Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Avantika asking Rubel to accept his responsibilities. Rubel is thoughtful. Avantika asks Adi to sign on the authorisation papers. He signs the papers. Adi looks at Rubel. Rubel signs on the papers now. Everyone clap for him. Avantika says congrats to Rubel. Sheela is happy. Mangal asks Rubel to sit on Nanu’s chair. Rubel says, you all have decided to make me MD in Adi’s place and I accepted your wish but I have a request…..He says I will not sit on Adi’s chair. Everyone are shocked. Rubel says no one will force me in anyway. Mangal says, you are the rightful person for this chair. Rubel says, Adi is the right person for this chair. He says, my brother can come back and I will wait for that day. Sheela says, why you are refusing to sit on the chair.

Rubel is adamant on his decision.

Preeti asks Sameer about his pain. Sameer says, it happened as Patient’s relatives are concerned. He asks, what have you think. Preeti says, I will bring the doctors back. Sameer says, we will hold a committee and that will decide about this issue. Rubel tells Adi that he is stubborn like him. It is his decision. Anuj tells Rubel that I am very proud of you. Sheela is angry and leaves with Mangal and Padma. Adi tells Anuj that he is leaving for the site. Avantika says, everyone loves you a lot. I wish you respects our love. Adi hugs Rubel and leaves. Govardhan Mama comes to Dadaji and tells about his plan to fight in lok sabha’s election with the help of Adi. He seeks Dadaji’s blessings. Dadaji asks him to work for Kulu’s betterment. Govardhan mama says, he invited the DM for dinner. Dadaji says, it is your home. Adi looks at the office. All the employees stand up and feel sad. Adi asks them to cheer up. He thanks the employees. He looks at the office for the last time.

Dadaji tells Diwakar that he is happy about Govardhan and calls Pankhudi. Pankhudi picks the call. Dadaji asks about her. Pankhudi cries and says everything. Diwakar tells Ambika that something happened in Pankhudi’s home. She asks Dadaji. Dadaji seems worried and says Rubel has become the MD of the company instead of Adi. Ambika and Diwakar are worried. Dadaji says, it is Avantika and Anuj’s decision. Diwakar says, Adi is more experienced than Rubel. Dadaji says, I am wondering what had happened.

Sheela is waiting for the driver. Adi talks to her and says Rubel will agree slowly. He says, I will never ask for Rubel’s right. He speaks in favour of Payal and asks her not to effect Rubel’s future. Adi says, our relation will never change. He gets emotional and says I love you even now. You are my mami, and maa is there in mami. You can’t be wrong. Sheela feels guilty. He hugs her.

Nirmala tells Sameer that you should have not went there alone. Sameer asks her not to speak like Preeti. Nirmala blames Preeti. Sameer supports Preeti. Nirmala asks him not to take Preeti’s side and accuses her. Sadanand says, I am seeing since many days that you are accusing Preeti here and then. He asks her to clear the differences with Preeti. Nirmala says, I don’t want to talk to anybody. She asks Sameer to come home. Sameer says, they have to go to hospital to sort out the issues.

Govardhan mama comes with Kamini. Govardhan asks, why you are silent? He says, I met party people and they are happy as Adi babu will work here. Dadaji says, I need to talk to you regarding something important. Adi comes to the site. Adi talks to one employee and says about its cons. Adi thinks to call Pankhudi but is told about the network problem. Govardhan says, Adi have to fight for his rights. Dadaji says, it is not right. Govardhan mama says, he will not get ticket for the elections now. Payal tells Shanky that Rubel used to have problem when he worked on the site and called her from the PCO. She indirectly informs Pankhudi. Pankhudi seems tensed.

Sheela and Avantika argue. Sheela says, you can’t taunt my bhabhi. Avantika says, she can’t taunt by daughter in law. As Rubel is MD now, you both can’t dominate Pankhudi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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