Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th March 2013 Written Update

Avantu making Pankhu understand how much Adi needs her now…Pankhu saying “He is very upset…Right now it might not be the time but i will make it happen…Avantu still seeming to anxious for his son…

Scene shifts to Kullu where Goardhan Dadaji ki seva karta hua dikhai diya…Dadaji saying thanks and Govardhan replyinh ” Now that we have shifted all together under the same roof has been a good thing…and saying “I dont think KG and Devika are having good times together…

Someone is seen to arrive into the show big way…Arriving with a bag as she approaches a car…The driver comes forward and trying to take the luggage when she says “Jitna bola jaye utna hi karo, did i tell you pick my luggage (lo yeh kaun ayi, kam batoon wali)..

PaYa talking while Rubel calls up Adi and saying”Come to office for the meeting”..Adi saying “Meeting on a holiday, what are you saying i cant come”…Rubel replying “You come or i will fire you”…Adi saying to Pankhu “I desperately need a new job since things cant go like this for long” and leaves off for office in haste and a foul mood…Adi goes to office where nobody seemed to turn up…He just waited and left with even more fould mood (Rubel kamina ki harqat toh dekho)..

So the lady now is making make-up inside car…and the driver’s attention is getting diverted seeign her…(Abbe itni bhi khoodsurat nehi hai be…steering pe dhyan de)…The lady said something which i just missed ( a call came at that time..sorry)…The lady alights from the car while sheila seeming to be waliking along the balcony and the lady waves her hand to her saying “Hi Mom…..Sheila aisa expression diya jaise apni beti ko pehchaan nehi pa rahi ho and finally saying “Kaira…”…(Loh Sheila ki doli ka chautha bandar bhi a gaya, dekh te hai how this character turns out to be..)

Here Pankhu dressing up for Adi in a beautiful black saree..Someone rings up the bell, Pankhu gleefully opens the door and found out the guard asking for Holi baksish..
Usse bhagate hi ek aur chipku aurat a gayi pressing the door bell…Again pankhu opens the door while the lady come inside saying she is big Harish’s fan,, par laga jaise ghar par chaye aur biscuit khatam ho gaya thha toh parosh mein a gayi chae pine ke liye..

At last Adi arrives at the door and rushes inside in anger saying “I just cant believe what Rubel is doing to me”…Pankhu trying to calm him by casting her Roop ka jalwa on our Adi bear.. (The last break is in fact too hot to describe, best to be seen)..In last part of 5 mins, we see romance between Adi and Pankhuri with a song playing in the background.

Precap: In the morning, Adi and Pankhuri are in the bed. Pankhuri wakes up and says to Adi, it’s 9am already.. why didn’t you wake me up? I have never been this late before.
Adi asks her, what’s the best thing in my life? You. I am realizing now how a life partner completes your life. I won’t let anyone come in between now.

Update Credit to: ankur281

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