Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th April 2014 Written Update

Avni and Raj were in the hall, Avni was eating cake. raj cleans cake on her face. She says she wants Samarth to take the last bite of the cake, Avni says she was angry from him but he did what he said. She says Suket had never talked to Abhaas so nicely, no had Abhaas given him such respect before. She says he is so charming. Raj agrees he is charming, but much girls might have fallen for him. She asks could he have a girlfriend. He says he has an idea about it. Samarth comes, and Raj suggests to play Truth and Dare. The first turn comes to Avni, Raj says he knows Samarth will ask if she has a boyfriend. Samarth abides by him. Avni says Raj is her boyfriend. They were both shocked, Avni tells them that he is the only boy she talks to and is also her friend so he is her boyfriend. Samarth says Raj would have got worried about it, but Raj thinks he will get it true someday. Next turn comes to Raj, he chooses Dare, Samarth tells him to tell them something that will leave them both speechless, Raj gets hold of Avni’s hand and asks her never to marry Samarth. Avni and Samarth both were shocked at Raj’s seriousness, Samarth asks what? You betrayed me, calling me you friend. He says he will never forgive him and begins to leave. He turns around and laughs hard, Avni also laughs. Samarth’s turn comes, Avni asks do you have any girl friend, he says this is a repeated questions; Avni explains did he ever fall for any colleague. He says he has four girlfriends. He begins to explain, but Avni says she would have told her before about them and leaves to go to sleep. Raj says to Samarth that he should have told her, but he says this is not very important in his eyes; still he will go to her to apologize. Raj says its late and he must not explain anything to Avni. After Samarth goes to sleep, he turns to God saying he knows he is doing wrong but everything is fair in love and war.
In morning, Avni was thinking about what Samarth was saying. Raj calls. She asks did her over react? He says not at all, neither he gave any explanation nor he came to make her up; instead he must be asleep or busy with the work. She goes to see, he was talking on phone selecting girls for his shows. Avni makes Raj listen to it. After Samarth is done, he says I think your mood will be much better now and you would be able to listen what I say to you. Avni was saying to raj that she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t like Samarth. Raj says no one will force her if she dislikes, he says he also doesn’t like her and she should stick to her decision. Raj says your heart will bring you to me. She says she has to go to Dani village to pick up an idol of goddess. Raj says he is going there too and will drop her. Raj is happy that soon Avni will say good bye to Samarth.
Sanvri comes upstairs and sees Samarth knocking Avni’s door. She asks him she believes his morning is not good without Avni. He says he had to talk to her. She tells him Avni has gone to Dhanni village. Avni and Raj arrives at the house in village. She calls the worker as uncle and asks where he was. She listens to him and tells Raj that he has time, he had work so he can leave. He says he can never leave her alone, and wants to live with her always. She asks what. He explains he wants to be with her through good and bad times. The uncle arrives and tells them that the ‘murti’ will take time to finish. He invites them inside and tells his daughter to go inside as doctor had said her to rest. Avni listens to this and tells him not to worry, she will take the murti sometime else. He says he is worried for another contract, as his worker has left and his daughter is ill. Avni tells him not to worry as everything will be done, Raj asks how.
Bhawna asks Arpita what she is cooking. She was upset and says just routine’s food. Bhawna tells her to forget everything and try that this never happens before. Bhawna asks her to cheer up. Arpita tells her that her parents are calling her as they have arrived from Europe, but she cant leave. Bhawna tells her to get ready and go and greet them from their side as well. Arpita hugs her.
Uncle thanks Avni and Raj for having so pure souls. Raj tells him Avni helped him in dance competition when she didn’t even know him, you are the one she knows. She will complete it all in two hours. Avni was working on the potter’s machine. Raj removes her hair from face. Samarth comes from the back and sees Avni. Uncle says thank you to her. Raj says she has a pure heart, Samarth comes forward and agrees. Raj thinks why he comes everywhere. Samarth says he couldn’t talk to you and asks Avni he wants to talk to her. Raj thinks about how to stop it and jumps in asking have you both ever seen an Akhara? Avni agrees and goes to see it, Raj invites Samarth to join them. He follows.
Two giants were fighting. The host dares any man to win a dupatta. Avni exclaims this dupatta is so beautiful. Raj says he will go to have water. He goes to the host and tells him to get beat that Samarth Chohan. The host turns around and announces his name.

PRECAP: Samarth confronts the giant. he his\ts him and Samarth goes down.

Update Credit to: Sona

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