Rang Rasiya 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
paro shouts major sahib. paro sees rudra standing on railway line, paro says what are you doing train is coming, rudra says you said that when you will leave me then nothing will happen to me, paro says why are you doing this, rudra says you will stay here and see that whether I will be alive or not after train comes here, then you will leave me. train is approaching rudra, paro is super tensed. paro is stopping rudra but women stops paro from going down to rudra, rudra says you know why I am doing this, I will die without you, you wanted to listen this so I said it,I don’t want you to leave me, I cant leave without you and I don’t want to. if you want me to come up then promise that you will not leave me. paro says but I have promised god, rudra says okay then let train come, your god will save me. he says these all promises and mannats are created by human, who god wants child of people as mannat, who god wants his child to die, you promised to god but if your husband come to call you with him then what will you do. rudra says I am also asking that god that my wife never leaves me, being your husband I ask from your god from your promise, paro says 1st you come up, rudra says 1s promise me that you will not leave me, I will die without you, paro sees train coming to rudra, paro gets tensed and says okay I am promising you that I will never leave you, rudra looks at her, train passes by from there, paro thinks rudra is crushed under and cries shouting major sahib, she sees rudra lying on other platform, all fine, she sees him and is stunned, both runs to each other, they looks at each other emotionally, paro hugs him tightly, rudra tries to hug her back but doesn’t, paro says you think all this as joke, don’t do this again, rudra says you, you never leave me, paro says I will never leave you and hugs him, this time rudra hugs her back, paro breaks hig, rudra caresses her hairs, paro ask are you fine? he nods, he ask paro are you fine, she nods.

Scene 2
Laila comes in jeep and ask thakurian to sit in car, she sits, Laila says we have to go far.
Maithili is making flowers, she is happy, samrat comes there, Maithili says I was afraid for this mad paro, samrat says you were tensed for her and what about me, he gets closer, Maithili says I am busy some guest of maasa is coming, he says I have to go to bring sample of embroidered clothes as maasa asked for them.
paro and rudra comes out station, paro says what about our luggage, its in train only, rudra says it will sent to our house, paro says did you inform Maithili jija that I am coming with you, he says stop questioning, paro says last question, when will you leave my hand(rudra is holding paro’s hand). rudra comes closer, paro gets shy, rudra says never I will never leave your hand, danveer comes there and makes rudra wear garland, rudra says whats all this, danveer says I am happy that you are fine, some soldiers take rudra on shoulders. rudra looks at paro, danveer thanks paro for being there with rudra.

Scene 3
Laila is driving car, thakurain says I am sorry when you called me maa for 1st time I scolded you, Laila says no need for sorry people usually don’t like my 1st impression, thakurain you did a lot for me, Laila says there is water in car pocket drink it, thakurian drinks and thanks Laila for everything, Laila thins that I am going to do something which rudra will never forget.
some ladies comes to haveli, mohini says I will show you some embroideries, its very different, women sees puja plate there and says is someone coming, mohini says actually rudra and his wife.. women says we listened that rudra ate poison, what happened that he ate it, mohini says I don’t know there must be something between him and his wife. she calls Maithili, Maithili brings water for them, she says I will bring breakfast, mohini takes Maithili aside and says why do you put puja plate here infront of ladies, Maithili says I just put unknowingly, Maithili goes from there. women says your DIL talks a lot infront of you, she must have give you grandchild but instead she has big tongue, mohini fumes, Maithili comes there with breakfast, mohini ask did samrat brings samples of embroidered clothes, Maithili says he has gone to bring it, mohini says I told him yesterday only so why it si not here now, Maithili says he is busy these days with his new work so might have forget it, mohini says he cant event handle old business then how will he do new one, I told that he cant do new business and what will he do by making, he cant even give child, on whom he will spend his money, he cant even buy toys from that money, Maithili says enough if you want to say me anything then say, if you want than you can slap me but don’t say anything about samrat, I respect him a lot and he respects me too, I cant bear his insult he is my husband, you are his mother and you have the right yo scold him but please respect him infront of outsiders and if you have so much problems with us then we will leave this house, we will live in small house together, I am sorry if you feel offended, mohini is shocked at her guts, lady says I don’t think samples will come so we must leave as I have to go to my brother , his third child is born, his marriage happened along with samrat’s marriage and now there is celebrations fro his third child so I am leaving, Maithili feels bad, mohini fumes, women leaves, mohini shouts on Maithili that how dare she insult her like this, Maithili says I was clearing things. danveer calls mohini and Maithili, Maithili goes from there. she sees rudra and paro and ask them to stop and let me do aarti then comes inside, she does their aarti, mohini comes and says oho garlands, tikka and aarti, it seems like you have won big war, rudra says you are right, I have won life’s biggest fight, rudra stops Maithili and touches her feet, paro too touches her feet, Maithili blesses them. dilsher says to mohini that being big DIL of house you too .. mohini cuts him and says my DIL is ready to take my position, I bless or she its same, she goes from there, Maithili too goes. dilsher sees rudra’s hand all fine, he get tears in his eyes, rudra smiles and says you with tears, dilsher looks at him and says you with smile is same weird like I am with tears, he hugs rudra, rudra hugs him back, dilsher says seem like Mumbai’s wind is hot, it melted you too much, he ask paro what she saw in Mumbai they go to talk, rudra is standing there, Maithili is going from there, he stops her and says I need your help, she ask do you want tea, he says no, actually I want to buy mangalsutra for paro, Maithili is happy, rudra smiles.

PRECAP- paro is wearing red thread which rudra made her wear as mangalsutra and says this thread is difficult to wear, rudra comes there and makes her wear it by coming too close to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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