Who suits Avni the best in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

Avni lives in a small city but has dreams of getting married like in fairy tales. Her mum Bhavna tells her that life is not a novel or a fairy tale, it should be given right kind of decisions which maybe proved fruitful for the future. Avni is confused on her personal front. She has her best friend Raj whom she confides in everything. She feels Raj understands her very well. Raj has developed come feelings for Avni but did not tell her yet. He later on understands its true love and decides to get his live, his Avni and marry her.

On the other hand, there is Samarth, an independent and ruler type of guy. He gives an interview telling about the girl of his dreams. Avni reads the interview. Samarth does not disclose her identity. Avni thinks who would the girl whom Samarth loves. Avni is not sure about him, as she still does not feel the power of love, the momentum it has in it. Bhavna understands what’s going on in Avni’s mind. She tells her that she is the girl who is written about in the interview. Avni is taken aback.

Samarth meets Avni and decides to tell her everything, admit his feelings and propose to her. Samarth beautifully decorates a place and brings Avni there. She is really glad seeing it. Raj too feels its high time and he should confess his love to Avni now. Raj comes to talk to Avni and sees her with Samarth. Samarth tells I love you to Avni and Raj misses the shot. Raj is shocked seeing Samarth proposing Avni.

Avni is stunned too by the proposal. Raj was thinking he would propose to Avni, but got late. Samarth tells Avni how much he loves her. He asks her to marry him. Avni is unable to decide as its all so sudden. Samarth asks her to take some time and think. Raj feels Avni will definitely tell no to Samarth and its right time he should also propose to her. Avni leaves and meets Raj. Raj tries to tell her that he loves her and stops at I…. Avni tells him that she accepted Samarth’s proposal. This leaves Raj shocked. So this was the brief glimpse of the storyline which will help you decide whom to vote for. So, go ahead.

  1. Poor raj hope she will understand him!!!!

  2. Definitely raj and avni

  3. raj and avni the show started off with em why not raj

  4. Samarth should marry Avni as Raj had many opportunities to let her know of his feelings but he always wasted them. Now Samarth comes wastes no time in expressing his feelings for her. His character is god also. Initially I liked Raj but he has turned devious now and keeps betraying Avni’s trust in him by pursuing his own agenda, while Samarth has been honest all along.

  5. Of course raj and avni
    love them

  6. I think Raj and Avni. I think as in many serial’s the girl mentioned in samarth’s interview may be his ‘x’. Then there will be twist in the story. What do you say?

  7. I think Avni and Samarth’s would be better off together..

  8. avni and raj…

  9. I tink raj nd avni suits best

  10. Deffintely avni nd raj shld gt mrried..they both r vry cute….samarth is kabab me haddi…..he z d vlilln in ths stry…if sam ll gt mrrd wth avni,thn the serl wll be flop…

  11. raj and avni

  12. raj & avni is the best couple

  13. raj acts tooooooooooo smart , i hate him………………
    it should be avni and samarth
    only then serial will be interesting..

  14. i think they shud end this senseless serial………it is meaningless and meant for dumbfools…………
    As a free advice ….viewers,u are tirelessly wasting ur time by watching this crappy shitty serial….plz DON’T WATCH!!!!!!!!
    kill all the characters….ugh!

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