Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi looking at the wound on Adi’s hand and feels proud. Some song plays….Adi and Pankhudi eat the food brought by the latter. Pankhudi says, daily I will get dinner for you. Adi says, I am thinking to settle down here. Pankhudi feels bad. They spend good time with each other. Pankhudi says, shall I leave now. Adi says, you are my wife. He rests on her shoulder. Adi goes to drop Pankhudi till the car……Adi tells Pankhudi that you looks more beautiful in darkness. Pankhudi smiles with teary eyes and leaves. Next morning, Pankhudi tells Payal that I will help you. Payal asks her to rest. Rubel comes and asks, when did you come at night. Pankhudi says at 3 am. Rubel asks about Adi. Pankhudi says, he is fine and asked you not to worry about him. Rubel says, I wish I could have done something for him. Anuj and Avantika tell about the misscalls on their phone. Kaira shows the newspapers. Anuj reads the newspaper. It reads that Anuj made his son MD of the company. Rubel reads it, Anuj forced Aditya Kumar to give his chair to his son Rubel. Avantika says, we have to talk to the newspaper.

Anuj says, the news brings in bad publicity for Rubel. Mangal says, why would newspaper will publish such news against Rubel. Sheela says, I know who did this and says it is published by Avantika. Avantika says, Why will I do this? Sheela says to become great infront of others. You didn’t have any other way then to make Rubel MD of the company. Anuj asks, do you have any proof? Sheela asks him to use his brain and says Adi and Avantika are benefitted by the news. Rubel says, we should not blame our family and asks Anuj to solve the matter themselves. Avantika says, I will call the newspaper now. Anuj says, we have to give statement in the newspaper tomorrow that the published news is wrong and baseless. Pankhudi says, we will have to get the culprit arrested. Mangal and Padma’s daughter Anu comes. She hugs her mom, Dad and Sheela. Sheela praises her. Sheela introduces Rubel and Kaira to Anu. Padma says, Anu completed her studies and says she shall get a job now. Sheela asks Anuj to search a job for Anu. Sheela tells everyone that the work is done by Avantika. Anuj says no one can make understand Sheela.

Padma tells Anu about Pankhudi. Anu asks her to forget it. Padma says, you didn’t marry because of her. Avantika asks Pankhudi, who would have done this? Pankhudi says, may be business rival. Avantika says, I don’t think so. Avantika asks her opinion about Anu. Pankhudi says, she looks sweet and simple. Avantika says, I hope you are right. Avantika says, I can’t judge my son properly. Pankhudi asks her to meet him. Avantika says, I can’t trust Adi and goes to the site. Pankhudi says, I know you are going to see him.

Rubel tells his clients that it is false news. Rubel says, IPO announcements will be same like before. Rubel looks at Adi’s MD chair. Avantika comes to the site and sees Adi eating food with the labourers and employees. Adi goes to her. Avantika asks, how is the work going on? Adi says good. Avantika asks, how are you? Adi says, I miss Mumbai sometimes. Avantika says, it is good that you are working with workers. Avantika is leaving and hopes Adi stops her. Adi thinks I can’t stop you but please stop like always. Avantika sits in a car and leaves.

Payal hugs Rubel and says Adi will come back soon. Rubel says, I didn’t say anything. Payal says, I can read your every question. Rubel says, I have to do something. He won’t come back until I accepted Dadaji’s chair. And that won’t be happening. We have to do something to bring him back. Avantika is sitting in her room. Pankhudi switches on the light and asks, when did you come? Avantika says, Adi was totally different. His confidence and ego was gone in a day. She says, something is wrong. Pankhudi looks on.

Avantika tells Anuj that the reporter said that you asked her to write that news. Anuj says, I got a call saying you got the news published to malign Adi’s reputation. They look shocked as someone is framing them, probably Mangal and Padma inhands with Latika.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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