Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 31st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
rajji is happy to see bani’s strength. Anu comes upto them and tells them that parmeet followed her, and is relieved when she knows that he didnt come here. Anu expresses her tension to bani, when she went missing. Anu asks how did she get so dtermined and confident all of a sudden. rajji tells her what happened in the temple, and anu is super happy when bani too complies, sayingt hat she would teach parmeet a lesson and would do whatever she has to do for it. Anu says that now she knows what needs to be done. She tells bani that she would have to change thoroughly, as another bani who noone can identify especially parmeet, and then goes onto tell her plan. They hear intently.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence

is upset, in his sleep, remembering rajji’s accusation. A sudden knock on the door, gets parmeet awake, drom his drunken sleep and he goes to confront Rajji. He says that he is just watching her, and what did she think getting that man here, and insult him in front of his family, and asks what point is she trying to prove. parmeet confronts rajji, in front of the entire family, that she thought she could judge anything and anyone, after 4 days of serving at the NGO. He says that this is his house, and that would happen as he wishes. Ranvir tries to step in, but gagan stops him. Rajji asks him to move away, and not talk nonsense. parmeet says that she would have to step out of this way, as he wont let her do her will anymore. rajji tells him that his true face would be revealed to the family, and he would land in jail soon, and he wont need any evidence against him, to get him to be found guilty. rajji says that she herself would see to it. balbir tries to stop parmeet from misbehaving. parmeet asks him to shut up, as they all are equal share holders in the property and noone’s anyone boss. He clutches at her arm tightly, and jerks her away, while she is shocked. All the family people are shocked too. she falls into soham’s arms. He composes her, and then goes onto confront parmeet for his indecency anbd holds him by the collar, as parmeet stands defiant. Soham gets into a rage, at the way his wife has been treated. all are tensed and shocked. Soham asks him how dare he did this. Rajji asks soham to leave him, as he doesnt even deserve this. soham leaves him off with a warning, saying he got spared due to rajji, but not next time. as he leaves with rajji, parmeet is tensed too. He leaves. randip is angry at the drama, but gagan finds their own profit at this too. She says that parmeet’s scare can prove useful to them, and if he thinks that they know his secret, then he would hand over his property to them, and hence they should just let this drama happen.

Soham takes rajji to their room, and seats the pillows for her to be able to sit and rest. ass he complies, soham asks if she’s okay. He again gets angry at parmeet. rajji asks him not to get so angry. He asks if she’s hurt. she asks him not to bother unnecessarily. Soham remembers that she missed her doctor’s appointment, and reprimands her for being so careless. rajji tells him that nothing is more important than her child. soham tries to clarify, saying that she thought without bani, she would be alone and wont be able to manage, and he wouldnt have had to bother, had bani been here. Soham tells rajji that he knows that she misses bani, but she has to accept that she is nomore with them. rajji tells him that bani hasnt gone anywhere. Soham is tensed that she is hallucianting again. rajji composes herself and says that she’s here only with her, in her heart. He gets emotional and complies with her. he places his hand on her stomach and is keeping care of both of them through there only. rajji apologises in her mind, not to be able to tell anything to soham, as she doesnt want any problem in getting parmeet punished.

Scene 3:
Location: Guest House and parmeet’s residence
The next morning, anu starts giving her grooming sessions and asks her to go through some books, so that she can make herself adept to the mannerisms and lifestyle that parmeet is adapted to, and is egoist about, and that she would have to learn everything that would make hr stand tall with parmeet. She starts her training rightaway, beginning from english conversation.

As the days move on, bani begins to accept and adapt easily to her grooming sessions, with anu and rajji’s help and motivation, while parmeet keeps getting distracted rajji’s threats. As bani faces hurdles, she remembers the torture that parmeet had put her through, and how anu is trying hard and she has so much more to overcome, bani finds the strength to come back again, and try one more time. She starts teaching bani’ english and wetsren mannerisms and style of talking and carrying herself.

One day while returning back, soham invites rajji over for dinnere, where the entrie family is seated. parmeet catches a glance at her and rajji gets into a rage and leaves for her room. Soham goes after her. All are tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Guest House
Anu tells bani that she has learnt everything except for dancing which is a must at the high end parties. Anu and rajji make bani practise. They are thrilled with bani’s improvement. But bani still keeps having nightmares of the murder attempt by parmeet. she gets emotional and anu and rajji are tensed to find her like this. Anu reminds her that she has to win oevr parmeet and have her revenge. rajji asks anu if she is ready now for the next step. Anu says that one thing is still left. rajji tensedly asks what. anu says that the first impression is the last impression. rajji is confused. Anu says that her impression should overpower her behaviour that they get to know later on. Anu says that bani needs a complete makeover. She tells that they would have to change her name and her personality too. She sdays that she has got a specialist hired for that. Enters Andy, in his vanity van, with his entourage, to give her a makeover. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Andy begins the makeover along with his team, and finally the new bani is revealed, after having gotten rid of the old shy and nervous bani.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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