Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pankhudi and everyone having a tea together. They have a light talk and laugh. Nani gifts Pankhudi and asks her to show her family. She asks Sheela what did she give Pankhudi. Sheela says yes, I also have a gift. She says I will tell few words about Pankhudi as a gift. She says you are the soul of the house. Nani says yes, keep smiling, you don’t know we all value you a lot. Pankhudi gets sentimental. Nani asks her to go and come back soon. Pankhudi smiles. Vikram is in office and worried about Khanna. He says I will give him all his money with interest. Harish says Adi will come to Kullu, don’t call him, ignore him. Avantika says grow up. She says she understood, she will not call Adi. She asks Pankhudi to take care and hugs her, saying I will miss you.

Pankhudi asks them to take care. Sheela says I will take care of everyone. Rubel asks Payal to go Kullu too. Payal says no, I will go later. Shanky says everyone loves Pankhudi a lot. Pankhudi smiles and says I m missing Nanu a lot since few days. Nani says come, go now. Pankhudi leaves. Adi is in office. Kaira calls her and asks him not to be angry on Pankhudi as it was her decision to stay in Vikram’s house. Adi asks are you happy there. Kaira says a lot. Adi says Pankhudi was right, I fought with her. Kaira says call and talk to her. Adi calls Pankhudi and her phone is off. Bau ji tells Pankhudi’s mum that she is coming for one week. They wait for her.

Vikram meets Khanna and asks him not to bring Adi in between all this. Khanna says I can do anything with Adi, I will kill him, sorry now its too late. Vikram is shocked and puts a gun asking him to speak up. Khanna says I sent my men to kill Adi. Khanna gets a call. Vikram asks him to talk to speaker. Vikram calls Adi to inform him. Adi is in the meeting and does not take his call. He switches off his phone. Vikram thinks of calling Pankhudi. Pankhudi reaches Kullu. She gets Vikram’s call and says Adi’s life is in risk. Pankhudi says I can’t hear you. Vikram says I will call Avantika.

Vikram calls Avantika and tells her that Adi’s life is in danger, please infrom him. There is a landslide and the way is blocked. Mama says lets wait in the car. Pankhudi says I will talk to Vikram. Mama says fine, come soon. Bau ji calls Diwakar. Pankhudi goes to find network and stands near the cliff end. She calls Vikram. Vikram tells her about Adi’s life in danger. Pankhudi is shocked. He says I m trying to call him but his phone is switched off. Pankhudi calls Adi and gets worried.

His phone is unreachable. Everyone try calling Adi. Rubel says don’t worry, I will leave for Pune, Khanna can’t harm Adi. Avantika says we have to contact Adi. Khanna’s men come to meet Adi. Adi gets Pankhudi’s call. She tells him about his life in danger. He tells him everything but he does not listen. Adi says the lift crashed, I m fine. I will call later, mum is calling me. Adi tells Pankhudi that he is fine and he spoke to Avantika. Pankhudi says I went to my second home. Adi says you went Kullu. They have a talk. He says say sorry. She says you say sorry. He says I will say I love you. She says fine, but first me. She says I love you Adi.

Pyaar ka dard hai………………plays……………. He says I love you too Pankhudi. She smiles. She says I have to go now. Adi says yes. She is shocked to feel landslide. She runs. Adi says hello???? Mama says where is Pankhudi. Diwakar says come, lets get her. He prays Pankhudi is fine. He says Pankhudi went in landslide area. Pankhudi falls and says Adi. Diwakar and Mama see her falling and are shocked. Adi hears her last words and thinks of her I love you. Adi is shocked.

Adi sees Pankhudi’s pics and shouts Pankhudi. Pankhudi’s look alike is shown.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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