Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha asking Adi to go home, as Arif will drop her home after the fashion show ends. Nafisa plans to spend time with Rubel and waits for him outside the house. Rubel leaves in hurry without seeing her. She says its limit, he did not even see me. She says Adi is better, what to do now, I have to go office alone. Ayesha comes to office on time. Arif sees hr and asks is the outfit ready. She says yes, and I came here before you today. He says yes and sees the outfit. She asks did you not like it, what happened. She says good job Ayesha, I m very impressed, you deserve a hug.

Ayesha becomes glad. He says I m surprised as you proved me wrong, I like it a lot. He says it’s a very big day for me. Ayesha asks can I come in the fashion show. He asks why, its your day off. He says come on time even tomorrow. He asks her to go home. She becomes glad. Ghalib finds out about Pankhudi. Rubel comes there. Ghalib gets tensed thinking Rubel may see him and wears the helmet. Rubel leaves.

Ghalib says I need to go Kullu and find out Govardhan Mama. Ambika tells Mama and Diwakar that we should bring Pankhudi here, as she has many memories here. Mama agrees and says we should call her for one week, I will talk to Harish. Nani tells her plan to Ayesha and asks her not to do any mistake this time. Ayesha is sad. Nani asks her the reason. Nafisa comes and meets Rubel at the office and says I was late, as I don’t know bus route, I was confused. He says its fine.

She says I saw you leaving for office in hurry. He says you can come to office with me from tomorrow. She becomes glad. He says you can go home once you end work here. She says fine, but I don’t have work at home, I can stay here and work with you. Rubel says thanks, but sorry to get angry on you yesterday. She says its ok, thanks for making me work in your cabin, can I start my work now. He says yes. She smiles. Nani brings Adi. She says she is very upset, do something.

Adi talks to Ayesha and asks did Arif let you come home so soon, did he reject your dress. She says no, he likes it a lot. He asks then what, oh he did not take you in fashion show, its fine, don’t be upset. She says he did not take me, everyone will think Arif made it. He holds her hand and says you are not yet a designer, you have to learn a lot. He says you will learn slowly.

Ayesha asks why is she supporting Arif. She asks him not to flirt. Adi smiles and says I did not think you will change so much, but keep smiling, don’t be sad, I don’t like it. Nafisa asks Rubel for lunch. He says shall we go and buy a gift for Payal. Nafisa is shocked to see Payal at the office. She says Rubel and I were having lunch now, its good you also came. Payal does not care and comes to meet Rubel. Payal tells we will have lunch together. He says that’s good, give me some time. Nafisa comes between them.

Payal gets angry seeing her and asks him don’t you want to have lunch with me. Payal says we will go out for lunch. Rubel says even Nafisa will join us. Payal says why Nafisa. Rubel argues and supports Nafisa. Payal says fine, have lunch with her, I m leaving. She leaves. Nafisa acts sweet. Rubel comes to share his pain with Sheela. Arif calls Ayesha and says the show was great, we have kept a party today, get ready and come as you created the outfit. Ayesha gets happy. She tells Adi that she is going to meet Arif now, he wants me to meet everyone. Adi gets sad.

Arif gives the credit to himself for the outfit Ayesha created. Adi comes and takes Ayesha on the stage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nafisa ur a muslim u cant luv rubel have some dignity

    1. Yes this nafisa coming btwn rubel nd payal. Acting a vilian.jst hate her.

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