Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 6th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi informing Payal about Kaira on the way to home. Payal says, Rubel will not forgive me. Pankhudi says, Rubel bhaiyya will not forgive me either, but we have to tell everything to everyone. Sheela thinks, did Pankhudi knows about it. She thinks, I will not forgive her. Anuj says, we shall inform at home, that we will be late for dinner. Rubel says, I will inform at home. Sheela calls Anuj and asks them to reach Deewan Mansion. She thinks to call Avantika and ask her to come home. Latika is laughing at her plan’s success.

Avantika says,I know you will not agree with me. Harish says, it doesn’t matter as you have fixed the operation date without my consent. Sheela calls her and asks them to reach Deewan Mansion. Harish tells her that I am not going there. Anuj, Rubel and Adi come back home. Rubel calls Sheela. Pankhudi and Payal face them. Payal says, I want to tell something once mom comes back. Avantika comes and asks, why Sheela called her in a hurry. Rubel says, we were thinking the same thing.

Sheela comes and says I will tell. Adi asks, what is the matter. Sheela goes towards Payal and eyes her with anger. Payal tries to say. Sheela asks her to stop. Rubel intervenes. Sheela asks him to let her talk with Payal. Pankhudi tries to talk. But Sheela says, I want an answer from Payal. She asks her to tell everyone about her true nature. Pankhudi asks her to be calm. Sheela shouts and asks, why did you do this? When you loves someone else, then why did you married Rubel? Payal cries while everyone are shocked. Sheela says, you are shameless to bring him home. She says, Kushal Maheswari is actually Rohit. Adi says, Kushal is Govardhan mama’s friend son. Sheela says, everyone is involved in this. She blames Govardhan mama.

Govardhan mama comes with Payal’s father and Pankhudi’s parents. Govardhan mama says, we are not related to that guy. His name is Rohit. Ambika says, we came to tell the truth. Adi says, why you have hided. Pankhudi says, you are thinking wrong. Sheela blames them. And asks Anuj to speak up for his son. Sheela tells Govardhan mama that if you have your eye on our property then you would have tell. Pankhudi asks her to stop and listen to the full truth.

Pankhudi says, it was true that Payal loved Rohit, but it was also right that she didn’t have any relation with him. She tells everything in flashback. Payal cries while Rubel is in tears. Pankhudi says, Payal didn’t know that Rohit would enter their home. She didn’t have any relation with him. Rubel asks, you know everything? Pankhudi says, yes. Rubel is in shock. Adi tries to speak. Sheela says, you knew it but you kept quiet. She blames her. She asks, how can you play a game with his life. Pankhudi cries and tries to speak. Sheela says, you did wrong. Payal betrayed us but you have betrayed us too. Adi says, Pankhudi thought that Payal is eager to leave her past. Adi says, Pankhudi told me.

Rubel asks, Did Pankhudi told you everything. Adi says yes, I agree Payal was wrong but she wanted to start her life afresh. We didn’t mean to hurt you. Rubel says, you hided the big truth for my betterment. He asks, why you didn’t tell me once…..Don’t I have a right to know. Adi says, we don’t want to be hurt. Adi asks Avantika to explain to Rubel. Avantika asks, why you hide this? Anuj says, I know you are upset. I am upset too. Anuj says, you are kids for us. Avantika says,you should have share with us. Pankhudi says, we didn’t tell you as you was not well. Sheela says, I feels you are with Kulu people. Anuj asks her to relax. Avantika says, your anger is justified but unreasonable. Adi says, Rubel is my brother. Sheela says, Adi is not real brother of Rubel. Rubel says, our relation will be the same for me. Adi and Pankhudi will never change. Rubel says, but still I stand for what I said. You don’t have right to take my decision. Why you didn’t
tell me that Payal loves someone else. What is my fault that I loves her. He cries and says, Do you know how it feels?

Adi says, because I knows how much you love her. Rubel says, I loved her but what is her mistake. Sheela says he still cares for Payal. Sheela asks Payal to leave. Kaira comes home with Rohit. Sheela throws Payal on her Dad.

Sheela says, I will never accept Payal as my daughter in law and decides to quit talking with both of them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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