Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela being shocked to see Ayesha’s reports. Ayesha comes somewhere and says I hope I reached on time. Adi says don’t know why is Ayesha behaving so weird. He talks to Nani and says she told me that I should move on in life. She asks what. He says she told me to think about Poonam. Avantika comes and asks whats wrong in that Adi. She says you much think about your life, you should settle in your life. Adi says why, how can you think this. She says why not, not everyone gets second chance in life. Nani says what are you trying to say, what problem you have with Ayesha. Avantika says I don’t have problem with Ayesha, but I m worried for Adi. He says he does not want to talk. Harish comes and says no Adi, I want this talk to end forever.

He talks to Avantika and asks her to leave this things on Adi, he is happy with Ayesha. She says till when will they be happy, after the store opens, what will they do. She says she stayed alone all life and shared her happiness alone, me and your dad spent 25 years in pain, I don’t want this to happen with Adi. Nani says Adi and Ayesha’s marriage can be successful if we give time. Avantika asks Adi. Adi says don’t take this ahead. Avantika says don’t avoid it, you answer everyone. She asks Adi can he give a wife’s rights to Ayesha.

Adi is quiet. She asks again. He says no mum, I can’t. He says I can’t give Pankhudi’s place to anyone, not even Poonam. He says he promised Ayesha and he will never break his relation with her. He says I learnt this from Pankhudi. Avantika says fine, lets forget I want you to marry again, but think about Ayesha, maybe she wants to move on, so she thought this and asked you to think about Poonam. Harish says maybe someone told her to say this. Avantika says ok agreed, I told her, then what, will Adi accept Ayesha as his wife.

Sheela comes and says her every answer is with her. Everyone look at Sheela. She shows the reports to Avantika and says Ayesha is not a right girl. Avantika is shocked. Adi asks whats in this and takes the file. He is shocked too. Adi says I don’t agree to this report, its rubbish, Ayesha can’t be pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Sheela asks Harish to check it. Nani says no, the report can be fake. Sheela says call Ayesha, she will answer us. Adi says no one will question her. Sheela says fine, then why did Ayesha go to hospital to have this tests.

She says she felt Ayesha is finding strange so she decided to find out. Adi says I can’t believe this, I trust her. He throws the file. Ayesha comes there and picks it. Everyone looks at Ayesha. Adi says he won’t ask Ayesha as he knows its wrong, but she has to tell why is she worried. Harish asks Ayesha whats the matter. Avantika questions Ayesha about the reports. She asks her to come with her to hospital and she will do her tests again. She holds Ayesha’s hand and takes her. Ayesha says one min and stops. She says no need to do tests again, as this report is true. Everyone is shocked.

Adi asks are you mad, you know its not possible, whats the truth. Sheela says it means that tablets were not of vitamin, but sleep tablets. Avantika asks which sleep tablets. Sheela tells what Ayesha did with Adi. Nani says Sheela please don’t twist the matter. Nani says Ayesha helped Adi in getting rid of sleeping tablets. Adi says Nani is right, and asks Harish to tell mum, that he got better. Harish says he is right, I used to be with Adi at the club to play poker with him, we did not play with real money, don’t worry. Sheela taunts Ayesha and says maybe Ayesha has took advantage of Adi. Avantika thinks about Ayesha and Adi. She thinks she used my Adi.

Avantika scolds Ayesha for using Adi. She drags Ayesha and taunts her on her bad doings. She asks why did she do this with Adi. Ayesha says enough. She asks them to ask her first. She says this child is not Adi’s. Everyone is shocked.

Ayesha asks Avantika not to expect her to be tied here, and someone else for Adi. She cries and leaves. Avantika says stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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