Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2013 Written Update

the maali/gardener is following Urmi in the rickshaw, ACP tells his team to following Urmi, as she might lead them to Modis..A water tanker enters the narrow lane of RN..the kids run to inform their parents about it .. Koki is worried as she has got no reply from Ahem or from Shuklaji.

Urmi comes to RN, the lane is blocked with water tanker she gets down and walks. the drowsy maali reaches RN behind Urmi, he is trying to walk next to the water tanker, but dozes off on the wall.. Urmi is walking in the lanes.. the kids splash water on her and she slips and falls and screams for help.. Rashi and Jigar run to help her.. the maali slowly walks again …

Urmi is shocked to see RaJi in South Indian get up, Gopi also comes down in her punjabi look..Ahem also runs to help Urmi., finally they help her stand up, Gopi says “mamiji” and asks her why she is here.. and notices a guy behind a wall … Gopi in a low voice tells that someone is following her.. (it is the maali) all the 4 along with Urmi are shocked..Urmi is shocked to see a drowsy maali, leaning on the wall and takes all 4 inside

The ACP and his team reach the same lane as water tanker and wonders where is Aravind (the maali) The ACP slaps Aravind and wakes him up and inquires about Urmi, he has no answer, Ahem is watching the entire thing from the window..

Rashi tells Urmi why they had to hide their real identity .. and asks Urmi what she is doing here in Rajpal Nagar (RN) Urmi says she was missing Rashi and Koki messaged her that her phone was being tapped, hence she came to meet Rashi directly.. All are shocked, Ahem asks if her phone was being tapped, Rashi is annoyed with urmi for coming there with the ACP’s guy, Urmi says that the maali is ACP’s mole and she gave him sleeping pills but still he managed to come till here..

Hetal asks who got the tanker in the street, Rashi says she called. Ahem is furious and lashes out at Rashi for doing insensible things, as people in chawl never call for water tanker .. because of her ACP came to know about them being in RN and now this stupidity .. Gopi tells Ahem to calm down and tell Urmi to leave carefully .. Ahem asks Jigar to message Koki regarding Urmi being in RN…

Koki is disappointed with Urmi, on going to RN, Koki receives another msg that Urmi will stay as long as the ACP and his team are not out of RN, Ahem is watching the ACP and his team on the street from the window, Urmi comes in and asks Ahem if she can charge her phone..and tells him to rest and she will keep an eye on them.. Ahem refuses.. All the modis doze off in the living room, Ahem is keeping an eye on the ACP, it’s next morning ..ACP says it’s morning now and Urmi might not have come here,.. and leaves from there.. Ahem who has been awake all night wakes up Gopi and tells her that the ACP left ..

Gopi tells Urmi to leave now, Urmi says she will say that she will bid bye to her room and go, all are confused .. Urmi takes Dhawal’s biodata and his kundali from her room.. and walks away after hugging rashi, leaving behind the bewildered modis

Koki is taking the clothes off the clothesline, she receives a message from Jigar that ACP left RN and Urmi is back to MM, Koki prays that ACP doesn’t follow Urmi .. and goes back to taking the clothes, a dupatta flies off and lands on a tree, koki picks it up and is shocked to see a wire.. the guys who are watching the CC TVs worry if koki notices the the cameras.. Koki follows the wire and she is shocked to see a camera fixed on the branches of the tree and worries how many more cameras have been set up..

Precap : ACP and his team are in MM living room and they yell for Urmi… Urmi, Koki, Kinjal are hiding., ACP tells his team to search the house and bring out whoever is in the house …

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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