sends her to her room. Alankar smiles.

Dolly says keep Omkar away from Suhana. Omkar and Suhana play the game and hug. Shivika looks on. Shalu comes for the shoot. Alankar asks the guy to know what he has to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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