Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Family is gathered and discussing venue for party..! Someone says pub ..someone says pool side party..! Dadi chides everyone n says go to Gurudwara..! Pihu suggests campire trip..! Myra asks Juhi and she says fine with whatever is decided..! Myra says Switzerland! Rahul says too cold..! Myra says snow.. snowman. .skiing.. think of it..! Sammy comes and Pihu asks him to suggest! Sammy says whatever u feel like it! Pihu says final.. lets go! RaYa-Vikram come and Priya says one more reason to celebrate..! Ram tells Pihu-Sammy about their engagement on 9th..! Sammy is sad.. Pihu is happy..! Caddy looks sadly at Sammy..! Pihu thanks RaYa ..! Sammy decides to talk to Suhani..! He asks about Suhani to Myra n she says dunno where she is..! Sammy asks about Suhani to servant when Ridz asks him to stop it n come with her..! Vikram comes and asks Sammy if his decision is final? Kush says need to tell everyone at home! Sammy stammers..! Caddy says yes tell all..! Caddy says..we were talking of New Year celebrations..! All burst out laufing..! Myra says.. off to farmhouse tomorrow..! Vikram asks Sammy why so scared these days? Sammy says.. have some work..see u all at home! All tease him! Everyone leaves one after another..! Sammy-Caddy are there … Kush-Myra too .. Suhani comes n Kush asks her to accompany them to farmhouse..! Suhani hesitates. .but Kush – Myra make her agree..! Caddy self thot. .hope u know what ur doing Sammy ..! Ridz-Sammy leave..!

Juhi self thot.. at home Priya is always with Ram.. n i cant talk to him. .now i can talk to Ram at the farmhouse! Sid comes and asks Juhi if she doesnt like the idea of going out with all ..they can go separately..! Juhi says. no .. we all going together is better.. Pihu is getting married n we mite not get such chance again! Sid agrees..! Everyone is ready to leave for farmhouse.. …! All get in the car..! Suhani-Sammy-Pihu are all sitting together..! Pihu taunts Suhani ..n she starts to get down but Ram asks her to stay put! Pihu says its congested.. feeling suffocated..! Priya agrees.. ! Priya asks Suhani to sit with Kush … n she agrees! Sammy fumes!

Suhani asks for headphones from Kush and they are listening from same ipod and Sammy is uncomfy..! RaYa are coming in their car ..n Ram keeps smiling! Priya asks the matter? Ram says u din catch my smartness! Priya asks what happened? Ram says.. fit everyone in other cars so u n i could be alone..! Priya says nice effort..! Ram says that was romantic..! Priya says dun agree..! Suddenly they were about to meet with an accident .but Priya saves them in time!

Part 2

Ram thanks Priya for saving them! Priya says.. we are blessed.. despite all ups n downs.. we come out fine.. guess we are made for each other..! Priya says.. u were getting me engaged to someone else. .but then we ended up together.. n then that honeymoon ..! Ram says. .then we separated.. Dubai.. reunited.. ! Priya says.. i m scared thinking of Dubai.. u were so angry with me! Priya says..when ur angry u look like an angry polar bear..! But feel like going n hugging u n asking u to calm down! Ram says am not Pihu..! Priya says.. u look like Pihu n Ram says she looks like me! Priya says hurry up. .else when kids reach before us all will taunt us!

Vikram asks Neha to relax n says all booking done! Ridz comes n feels bad for Vikram..! Ridz tells Neha to come fast and says bye .n cuts the call ..! Ridz says.. tension done.. go with us! Vikram says thanks.. n they hug..! Vikram wonders where is Rahul n all but Ridz takes him with her. ! Rahul feels bad..! RaYa arrive n Priya says thankfully reached on time..! Vikram says.. glad u both are here! Vikram takes Ram for drinks but Priya takes him aside..! Ram asks what is going on? Priya shows a pic of his dad n Ram is delighted..! He asks where did u get it? Priya says. .my son. is my investigating agent.. ! Ram says how did u know i was looking for it? Priya says.. u liked it ..thats all ..! Ram says..when u do all these things. u make me love u more..! Priya says.. u do a lot for me.. so this is for u! RaYa are hugging..!

Part 3

Juhi is on his way to kitchen to make something for Ram .. n is told that all is ready but Juhi still goes to make ..! Juhi self thot. .its between me and Ram n i know.. to win Rams heart have to go thru his tummy ..! Juhi self thot.. watch out Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor!

Ram tells Priya we will hold the engagement at Zurich ..n Priya says with 300 people we will go there? So much expense? Ram says get off ur middle class level..! Priya says cant..! Ram says. .wanna do best for my daughter.. n if u dun want. .think n tell me m going for drink! Ram comes to Kush and asks from where did u find the pic from? He says Priya gave .. i photoshopped..! Ram hugs him and thanks him! Vikram asks wow what happened? Ram says.. he made me emotional ..! Ram says after college when u all got married.. i was the only one left.. but now i realised..God keeps the best for last.. m blessed to have her! Vikram says.. Priya is one of a kind.. ur lucky!

Precap —- Priya says sorry to Juhi … n says. .dun let it spoil ur mood! Juhi says.. its ok! Priya excuses herself..! Juhi self thot.. u r the reason for Rams anger .. who r u to tell me about him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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