Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th April 2013 Written Update

Dewan Mansion Avantika is fuming at Anuj and Sheila ki Jawani for letting their DIL work in the house as a caretaker…she asks Nanaji how he allowed it to happen in his presence… all r dumbfounded and unable to ans her string of questions …then much to the surprise of everyone Avantika turns to pankhudi n says that she was proud of Pankhudi as she knew why she was doing all this….she vows to stand by pankhudi and warns them not to mess around wid her in any way or else they would hve to face dire consequences….Sheila ki jawani goes purrr in front of her n begins off wid her crocodile tears and stories….but shes snubbed off by Avantika.

Avantika gets ready to leave wen she stops short at the door and sees Anuj in the corner…she wishes him Happy birthday…Anuj is taken aback and moved…he is surprised that sumone remembered his birthday afterall…Nanaji tells him that very soon he wuld see the difference and realise the true value of those people who wer really his own and those whom he thought to be his own….Anuj luks reflective wen his silly sheila purrs in again to wish him birthday,, followed by a forced wish from Rubal…lathika and kaira. Anuj is not impressed and he starts thinking Hard.

Pankhudi suggests they organise a small birthday party for Anuj… ever ready sheila ki jawani is excited and asks pankhudi how she had landed at the party the other day widout being invited…Pankhudi tells her that she had gone wid Nanaji as a part of the family

Naman has called his wife out and tells her to leave the house and shift with him away from his parents so that they could lead an independant life.. but his wife refuses…saying she wuld never want to leave her in laws as it was jus not rite…

Anuj enters his office and gets a grand surprise welcum from Adi n all the staff gang of the office minus Rubal…who buzzes in to kno wat the chaos was all about Anuj tells him its nothg but jus the staff wanting to wish him…everyone goes back to their places.

Sheila calls Anuj and tells him she has planned a small party for him at home…he tells her to call Avantika and Harish as well…sheila makes a face and says she didnt want to as they mst hve wished him jus to get sumthg out of him..Anuj tells her watever it maybe…he wanted them invited…sheila ki jawani agrees and says that for one day she wuld adjust and bear up with the whole jing bang She keeps the phone down and wonders wat had come over Anuj off late.

A demure Anuj calls for Adi and thanks him for the wunderful surprise organised by him in the office…he tells him abt the small party at home n invites him to it along with pankhudi and everyone..Adi is pleasantly surprised by the changeover in his attitude :)he agrrees.




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