Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
its morning, all are sleeping, chabru anuty comes there, she wakes aashi up and says have belated birthday, aashi says if you wanted to wish belated birthday then come after sometime, i am sleeping, chabru aunty says that i have come from Dubai now and i came to your house directly to wish you, i am your neighbor so i have to take care of you, you are a girl and you give your house to anyone without taking rent from them, i take rent from my paying guest, she say i care for you aashi, aashi says all know, you don’t care for me, you care about gossips about me, you keep an eye on me to gossip about me to all, chabru says i will complain to your parents, aashi says your mother in law is also coming, i have recorded your bitter word against her, i will make her listen that, sahil sees them fighting and comes there, chabru aunty blushes seeing him, she calls him rajsh Khanna, aunty says why you are aashi’s best friend, she is mad, sahil says leave her, sahil praises her, aunty blushes more and says my husband call me fat, sahil says no you are very smart, aunty says i am coming from airport so i have to go to house, i have to clean the house so i am leaving, she says to aashi that she will come soon. she leaves, aashi says all aunties blsh seeing you, sahil all girls too. neelu di comes and says you are still sleeping, sahil says we are free people, neelu di tells them that its their internal exam today, they are shocked.

Scene 2
aashi is riding bike, sahil is sitting behind her, they blama each other for not waking the other up in morning, sahil says i am tension, i don’t remember anything about exam, aashi says we didn’t study anything, sahil says i feel like we have forgot something, aashi says pen, we forgot to take the pens, he ask her to stop the bike and goes to get the pen from shop, aashi is waiting for him.
some couple stops their car infront of aashi, the man’s parents are on shop, he calls his parents but they doesn’t listen to him, aashi sees this and goes to call man’s parents, PRECAP, aashi says your son is calling you, aunty says we will come to his son, the parents says thanks to aashi and is about to leave but one car is going to crush them but aashi saves them by stopping them, uncle says thanks for saving us, aashi says go and be careful, aunty says you be careful too, aashi starts walking in other direction, the parents turn and looks at aashi, they leave, aashi turns and see them going away.

Scene 3
aashi and sahil comes to college, they come to examination hall and finds one student(preeti) with her child, student says to professer that there was no one in her house so she had to bring her child in examination, she ask professor to allow her to sit in exam but professor i cant allow you, student says its my problem, please allow me, aashi comes and request professor, professor says did you see child in exam before, aashi says preeti didn’t want to marry, she had to give birth to child as her DIL wanted to see grandson, preeti topped last year’s exam, now child’s grandmother doesn’t take child’s responsibility to preeti has to bring her child, you tell me, is preeti shouldn’t be allowed to sit? professor says ok preeti can sit, preeti thanks aashi, one student says what if baby cires, we will get disturbed, aashi says when you study with headphones in your ears then you don’t get disturbed, professor says on one condition, i cal allow preeti to ive exam with child that is if child starts crying in middle exam then preeti have to leave her paper and have to take child out of room, preeti agrees. aashi gives question papers to professor and says one teacher gave me it outside, sahil says if you had papers then why you didn’t tell me, we would have passed the exam, aashi says i will fail but will not cheat, its against my self respect, all students sit and starts giving exam.

Scene 4
the uncle and aunty whom aashi saved says to her daughter in law that we were saved by a very innocent gilr, aunty says she was very good girl, uncle taunts his DIL in that sometime we don’t understand people with whom we love and sometime we connect with stranger.
all are busy in exam in hall, preeit’s child starts crying, preeti gets up to go out but aashi gets up and says i have done my paper, professor says so soon? aashi says i have no mood to give exam, she gives her paper to professor and takes preeti’s child from her, she says to preeti that don’t worry, i will take care of baby, you give your exam, she goes out of class room with baby, sahil understands aashi deliberately did this, he says i am in no mood to give exam, he gives his paper to professor and leaves.
aashi and sahil are playing with baby, baby cries, aashi ask sahil to sing as when he sings people sleep, sahil says i don’t know you are complimenting me or insulting me, aashi ask him to sing, they both sing baby doll song, baby sleeps, aashi heaves a sigh of relief.

Scene 5
aashi gives child to sahil and takes his picture, preeti comes and hugs aashi, she says if you weren’t there then i couldn’t give my exam, aashi says chill, i didn’t know anything so i was getting bored in hall, your baby gave me company, preeti takes baby from sahil and leaves, aashi sees preeti with her baby and thinks that all parents love their children then why not my parents?
aashi and sahil are going back home, sahil calls his mother and says i will be back home soon.
aashi and sahil comes to one shop, ad shooting is going on there, sahil is male model, director informs sahil that female model is not coming and they have to cancel the shooting, aashi says to sahil that i know you are tensed as it were acting in ad and you father also came to know about it, now you will be beaten up by father without doing ad, sahil says please help me, you become the heroine of my ad, aashi says no way, all will laugh on me that see that saree girl is coming, director says your life will change with this ad, aashi says i am happy in this life, sahil says wont you do this work for your best friend, aashi says you always play this friendship card, okay i will work in ad but there is one condition, my face should not be shown in ad, they shoot for the ad, aashi’s face is not shown.

Scene 6
aashi walking to house, she sees bank account slip and says papa’s love has been deposited to account, thanks dad for monthly sending me love in form of money, its all dark, she strikes with one guy and they both falls on ground with guy on top of aashi, guy stands up, they both look at each other, aashi says vishesh?

PRECAP- one guy says to vishesh that he was in jail, they guy beats visheh. aashi tells sahil that when she was in boarding school, vishesh was her senior, hi had crush on him, sahil says that visheh who was in jail? sahil says his track record is not good, he eve tease the girls, be away from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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