Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 29th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: parmeet’s residence
rajji presents him as the killer behind parmeet’s vicious plan. All are shocked, as tghe criminal confesses to being part of the crime and then tells parmmet everything. Desho clutches on at him and asks and reprimands how could he do this. manpreet too confronts him. parmeet is defiant that he didnt do anything. But noone believes him, while all reprimand him for his heartless behaviour. The killer slowly begins to retreat so that he isnt implicated. reyman too says that they should call the police and hand him over to them. the killer comes back with money, and blames rajji for being paid less, again that lie that she made him speak, and says that he doesnt want to get implicated in her family matter, and doesnt even parmeet. After he leaves, parmeet is relieved. they all along with surjit and parmeet begin to reprimand rajji for her lowlife character. rajji vehemently tries to protest her innocence but it falls on deaf ears. Sohamn says that man may say whatevere he feels too, but he knows that rajji isnt lying. Desho too says that they would find out about this matter and her entire family supports her in this. Bani’s father says that they would find out about parmeet’s involvement. parmeet is supported staunchly by his family, creating a visible tension. parmeet remembers the conversation with the killer, where he tells about his sketch and tells him what to do next. Parmeet smiles evilly.

In her room, rajji is tensed when soham asks her where is she going. she says that she’s going to the NGo office, to find some solace and asks him not to tag along. As she begins to leave, soham says that he knows that she and bani go back to childhood, and says that bani has left one end, buit she has clutched on to the other end, and can understand her pain and loss, and if she still feels that someone is responsible for his death, then he would help her with her investigation. she turns to look back at him. And then saying nothing, she leaves.

Later, they all begin to talk about rajji’s behaviour, when gagan stops ranvir to talk against parmeet and actually turns the family’s emotions towards parmeet being hurt in all of this. as the family disperses for the night, gagan explains to ranvir, as if everything is known to the family, they wont get anything, and they would have to wait till they get the eviodence against parmeet.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s residence
Desho finds bani’s trunk, and is reminiscient of the times that she spent nurturing her NRI dream for bani, and when her husband walks in, she goes berserk and goes onto rant as to how much she is responsible for bani’s death, as she got bani forcibly married to parmeet, to fulfill her NRI dream. She breaks down as she collpases outside, after having thrown the entire trunk outside. rajji comes and is apalled to find her like this. Her husband tries hard to contol and compose her but in vain. She goes onto rant again the same thing, that she and her dream are responsible for bani’s death. rajji is about to blurt out, when she rememebers anu’s warning and stops herself. She is distraught that despite, seeing her mother’s pain, she cant say anything as she doesnt want to land bani’s life in danger and wont commit the same mistake again. Soham too comes in after her and gets to them. Soham comes to hug bani’s father and then goes onto compose bani’s mother too. reajji sees him tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Guest House
the next day, Rajji frustratedly tells anu about what happened the last day. As bani breaks down seeing the last ray of hope simmering away, anu comes into compose her. Anu is very adamant that since parmeet is alert now, they would have to be very patient, and work very carefully. also they would have to take every step with mucht hinking, so that parmeet gets what he deserves. The screen freezes on Anu’s determined face.


Precap: Parmeet stealthily enters the guest house, to find out who Rajji is talking to. he grabs hold of a dupatta, and thinks that he has already seen it somewhere and tries to remember where.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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