Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita scolding Sandhya fotr wasting people’s 45mins of time, how can she force people to do this. Sandhya says its my try to do my duty honestly. Kavita says I could not go in my important meeting. She asks her to tell her staff to treat the VIP people. Sandhya says VIP also means normal public to me. Sandhya says the one who breaks rules will be punished. Kavita says fine, I will explain you what I m, I will settle the scores soon. Sandhay goes to see the staff. Kavita gets stuck and calls someone to tell about Sandhya on going video film program.

Bhabho meets Mohit on the way and they get carried away by tears. Sandhya sees the, and says lets go and talk. Mohit says I have to go somewhere, I will leave. Bhabho says even I m in hurry, I have to go home. Sandhya says fine Bhabho, I will get a rickshaw. Mohit says I will drop her on bike. Bhabho says no, I will go on rickshaw, you can go. Mohit says why, when I m here. Mohit says I will not come inside the house, I will drop you and leave. Bhabho says you did not forget my rules, ain’t you, I can’t compromise with my values. I will go in rickshaw. I will be proud as I m paying the rent.

Mohit says this bike is of my brother, I will drop you. Bhabho says I don’t know my son gave you this, the day you buy the bike by your salary, I will be proud. She asks Sandhya to get the rickshaw. Sandhya says its there, come with me. Bhabho leaves. The SP calls Sandhya and asks her to come in his office. Sandhya meets him and explains him why she id taking this step. SP says yes, and is annoyed as people are not liking this video thing. Sandhya justifies how he is taking the most valuable thing of people, that’s their time. SP says our reputation is at stake.

He says people are taking bad about police. People are not happy, the politicians, media, reporters are calling the police mad. He says the figures did not change, but our reputation has gone down, we are called drama group. Vikram talks to Meenakshi. Everyone complain about the video films. Meenakshi hears them and says they are talking about our film. Vikram says I will go and pose for them, lets see. The man asks do I know you. Vikram shows his face.

The people scold them for ruining their time by making much a bad video. Vikram and Meenakshi are ashamed. They say we don’t need this help, you all are troubling us. Sooraj comes there and says wrong. Everyone look at him. He explains them why they did this, police is not doing this to trouble them, but for their benefit, to save their life, to protect them, as if they follow rules, their time, money and life will be saved. They argue with Sooraj. SP says Sandhya that her try has failed, and scolds her.

He asks are you doing this to get a hype in media. He says people hates police now, they got a wrong image, now we can’t forget this, we gave you a chance to prove yourself, I will give you one day time to prove yourself, throw the video film in the dustbin. Sandhya is shocked. He says stop this drama and the film, it should be over. Sandhya cries and says yes Sir.

People argue with Sooraj on the road while he tries to defend the police department. Sooraj says she is not taking any fine, but showing video to make you feel how life is valuable, police is fool to explain you, you don’t value your life, you are unknown about the risks, any accident can kill you, think about it, if you meet with an accident, can you get your life back. Everyone become quiet. Sooraj asks what if you get handicap, won’t you not regret.

Sooraj says if you think Sandhya is wrong, you all go together and complain about Sandhya. I m with you. His lecture changes their mindset. Everyone talk about Sandhya. Sandhya comes back home and Meenakshi thinks the film would have affected people positively. Sandhya is sad. Everyone look at her.

Sandhya cries. Bhabho comes to her and asks her why is she upset, what happened. Bhabho takes her outside and shows her something……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really extraordinary story but some time bore, i love this serial so much. Sooraj and Sandhya Romantic scene add to DABH. Sandhya is a my cute Angel. my Daughter like this serial so muchhhhhhhhhhh

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