Mere Sai 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Clears Balram’s Guilt


Mere Sai 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Balram that it is not his mistake, he repaired cart today and even last year. Balram shouts what does he know about him. Atmaram asks Balram if everything is fine. Balram says Sai helped him a lot, but now is trying to calm him down by consoling him, truth is he is not good at repair cart. Sai says he asked in the morning if he has to reveal anything and even now he asks same, until he clears his mind, his guilty will not fade away. Balram says if he tells truth his family will hate him. His mother and Atmaram asks him to speak truth as family will always stand by him forgiving his mistakes. Balram says when Sai has assured, he will reveal truth. He starts that since childhood his parents had great hope in him, he used to learn work looking at his father. He makes a box and shows it to

his father. His father praises his work and gifts him equipment to make wooden handicrafts. One day his father informed about an art competition held by British government and they both prepared unique wooden handicrafts. On the morning of competition day, baba asked him to fix bullock cart’s wheel and when he was fixing it, his friend requested to loosen jammed door, so he left leaving cart wheel unfixed. He continues that everyone thinks Baba died in an accident, but he killed his father. Rain starts. Sai asks Balram to cry profusely and clear the poison in his mind. Balram cries shouting Baba.. Rain stops and sky clears with bright sunlight, but Balram continues crying. Sai gives moral gyaan that sky is always fixed and stable, be it day or not, summer or winter or rainy season; even their mind should be stable and fixed like sky. Balram cries that baba died because of him. Sai says his father died because of accident and his friend needed Balram most at this time, so Balram followed his duty. Balram continues blaming himself. Sai asks Balram to look at sky. Balram’s father emerges and says it was not Balram’s but his own mistake and shows how he insisted driver to drive cart fast even though driver informed that wheel is shaking and they should check. Father says they will reach first and then check. Wheel dismantles and cart breaks down. Furniture falls on father and he dies on the spot. Balram does not find bullock cart at home and asks his family about it. Mother says his baba went ahead to participate in competition. Someone informs that uncle met with accident. Balram with his mother rushes to the spot and shatters. Out of flashback, his father says it was his mistake to rush without checking wheel and not Balram’s mistake, so Balram should not feel guilty and he is lucky to have a guide like Sai and never to leave Sai’s hand. Father disappears while Balram cries to at least hug him once. Balram thanks Sai and says now he feels lighter. Sai says now he can work freely. Balram says how will he without his father’s guidance. Sai says he can use environment as his teacher, like he learnt 5 lessons from 5 elements. Balram says now he understand what he means, Pari taught him how to make temple and his next guru is time, he will move forward like time. Sai says he trusts Balram, so he brought him something. He picks a paper from his bag and hands it to Balram. Balram opens paper and sees similar competition invitation. Sai says similar competition is happening again and if Balram is ready for it. Balram looks at his mother who nods yes. He says he will work hard and give respect to his father by winning this competition. Sai says he is sure Balram will win every competition of life. Balram thanks him. Sai gives moral gyaan that the elements which builds this world can show them their way.

Precap: Mhalsapati tells Sai that his uncle was his guru and had deep knowledge, even Sadashiv has deep knowledge like his uncle.

Update Credit to: MA

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