Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Ayesha that they will be friends forever. He says come, I will drop you home. Rustam talks to someone and says I will check the mail images and let you know. He sees her daughters fighting and the house messed up. He scolds them. They just don’t follow his rules and call him an oldie. He says I will send you to hostel. They apologize to them and says its good if we go to hostel. They do emotional blackmail to him. He hugs them and says I have an important work, so give me 10 mins, be quiet. Adi and Ayesha are on the way. She thinks about his words.

Ayesha gets Ruksaar’s call and says I reached home, I m coming. Adi asks her to go to her family and tell sorry to her mum from his side. He says it would have been not easy for her too. He says sorry. Ayesha says Adi and walks towards him. She says you are very good, I m lucky to get a friend like you. Adi leaves. Everyone is upset at home. Sheela says Nani took medicines and sleeping now. She asks Harish not to worry as Adi will be fine, he knows his anger. Anuj also consoles Harish. Harish says this time Adi is much upset. Adi walks in.

He signs Harish to stay away. Adi says I m leaving for Kullu in morning to continue my search, don’t disturb me. Sheela says but listen. Harish gets Bau ji’s phone and says I can’t talk to him, what should I tell him. Sheela says I will talk to him. She talks to Bau ji and Bau ji says we wanted to wish happy anniversary to Adi and Pankhudi. Sheela says she is Pankhudi’s look alike, not her. Bau ji is shocked.

Ayesha tells everyone what happened. Nilofer thinks Adi would have scolded her. Ayesha says no, Adi spoke to me well and said sorry to you, if I need a friend, she can meet him, I did not see this goodness ever, I wish Adi gets his Pankhudi else he will die. Nilofer says its good everything is clear now, you can go and start a new life in London now. Ayesha says you still have fever, how will I go leaving you like this. Ayesha says I m going tomorrow. Nilofer says check all the luggage, come with me. Nafisa thinks how to stop Ayesha, to stay in this family. She says before I could not tell everyone, they came to know this, I have to tell this to Arif.

Rustam checks the mail ad sees Pankhudi’s pic. He is shocked. He says she is like Ayesha, how can this happen. His daughters ask who is she. He scolds them being angry. He calls Nani, but stops. He says I will call tomorrow, its too late now, if she died in landslide, then who is Ayesha in Diwaan Mansion. Bau ji says anyone would have done this in Harish’s place. Rubel says its Harish’s mistake, we have to stop Adi first. Payal says we should send Ayesha back. Rubel comes to Adi and sees his packing.

Rubel says you won’t go anywhere, if you go, even I will leave the house this time. He says before Rustam says you are fine and can go, if he allows you. Adi says fine, I will not go, happy now. Rubel says sure? Adi says sure, how can I say no to you, I will not go. Rubel hugs him. Adi talks about Pankhudi again. Rubel says believe me, we will get Pankhudi very soon. Adi says I wish everyone could understand this.

Rubel says I think you should talk to Harish. Adi says no. come on, keep my clothes back in cupboard. Rubel smiles. Adi thinks he has to go back to Kullu in few days. Ayesha says how will I go, as your fever is not gone. Nilofer says I took medicines, come on, you go now. She hugs her and asks her to take care. Ayesha asks shall I meet them for last time, if you allow. Nilofer agrees. She asks her to leave all memories back. Arif calls Nafisa. She talks to him. She says Ayesha is going, everyone knows her truth, now its impossible to stop her.

Arif asks does Adi know Pankhudi is dead. Nafisa says everyone believes this, but Adi does not want to believe this.Ayesha is worried as if Adi comes to know this, he will die. Arif thinks what to do now. Ayesha comes in Diwaan mansion and thinks how everyone treated her. She thinks about Adi. She thinks she wants to meet Adi for the last time.

Arif asks Ayesha to come and talk to him, as he has Pankhudi’s death proof.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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