Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilofer saying Ayesha won’t go anywhere. Ayesha leave for college. Avantika is selected to work as Mumbai’s Mayor. Avantika says I will think, it’s a big decision for me. She calls Harish. She tells him about Mayor’s election. Harish says that’s great. I think you should go ahead. She asks are you ok, you are sounding low. He says nothing, I had some issues in shooting. She says if Adi and Pankhudi were here, they would have helped me in my decision. He gets angry and says I m fed up hearing Pankhudi’s name. She says I don’t want to argue.

He ends the call throwing the phone. He says everyone thinks Pankhudi is alive…….. he cries. He says I have accepted her death, but why can’t they. Nani calms him down. He says have food and scolds him. He makes him eat. She says don’t worry, I m sure Adi will come back to us very soon. Adi talks t his friend and says after getting Pankhudi, I will go home. He stops the car seeing Panipuri. He thinks about Pankhudi who loved Panipuri. He eats panipuri. Pyaar ka dard hai……………..plays……………

Mama talks to Bau ji about Adi. Bau ji says we have to take care that we don’t hurt Adi. He says Adi was so lively and now he does not talk. Ayesha and Ruksaar are on the way back home. Ghalib stops her and flirts with her. She scolds him and he gets angry. She threatens her showing acid. Ayesha is shocked. She says I will not leave you, I won’t marry you. He says fine, and is about to throw acid on her. Harish comes and stops him telling I can send you to jail. He scolds people for simply watching.

Ghalib says this time you saved but till when. Harish’s hand burns by acid. Ayesha says come to hospital. He says no Pakhudi. She looks at him. He says sorry. Ayesha comes home and tells everything to her mum. Nilofer calls her sister and says we are coming Dubai soon. Nilofer thinks I can’t let my daughters be here, Ghalib is not safe for them. Harish says that guy could have harmed my Pankhudi, I mean Ayesha, such guys should be in jail.

Mama talks to his friend and have a laugh. Sheela tells Rubel that she wants to visit her friend and asks him to do some shopping. Rubel says I have no idea. Sheela wants to tell him to think about having a child. Rubel says don’t expect this. He gets angry. She says fine, and is annoyed. Payal comes and asks Rubel for his chequebook for outhouse renovation for holding her parties. She leaves.

Pankhudi’s mum and Sushma talk about Adi. Nani and Harish bring Nilofer and her daughters to Diwaan mansion. They are shocked to see such a huge house. Nani tells Ayesha that they will have to stay in outhouse. She says we have to hide Ayesha. Harish talks to them. Avantika comes there and calls Nani. They get shocked. Avantika asks who are they. Ayesha covers her face. Nani says she is my friend Nilofer and her daughters. Avantika says they can stay with us in mansion. Nani is tensed.

Avantika turns and Ayesha lifts her veil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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